Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Sea near Muan Airport

I didn't have time to post earlier so here's the continuation of my visit to Muan Airport. From the airport, if you go straight on the way to Mokpo, there's a sea where people can go and enjoy fishing. It's very close to the airport. It's also one of the attractions where people can go to relax or go fishing. If the airport has just became successful, the sea is also a good place for the tourists.

Just watching the people fishing is much fun. I found out that the fishermen use some small shrimps as a bait. They throw them away where they put the hook and the fish will come. I thought they only use worms to put on their hook when they go fishing. I didn't know that they have to spend more for their hobby.

What a lovely day with this wonderful sea.

There are also boats for fishing which made the surroundings more beautiful.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Muan Airport

Have you ever seen an airport without plane? This is what happen at the airport in Muan. It is an airport where you can't see any planes. My hubby and I went there last time. We didn't know where to go so we drove away and reached the Muan Airport. Here's what we saw.

There's a store open but I guess it will be closed soon if there's no one there except the few workers (I only saw two or three.)

There's one plane going to gimpo but I don't think there's a passenger because I didn't see anyone. I even didn't see the plane.

There they are! The workers! I dunno what they do there everyday when there's no passengers.

And here's the empty airport.

I went to the bathroom and the water doesn't flow well. The lights were also off so I needed to turn it on before I entered.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Influenza in Korea

Who won't be afraid of the influenza when there are many people specially students who got the disease? Also, entertainers couldn't escape in this contagious disease. One of the entertainer's son also died because of it. There are many students who couldn't go to school for a week or more even when they just have a cold or fever. Teachers don't allow them to enter the school when they are sick. Parents also don't let their kids to go out when they are sick because they have to watch their kids carefully. They are afraid that it will turn into the disease that most people are afraid of. Last Friday, students received shots against influenza. Teachers also reminded them not to go to their private institutes or any academies. They advice them to stay home on that day.

I hope everything will be alright and I hope that the students and everyone will be free from the disease. I also hope that everyone will stay healthy.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Requirements to get a visa to Korea

If you're a foreigner living in Korea and want to invite your family, here are the requirements that you need to get a visa.

1. The person that you are inviting need a passport, the copy of his/her passport (front page) and a passport picture.
2. A copy of your passport (front page). You and your husband if you're married to Korean.
3. An invitation letter written in an A4 paper. You don't need special document or paper for that. Just write on a piece of paper the reason why you're inviting him/her and then your sign at the bottom page.
4. A copy of your NSO marriage contract if you're a foreigner married to Korean.
5. A marriage certificate from the government office in Korea.

Send the copies of #2,3,4, and 5 to your family to present at the Korean embassy including your family's requirement (#1). Goodluck!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

The season changed

It's getting colder here everyday. Winter is coming again but of course fall will come first or I think it's already here. The leaves of the trees in my areas haven't changed in color yet but in some places like mountains have already changed in colors. I don't like cold weather but I waited for this season to come. Just because I wanna finish this year soon. My hubby and I have lots of plans next year and I'm longing for the year to come. Plans that were supposed to be done last year but because of economic crisis and money exchange rate, the plan changed. And now we can't just leave and go back to our plan easily because there are lots of things that we need to settle first. Next year is probably the right time. Let's see!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

I want a change

My hubby said that I have to get go to bed early because I have to get up early tomorrow. We are planning to climb up a mountain in the morning but I'm not sure if I can get up that early because it's weekend. I sleep as much as I want during the weekends specially on Sundays. But I really want to climb up the moutain tomorrow but how can I force myself to sleep early? I'm a night owl and 2a.m. is the earliest time for bed. I watch every programs on tv and I sometimes get tired of watching or hearing the sound of the TV. And sometimes, I get a headache because of watching too much TV. I have to change my lifestyle but I don't know how to start. I really want a change!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Welcome USA

Last Thanksgiving Day, we visited my hubby's friend's house. He kept saying that he wanted to play a card game. My hubby refused I didn't know why until we came home. My hubby said the game might not be fair. He thought that his friend and his wife would play together so he can't win. Oh, I got it! I couldn't think about that. It's true that in some games it's hard to avoid those cases specially when it regards to money. It's better to play the online casino because no one can't see the other cards. But you also have to make sure to play the best and most popular online games like those who give higher deposit bonuses, high payouts and rewards program. Who said that USA players are not accepted? Of course USA players are always welcome!

Friday, October 9, 2009

I'm a different?

I thought I'm different to others who always want something bigger after getting what they want. I thought I'm already satisfied of what I have now. A few years ago, we bought a new car and we were very happy for that. Then we also moved to our own 3 bedrooms apartment. We were satisfied for a few years. Just last month when my hubby said that he wanted to change his car. My hubby is very careful when he drives and he didn't want his car to have scratches so it still looks new. This evening, we also talked about moving to a new and bigger apartment. He said 3 bedrooms is enough but he wants more bathroom and bigger living room. And he said new apartments have better interior. I agree with him and I can't deny that I also feel the same way. We are planning to sell our apartment and move to a bigger one after 3 years of living here and that's next year. We have to pay tax if we sell it before 3 years.

No matter what

It's not surprising here if there are many eyeglasses shops because most everyone need a pair of eyeglasses including kids. No matter how many shops they open, I'll still stay with my My favorite high fashion eyeglasses shop. Can you imagine getting $ 8 Rx eyeglasses? Why spend expensive eyeglasses if you can get what you want with the very low price? Well, it's about time to learn on How You Can Start Spending Smart.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Korean Thanksgiving Day

Like what I've said on my previous post, this week Chuseok is on weekend. There's always 3 days holidays on this occasion but this year it's on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. It's until today. Some people didn't bother themselves to visit their family who live in very far places because the holiday is too short. That's alright though because it means less traffic and less pollution. But there was still heavy traffic but there aren't many cars and accidents as what happened on the previous occasions.

Like what we always do every Chuseok, we visited my in law's and stayed in their house for 2 nights and 2 days. We arrived there late at night and we left yesterday afternoon but we arrived home at night. We cooked lots of food like different kinds of "namul" (vegetables and sprouts) and "jeon" (fried food), steamed fish and soup that is always prepare every occasion like Chuseok or seollal. People usually make "seongpyeon" (half-moon shaped rice cake) specially those in the provinces but my mother in law just bought some in the supermarket which made my father in law angry because she bought much. We also usually prepare daejigalbi (sweet and sour pork) but this year we had sokogi (beef) and ogyeopsal (thick samgyeopsal or friend pork) instead.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Thanksgiving Day is coming!

I went to the supermarket today and the it was crowded by people buying some presents. I don't if it's too early to buy presents for Chuseok (Thanksgiving Day) which starts from Friday to Sunday this (October 2-4) year. I told you I hate this year's calendar because the reds (holidays) are usually on weekends.

The famous presents that people give or receive on Chuseok is set of toothpaste and bar soap that mostly have shampoo or body cleanser, fruits, healthy food like ginseng or vitamins, sets of olive oil, set of ham or tuna.

It's too noisy in the supermarket. The salesladies are dragging you and forcing you to buy things that you don't want. I pretended to smile even when they are annoying. I know they are just doing their jobs but I'm sure they also hate what they are doing. Don't you think so?

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Books Vending Machine

Whenever we go somewhere and use the expressway, I always expect to stop by at the Resting Area (Hyugeso). It's not only to take a rest or go to the bathroom but also you can buy different kinds of food. There are lots of korean snacks like hotteok (korean pancake), squids, drinks, and almost everything that you are craving for. I've been to lots of Resting Area but it's my first time to see this vending machine for books.

Sorry for the picture. It was late at night when I took the picture. My hubby likes driving at night because there's no traffic. Besides, he's a night owl so he's more awake at night than driving in the morning.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Influenza in Korea

How's everyone doing? I hope everyone is fine and is safe from the pandemic disease called H1N1 (influenza). Here in Korea, it's getting worse everyday. There are lots of people specially students who get the disease. It's really contagious that no one can avoid. They say you can avoid it by frequently washing your hands and covering your mouth when you sneeze. It could help I think but not a 100% specially when you're in public places. Students and parents are worried now that the second semester started and the number of students who get flu increased to 3 digits everyday. As of now, there are more than 7,500 people who have H1N1 and there three or more people died here in Korea. It scares me that I can't even take the bus, go to the supermarket or go to any places where there are crowds. I'm also worried at work so I go out every hour to wash my hands.

How about in your country? Is it worse than here or getting better?

Sunday, August 23, 2009

A surprised visit

We were sleeping when my hubby's cellphone rang. It was 10a.m. and his friend called 'cause he wanted to have breakfast with him. My hubby doesn't eat breakfast and we usually sleep until noon on weekends. My hubby just told him to come home because we have lots of dishes. We visited my mother in law yesterday and she gave us 5 or more kinds of side dishes except the main dish that we had to eat last night but we dined out so we still have the duck stew (main dish). I think I already mentioned that Koreans eat different kinds of side dishes every meal.

We got up as soon as hubby received the phone call 'cause I needed to prepare breakfast. I just served all the dishes that my mother in law gave and added some side dishes that we had in the refrigerator. After breakfast, hubby's friend walk around the house to check everything in the house. He entered the rooms, touched everything that amazed him and he even opened the cupboards and refrigerator. Did I get angry? Of course not! I already got used to it. Besides it's Sunday today and I've done all the household chores yesterday. On Saturdays, I always clean the house because I always expect a surprised visit like this. My in laws, hubby's friends and sometimes my friends. Well, we were happy to hear some good words from hubby's friend. He got a good impression and we're happy that he likes our nest.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Grapes Festival

Yesterday my hubby invited me to buy some fruits. There are lots of fruits stands here but because it has been a long time since we gone out so we decided to go to Grapes Plantation. First, to get some fresh air. Second, it's cheaper to go to plantation. Third, the fruits are fresh.

We were on our way to the Goseo Podobat that we've been before but we saw these big balloons.

They balloons that you see when there's a festival. If you wanna go to a festival, just follow the balloons hanging in the air and you can reach the place. Or if you see this kind of balloons that means they are holding a festival in that place.

After a few minutes we saw this place. Luckily, the people in Goseo are celebrating the Grapes Festival. There are many tents who are selling grapes. They also made a stage and put lots of chairs. It seems like they will also hold a singing competition.

There are also some games like catching fish in the pond.

But we didn't go there to join them in the fun but to buy grapes. Besides it was too hot so after buying two boxes of grapes, we drove home.

We gave the one box for my sister in law and another box for us.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

What a strange weather

My mother in law called while I was at work. She said she prepared dinner for us. That was too early for dinner because she told us to go straight to her house after our work and that was 5:00 o'clock. It wasn't raining when we left from work but on our way to my mother in law, it rained a lot. We were scared because we couldn't see the street. The raindrops was too big with strong wind. The cars walked too slow and the orange lights of the cars twinkled as a warning sign. A few kilometers away, the road was drier and it seems like there was only rainshower in that area and after a few kilometers we saw the dry road and sunny weather. It was too strange and funny. It seems like we went to another country. A rainy season and then went to a dry season. My mother in law was surprised when we said that there was heavy rain a few kilometers away from her house. What a strange weather!~

Friday, July 31, 2009


Do you think it will refrain me from eating hamburger because of the Mc Donald issue? Of course not! There's also a Korean Fast Food Company like Mc Do and it's called Lotteria.

My hubby met his friend and on his way home, he dropped by to Lotteria and brought this for me. There's a newly opened Mc Do near my place and it always attracts me to visit there whenever I passed by. But I tried not to but of course I can't deny that I'm also craving for a hamburger. Instead of going to Mc Do, I have to replace it with Lotteria. Btw, Lotteria has delicious hamburgers. Try their bulgogi hamburger, it's delicious!

I suddenly remember that I also saw Lotteria in Thailand and Vietnam. I was surprised!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Wax in her Sunglasses Dress

Wax (Cho Hye Ri) is one of favorite singer and Hwajangeul Gochigo (Redoing My Makeup) is one of my favorite songs. The song that I usually sing when I go to noraebang (karaoke room). Wax is old and not pretty but I like most of her songs. I like her voice and I like the way she sings. She sings with feelings.

When I saw her singing in one of my favorite programs which is on every Friday evening, I was amazed not with her new song (I don't like her new song but the music video is good) but with dress that she was wearing. Her dress is made of sunglasses. You could even see several faces of the person that she was talking. If you saw Park Ji Yoon in her rag fashion, Wax was wearing her sunglasses dress. Wow!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

New Korean Bill

It's the new Korean bill that the government released last month June 23rd. I was planning to post about it earlier but I couldn't get enough time. It's the most expensive bill. It used to be 10,000 around 10 dollars (over ten dollars before but the exchange rate increased) but now it's 50,000 won, around $50.

The problem appeared when some people say that the bill was too weak and sensitive. They said the money tears easily because the vein (or root? what do you call the tie inside the money?) can remove easily because of its big hole. But later on they said that wasn't a problem so they would continue to release the money.

High Five

It's not unusual to see kids wearing eyeglasses at their very young age. You'll see them wearing eyeglasses everyday. There are kids who can't go to school just because they broke their eyeglasses. They can't study without their eyeglasses. I guess it's time for them to have many pairs of eyeglasses rather than missing their classes. You'd better watch Zenni Optical on TV!!! Isn't it great to know that you could get $ 8 Rx eyeglasses? Good news, isn't it? High Five to Zenni Optical for this wonderful service for everyone.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Park Ji Yoon in her rag fashion?

Isn't she so pretty?

She's Park Ji Yoon, one of the famous singers in Korea. She's so pretty but I was surprised to see her wearing that clothes when she appeared as a guest at Yoo Hui Yol's Sketchbook. An entertainment program of KBS2. Doesn't her blouse look like a rag? I remember when I was in Elementary, we had to make a doormat as a project in Home Economics and her blouse is similar as that. I don't know much about fashion but even when it's in, I would never wear that blouse. How about you?

Anyway, her blouse didn't look like a rag because of her jeans. She got the perfect match for it. I'm interested with her jeans but never with her blouse.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Two days weather in Korea

Did it rain in your place? Well, it did here and it wasn't only rain but also strong wind. The wind scared me a lot. Imagine yourself living in the highest floor of the building. I was sleeping and the wind blows woke me up early in the morning. I heard a loud bang of the windows. My hubby said it was okay. He tried to make me calm but the loud noise from the windows bothered me a lot so I couldn't sleep well. It rained for two days here. Yesterday, it was very dark and windy. Thanks God because the weather was clear today and so it's a happy Friday.

Btw, the bad weather left some victims in some places. It created damages to some buildings that hurt some people and there was flood in some places. We are still lucky because we are safe and it didn't give us some damage except the fear that I got and lack of sleep during those nights.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Does jealousy exist in your heart?

There are two people that me and my hubbt know a lot. They are very close friends who do lot of things together. Let's just call them J and D. Both were living in the same size apartment but J moved to a bigger one and D wanted to move, too. I heard that she planned to move next to J's apartment but until now she hasn't moved, yet. I don't know what the problem is. I hope it's not because of the noise pollution where J live.

A week ago, D bought a new car. I told my hubby that J would buy a new car, too. My hubby said, he doesn't think so because J thinks that her car is more economical. So we bet. Yesterday, I heard that J bought a new car. Oh yes, I won! muhaha... I told hubby about it but he didn't wanna pay $10.

Jealousy is in the heart of everyone. Don't tell me that you don't feel envy sometimes. My hubby's friend is planning to divorce his wife because of it. His wife wants to move to a bigger apartment but they haven't paid their loan, yet. She's also forcing her husband to get a part-time job on weekends. He did before but he quit and now their relationship is in trouble. tsk..tsk..tsk..

Does jealousy exist in your heart? How do you manage it?

Sunday, June 14, 2009

The elementary school near my apartment

This picture is taken from my apartment. It is the elementary school and it seems like there was an occasion in the school so the children were celebrating it by dancing and playing. I guess it was their sportsfest. I just heard a noise and when I looked out, I saw the children formed a circle and moving with the tune of the music. After dancing they played and cheered.

On weekend, it's also fun to see some people or children playing soccer that sometimes looks like a real game because you'll see some shades and you'll hear some noise of an MC or announcer. Well, I don't need to go there to watch the game. I can just sit on the veranda and watch them if I want but I don't like sports. My hubby sometimes watch using binoculars. But that doesn't take longer, I think he's just curious about the players or the games.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Memorial Day

Today is Memorial Day. On this day, the nation pays tribute to the war dead, and memorial services are held at the National Cemetery in Seoul. It is a holiday but I went to work. Do I deserve an award? kek..kek..kek...

There are lots of Taegukki (Korean National Flag) raised in most people's houses or apartments and in the streets. You can get a flag for free at the city hall according to my mother in law. But we never bothered ourselves to get one. Is that mean we aren't good citizen just because we don't put flag on our windows? Of course not! As long as we don't break the law, isn't it?

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Samul nori (Korean Percussive Band)

Samul nori (Korean Percussive Band) is spotlighted on the international stages of Korean music and dance. Both players and an audience easily get in high spirits. While the western orchestra or chamber music has delicate and harmonic expression of rhythm and melody, Korean samul nori has rather rough and naive expression of percussive rhythm and spirits. Folk music relies largely on metal gongs, the hourglass-shaped drum called changgo, a small hand drum and sometimes a loud, trumper-like oboe. Farmers' music is the most popular tyupe of folk music. A percussive ensemble called samul nori was originated from farmer's music. Samul nori consists of a large gong, a small gong, a changgo and a small drum.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Stupid Roh Moo Hyun

Stupid Roh Moo Hyun (Babo Roh Moo Hyun) is what they called him even when he was still a South Korean President. It's because he's very kind and now he committed suicide, I guess. Since he passed away, he's always the heart of the news. I usually feel like crying and sometimes cry when I see him on tv specially the program this evening where they show a lot about him. They show about the good things that he did for his country. They interviewed the people who was closed to him and showed the people who feel sorrow because of his lost.

I just can't explain how I feel for him. What I know is I like him since the first time that I saw him on tv while he was running as a President. At that time, I felt that he was the right man to lead the country. He made me cry when I knew that he won as a President on Presidential Election. I felt nervous when he was in trouble on his presidency but felt relieved and made me cry again because everything went well and had to continue his job as a South Korean President.

Me and hubby was watching his life on tv and we were both crying. Then hubby said, he couldn't watch it anymore so he changed the channel.

To Mr. Former President, wherever you are, you'll always be in our heart. We love you!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Roh Moo Hyun killed himself

It has found out that Roh Moo Hyun, the Former President of South Korea killed himself. He left a message on his website Roh Moo Hyun Ui Saram Saneun Sesang (Roh Moo Hyun's Know How) thirty minutes before he went hiking. He also left a note for his family and for the people.

"I'm weak. I can't even read and write. Don't be sad. Don't feel sorry. Burn my body. Make a small tomb just near our house. It's destiny, etc.." Inspite of his bribery scandal, people still show how much they love him. The whole country is in deep sorrow because of his lost. Those who can't go to his funeral gathered together in some places to show their support and love to him. Even when you just watch on tv, you can't help but to cry.

Popular Air Purifiers

It's too hot now a days so I usually turn on the aircon in the office. But some pimples appeared on my face. I guessed it's because of the dirty air that comes out from the aircon but after cleaning it, my face is still the same. My hubby said the air in the office must be dirty. Oh, I think so because the air purifier in the office isn't working well. We need the Best Air Purifier to clean the air. It's not only for my face but also for everyone's health.

While I was searching the net, I found out that the products from Atlas are the best! For popular air purifiers, a pair of ozone plates are recommended. They are one of the best sellers because of their good quality and low prices. You can have them for only $16.95. This Hepa/Active Carbon Filter -ve Ion UVC Lamp AirPurifier With Remote Control Model H is what I like the most. The retail price is $299.95 but you can get it for only $59.95. The more products you get the more discount that you can get!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

South Korean Former President Roh Mu Hyon commits suicide

South Korea Former President Roh Mu Hyun committed suicide this morning. This shocking news woke me up this morning. I was still in bed when my hubby said that Roh Mu Hyun died so I got up and turned on the tv while hubby was reading the news on the internet. The SOuth Korean Former President went out at 5:45 to climb up the mountain in his hometown and around 6:40 he fell down (jumped down) on the rock. He was brought to the nearest hospital to get an urgent treatment then moved because his head was injured and arrived at Pusan University Hospital at 8:13 a.m. At 9:30 a.m., he was confirmed dead.

Roh Mu Hyun (Noh Moo Hyeon), South Korea President 2003-2008 loved and trusted by most Koreans. After serving his country, he moved to Bongha Village a small town in Gimhae which is near the mountain. The village became famous and lots of people visited there to see him or his house. He also helped the people improved and developed the village.

But later last month (April 30th), he was investigated in bribery scandal that surprised the whole country. He was still under investigation and don't know yet if he would be put into prison.

It wasn't confirmed if he really committed suicide but reporters, police officers and most people said that he did because of his present condition. And his words "I'm very tired", "I made people tired", "I can't read a book", etc. can tell that he really did. Besides, he also went out hiking without telling his family and he went out with his bodyguard only.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Teacher's Day

To all teachers who teach Korean students, have you received presents from your students or student's mom? Of course you did because yesterday was a Teacher's Day, another special occasion for this month. First was the Buddha's Birthday, next was Children's Day, then Parent's Day and now it's Teacher's Day. I wish there's also Pet's Day so everyone can enjoy the month of May.

Oooppss, let's go back to Teacher's Day. Teacher's Day is celebrated every 15th of May so before that day, you'll see lots of students busy preparing cards and presents for their teachers. On this day, you can know who the famous teachers are by looking at the presents they received. Most of the presents are fruits, cosmetics, vitamins and the famous gifts of them all are the socks. Every occasion, socks will never leave behind as a gift. They always appear in every occasion. They are the easiest, simplest and useful presents. Everyone wears socks when we go out. In summer, ladies wear stockings. It's strange to see nude feet here in Korea so socks are always used.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Flowering Road

They have been constructing this flowers street in front of my apartment since last year and now it's almost done. They already planted some trees on both sides of the street so they just need to plant some flowering plants. They made it for people to take a walk or exercise. It is too long and it can also use as a short cut in some places. I used to take a bus when I go to church. It took me 10 minutes to wait for the bus, 7-10 minutes to the bus stop and then another 5-7 mins. walk to the church. So it takes almost 30 mins. to reach the church. But using the flower road only took me less than 20 mins. I can save time, money and get some exercise. When it's done, I guess people will prefer to take a walk rather than taking a bus.

The pictures are taken from my apartment building. The road will look better when the trees grow and when there are flowering plants. I can't wait!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Parent's Day

Oh yes, another celebration for this month. After Buddha's Birthday comes the Children's Day and now it's Parent's Day again. Unlike other countries, Korea celebrates parents day and not Mother or Father's Day because they are celebrated together. Although Parent's Day is on May 8th but you'll see lots of people selling and buying flowers everywhere on May 7th, the day before Parent's Day. It is also the day when children give presents and flowers to their parents so it usually celebrates every May 7th. In Korea, it's better to do things in advance.

Kids usually buy plastic (imitation) carnation flowers and write letters to their parents and college students and those who already make money buy fresh flowers and give some cash to their parents like what we (hubby and me) always do. If we have time we also dine out together.

What do you think is the best thing to do or give to parent's on Mother and Father's Day? How about you? What do you usually do or give on this day?

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Korean Celebrities

Korea is not only famous with its kimchi but also with drama, good looking singers, fantastic movies and sexy celebrities. And because of that, Korea and Koreans became famous around the world. There are lots of people who are interested and hook with Korean celebrities and I'm one of them. But it's too sad that most Koreans don't speak English well so if we want to know more about our favorite celebrities, then it's hard to get information because most sites are in Korean and hard to understand. And so I want to let you know about this favorite site of mine where I can get information about my favorite Korean celebrities.

Do you wanna know what's going on with Lee Min Ho after his drama Boys over Flowers? Have you heard about the Benz issue? Have you also heard about the new album's comeback show of Jun Jin that has been postponed? Do you wanna know the reason why? Well, you check out here at and get updated. There are more interesting issues that you need to know so don't miss anything about your favorite korean celebrities.

Children's Day

After Buddha's Birthday, the Children's Day comes. If we didn't get a rest day on Buddha's Day because it was Saturday, now it's time to enjoy this day because Children's Day is another holiday. A few years ago, Children's Day wasn't a holiday. It used to be the Parent's Day which is celebrated every 8th day of the month. Now Parent's Day which is on Friday isn't a holiday anymore because it changed to Children's Day. So instead of Children giving time to their parents, it's time for parents to give time to their children.

Most schools and private institutes are having parties for children before this day. Some children are expecting too much on this day because they receive presents from their parents and relatives. Most of them also go on a picnic or visit some famous attractions with their family.

How about in your country? When do you celebrate Children's Day and what do you or children usually do on this day?

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Buddha's Birthday

Every 8th day of the fourth month by the Lunar Calendar, Koreans celebrate Buddha's Birthday. It marked May 2nd in this year's calendar so it was yesterday. It is mark as red on the calendar so it is a holiday here. It happened on Saturday so I'm not happy for it. I never work on Saturday. But students go to school every first and third Saturday of the month so yesterday was another rest day for them. Before the day comes, you'll see lots of round lanterns with lights on the streets going to the temples.

On Buddha's Birthday, solemn rituals are held at the Buddhist temples and the day's festival is climaxed by a lantern parade.

Sunday, April 26, 2009


Although it's still cold at night but it seems like spring is almost finished. Some flowers in my neighborhood are starting to wither and you can see the trees are fully recovered with leaves. I always think of going out on the weekend and take some pictures of flowers but it seems like they will all gone before I could take them. Maybe, I'll just have to wait for my flowers that I have mentioned here.

It's raining here now. It has been raining since yesterday so it's cold again. I started to wear short sleeves pajamas last week but now I'm back ot long sleeves pajamas. The weather is too strange. It's hot in the afternoon and cold at night. If not of the flowers, I can't even think that there's what we called Spring because of the weather. I want to enjoy those nice flowers and weather in Spring.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Surprise! Surprise!

Hmmmm... It's Spring now! It's sometimes hot and sometimes cold specially at night. The flowers are almost gone but I haven't been to any flower festival. I just saw lots of flowers in my neighborhood, on the way to my work and to my in laws. My mother in law is here and she's inviting us to go out and see some flowers but we don't feel like going out today. We slept around 5 a.m. last night so we are sleepy now. We have just got up when my mother in law came. We were surprise of her doorbell. Although we know that she's coming today, we didn't expect that she would come earlier. But hubby asked why she came without calling.

I always don't expect a call when my in laws come here. They sometimes call but there were times that they surprised us. I mean surprise because it's they usually come without any phone call. So don't be surprised when someone knocked or you saw your in laws at the screen door. Well, it's Korea!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Black Day

It sounds unusual for you but today is a Black Day here in Korea. Korean celebrates this day by eating Jajangmyeon (Black noodles). It is a day for singles who don't have boyfriends/girlfriends. As what I always say, Korea has the Days of Love that are always celebrated every 14th day of the month. February 14th is for lovers where women/ladies give chocolates to men and March 14th is the Candy day. A day where men give candies to women. After the two celebrations for lovers, now it's time for the singles. Those who don't have partners eat black food.

I heard that they serve Black noodles in some elementary school today. Instead of rice for lunch, they served black noodles. Are they sure that some of them don't have any boyfriends of girlfriends? Well, let's not talk about this single thing because i'm also craving for jajangmyeon now. If the samgyeopsal restaurants made money last Samsam Day, then it's Chinese restaurant's turn this time.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Surgery in Korea

After watching my favorite drama, I changed the channel and it happened that one of the program was showing about those who got surgeries. There was an interview that a lady said she's not shy to tell the whole world that she had an operation because it became normal to Korean to get a plastic surgery. Some of them work as a part time job to pay for their operation. There's a case that a guy got 31 surgeries. If the first one didn't work well, then they have to get another one until they can be satisfied.

The part of the bodies that they usually get operated are the chin, eyelid, lips, forehead, and nose. One of them had them all and she spent almost $15,000. Some had legs and breast operations. They said, operations changed their way of lives a lot. Some of them even made much money because of their physical appearance and they receive more respect from others. I agree. Beauty is like a treasure in Korea. If you'll listen to Korean parents of what they want for their children, you'll always hear the same line. "Grow healthy and beautiful!"

Now a days, men/women don't care if their girlfriends/boyfriends had an operation as long as she/he is pretty/handsome then there will be no problem. Is it also okay for you if your boyfriend/girlfriend had a surgery? And are you willing to get a plastic surgery if the money is not a problem?

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My plants

Oh no! My blog. What's happening to me? Why can't I update this blog of mine? I just didn't realize about the date. I thought I've just created a new post here but I was surprised to see that it's almost two weeks of not updating it. Hmmm...What should I say~ Oh, it's almost spring here. I already some flowers in the street and near my neighborhood specially here in my apartment. And I also planted some flowering plants for the spring. I hope the seeds will grow. It's just happened that one of my plants withered so I used the pot to plant the seeds. It's one of my favorite pots here at home. While I was cleaning last weekend, I saw the seeds in one of the cabinets. I got them for free last year when we visited a flower garden so I decided to remove the withered plant and planted the seeds. I wish I could put some pictures of them but it seems like the blogger is not working well on me. Too bad because I can't post some pictures. Anyway, I'm gonna post them as soon as I can.

Well, that's all for now guys. I'm gonna tell you more later. Goodnight!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Candy Day

Every 14th of the month has a special meaning to Koreans. They are the Days of Love that lovers even singles do such things every 14th of each month. After celebrating Korean Valentines Day, it's about time to give candies for ladies. Today is March 14th and in Korea it is called the candy day where men have to give candies to women. Actually, I almost forgot about it. But today someone gave me some candies and she said it is Candy Day tomorrow. Oh great! It's my turn now! It's my turn to receive candies from my loveone. Would he really give me some candies? I'm not a candy lover although I have a sweet tooth. I love chocolates not candies so it's really unfair to give chocolates to men on Valentines Day and ladies would receive candies on Candy Day (March 14th). I asked my hubby if he would give me some candies. He just smiled so I said, I prefer to receive chocolates rather than candies. muhaha...

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Sam sam (Samgyopsal Day)

Yesterday was March 3 and in Korea it is called Samsam Day. Sam means three (3) and March is the third month of the year and it was the third day yesterday so it is called Samsam (3/3) Day. Samsam day is the day when Koreans have to eat Samgyopsal (grilled strips of pork belly, similar to bacon). It's not a rule or tradition, it's just a kind of joke that some people follow specially kids who force their parents to treat them for samgyeopsal.

I bought samgyeopsal last weekend and I put the left over in the freezer so I was thinking of serving it last night. I usually use the left over when I make kimchichigae but I thought of it yesterday. For me it's just my alibi to eat samgyeopsal because it was samsam day but the truth was, I just didn't want to cook. It's my hubby's job to cook samgyeopsal and I just prepare some vegetables. But because we just had samgyeopsal last weekend so we were not craving for samgyeopsal so we went to the restaurant nearby and had daejigalbi (grilled pork ribs) instead.

Samgyeopsal Day saved me last night for dinner. I didn't have to cook and I just watched TV when I came home.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Birthday in Korea

It's my hubby's birthday so I bought a cake and cooked Myokgu (seeweeds soup) in the morning. In Korea, birthday celebrants have to eat myokgu. They say because they now grew one year older. Myokgu is also the food that a mom who has just delivered a baby has to eat. I don't know what to buy for him so I just gave him cash and told him to buy a new game CD for his xbox. Besides from the money, I also inserted a letter in an envelope. My hubby gave me back the money. He told me to use them for my allowance. Then we dined out together. That was supposed to be his treat but because he gave back the money so I paid in the restaurant and bought him a small gift.

When I was buying a cake, the saleslady asked how many candles did I need. Then I started to count my hubby's age. Gosh, I can't imagine that he's now in that age. Specially here in Korea that we have to add one more age because you started to count even when you are still in your mom's womb. So if you are 30 years old now, then you are 31 here in Korea.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Don't scare me!

What a nice weather it is! Spring is just around the corner. Our tent is waiting for us to go and sleep outside. My hubby was inviting me to go out and take a walk this afternoon but I was too sleepy. I was playing with my nintendo game when I fell asleep on the sofa. It was already dark when I woke up. My hubby was inviting me to go out again for dinner but I was too lazy to change my clothes and put on make up. I told him to just order some chicken but he said he wasn't in the mood for chicken. Instead of going out, I just cooked his favorite kimchi fried rice (kimchi bukeumpap). Although it was too greasy, (I'm not sure if that's because of the meat or I put too much oil), he ate all. He must be hungry or maybe he just missed eating kimchi fried rice because I haven't made him that dish for a long time. Cutting the vegetables into small sizes takes too long time so I don't like making kimchi fried rice.

My hubby scared me while I was cooking. I was taking something from the refrigerator when he went to the room next to the kitchen and stood up holding the curtain and candle. I screamed and fell down. He laughed at first and then he felt sorry when he saw me shivering so he stood me up and hugged. I'm sure he would never do that again!

Oh gosh! Don't scare me if you don't want me to die early.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Who cares?

I was in a hurry this morning because I left later than my usual time. I've got a cold last night so it was hard for me to get up. I usually look out and check the weather outside before I put on clothes but I didn't care about it today. I was sick so I wore thick clothes and thought that I would be fine even it it was snowing outside. But when I was at the lobby, I was alarmed with the weather. It was raining! Goodness! It was out of my mind that it would rain because it's winter. I also saw the weather forecast last night and it even didn't mention about this rain.

I had nothing to do except to go back home and take an umbrella. I waited for the elevator which was on the 18th floor. Then I missed it again when I was about to go down. It also stopped three times because of the people waiting. Why are these things happened when you're in a hurry?

Well, enough for my complain! I was late again but who cares?

Friday, February 13, 2009

Korean Valentine's Day!

Valentines Day is coming! In Korea, it is the ladies who give chocolates to men. This day is not only for lovers but most kids also buy some chocolates to give to their friends, teachers or classmates. What is special to it, most of them specially kids are expecting this day because it's their chance to make chocolates with their parents. I went to the market yesterday and saw different kinds of chocolates on sale. Chocolates are too cheap so I stayed in that area choosing some chocolates but changed my mind. It's better to buy tomorrow because my hubby can see it so it's not a surprise anymore.

When I came home, I told hubby about the on sale chocolates in the market then he told me not to buy chocolates for him. Although he said that, I'll still buy. I don't wanna let this occasion passed without giving him anything. So, if not chocolates, what should I get for him? I don't wanna bother myself thinking on what presents to give so I'll just go with the chocolates and cards. What do you think?

Btw, how will you celebrate your Valentine's Day?

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Korean government service

Yesterday, I've got a letter from the government office telling that all children from 2-6 years old or those who were born from January 1, 2003 to December 31, 2007 can receive small amount of money every month to use for their education. One of the reasons why most Koreans are afraid of having a big family is because of the highest education fee. It was also started years ago that the government gives some amount of money for a new delivered baby. I guess the government is finding a new way on how to increase the Korean population. If you asked kids now a days, most of them if they aren't the only child, they have a brother or a sister. For them, having three kids is too much! They think of it as a big family according to my High School student.

Last Seollal, my sister in law mentioned that in her son's school, there were only 6 new students which surprised my father in law because he said when he was young, there were always more than 30 new students in the class every year. Well, the government must be worried that someday there will be a shortage of Korean workers to work for Korean companies.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A Busy Life

I just want to update you guys on what happened after posting my previous post. I told you about my priority but all of our planned were suddenly changed. We were at home watching tv when my father in law called around 1 a.m. and he said that they were with her friend's house and we had to meet them the next morning. Our appointment with my in laws was 9a.m. but we couldn't get up. My hubby sent a message to my father in law and told him to make it at 10, instead. My father in law got angry when we met him. He said he can't depend on us if he was dying and need us on time. But my hubby said that was different situation.

We went to the mountain to bow down to my hubby's ancestors' tomb then we went to my sister in law's house. We had lunch there and had a talk about lots of things. Then my hubby suddenly disappeared. I thought he was in the bathroom then after a long time of waiting for him to come back, I checked him out and saw him snoring in one of the bedrooms. My inlaws also wanted me to sleep with him but I said I wasn't tired although I really was. I woke up my hubby at 4:30 because we had an important appointment around 5p.m. so we left my in laws. At night, we called my parents in law and said that they were already on their way home. I'm just glad that they can understand us. Oh, what a busy life!

Saturday, January 31, 2009

My first priority

Wow~ I can't imagine that I haven't updated my blog for 10 days. Is that right? I know that I'm sometimes lazy to update my blog but most of the time I'm too busy at work and when I have time, I just want to spend my time lying down and watching tv.

Last weekend, we went to my in laws house and we stayed there for 4 days to celebrate the Lunar New Year. We received some presents and my inlaws gave us some cash (goodluck money). If most countries received presents and cash on Christmas Day, here in Korea it is on Lunar New Year.

And today was my niece's birthday. After work, we went straight to the venue (Wedding Hall) where we celebrated her birthday. We waited for all the visitors to leave and all the family members went to my sister in law's house except us. My hubby said, he wanted to take a rest so we went home and slept for a short time. Tomorrow, we are thinking again on how to divide our schedule because we have lots of things to do. Most of all, I want to go to church and it's my first priority for tomorrow's schedule.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Eyelid Surgery as a Graduation Gift

I saw that my student's eyelids are red. It's too clear that she had an operation so I asked her. She said she had an eyelid surgery and it's her mom's present to her on her graduation. It's not new to me that students had an eyelid surgery as their graduation gifts from their parents specially the middle school and high school students. Having a surgery is normal in Korea. Singers, actors and actresses are not shy to say that they got an operation. You will be surprised that your favorite singer or actress has gone for a few months and you'll see her different face when he/she comes back. Some hajumas (old women) are also into it. They are not afraid of surgery even when they already saw on tv that there are people who pretend to be a doctor and do surgical procedure and made some troubles in doing an operations.

If you have enough money, are you willing to get an operation to change your physical appearance?

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Korean Traditional Houses in the snow

I had to post this earlier but because I didn't have time so it's late again. Anyway, I just wanna show you this picture that was taken last Monday. It snowed a lot here last Sunday. Me and my hubby went out to take a walk. Then we dropped by to the market and stayed there for more than an hour. We didn't have any plan to buy something but because we stayed there for more than an hour, so it's a shame to go out without carrying anything so we bought some snacks and drinks. When I woke up in the morning, I looked out and saw that it was still snowing so I took a picture. This is actually my first picture in this year's winter so I'm posting it here.

They are the Korean traditional houses in front of my apartment.

Now, it's a little bit dark. I'm wondering if it will snow again. I hope it won't. I just wish that winter will be over soon. I hate walking on the ice.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Korean Traditional Way of Relieving the Pain

I had a stomachache yesterday. My hubby gave me some medicine twice but it was still painful. He couldn't think that it was a food poisoning because we ate the same thing and he didn't have stomachache. Hubby suddenly thought of the Korean traditional way of relieving the pain which I was afraid of. He took the needle and thread. Although I didn't want and afraid of it, I just let him do because my stomachache was getting worse. I just asked him if he already did that before and he replied, "Yes, many times." I was nervous so I went to the bathroom to pee eventhough I didn't feel like doing it.

At first, he gave me some massage at the back. It seems like he was pulling down some blood going down to my hands. He did it many times before he tied up my thumb and shot my finger with the needle. I shouted whenever he gave shot and after doing it for three times I told him to stop. When he was done, I felt very cold and started to shiver because I was afraid and thinking of the blood on my finger. I waited for myself to relax before I looked at my thumb. I didn't see any blood. I asked my hubby where the blood was. He said, he felt sorry because he made a mistake. He said that was his first time to do that thing and he just lied to me so that I won't feel nervous. Yaiks! We both laughed and the pain released. I felt good and I slept well last night. I was okay when I woke up this morning. I just wanna say that my hubby was my doctor and I was his first patient.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

travel, travel, travel....

You know how much I love adventures! I love travelling but as you see, we haven't travelled for a long time. If not because of the economic crisis specially the sudden increased of dollar rate, we already flew to Nepal and India. The places that hubby loves to visit. We waited for few months hoping that the exchange rate would decrease but it happened in an opposite way. Instead of travelling, we decided to open a business so now we can't go anywhere. We miss taking a plane. We can't even go out and continue our adventure here in Korea because of the weather. It's winter here so it's cold and it's dangerous to travel anywhere specially when it snowed. And my hubby has to work on Saturdays and I sometimes go with him. He works and I wait. I stay in the office and use computer. He said I can do anything on the computer except blogging. Omona!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

We had a White Christmas here. It snowed on Christmas Day and it also snowed a lot here last night. When I went out from the office, I saw the white surroundings covered with snow. It was really beautiful but we got stock on the road because of the heavy traffic. And it's too bad because we've just washed the car last weekend. The snow didn't stop until late at night. I was thinking of taking a picture of it but when I woke up, the snow has already gone. I woke up in the afternoon and the sun shone deeply so it melted the snow.

I didn't go out last night. I saw some lights flashing from downtown. I'm sure they were the lights from the concert held while waiting for the New Year. I live near downtown and my apartment is on the 20th floor. So, at 12 midnight, I saw lots of beautiful fireworks to welcome and celebrate the New Year. It was awesome!

Happy New Year everyone!