Friday, October 14, 2011

The Foggy Road

My hubby wanted to eat Sweet and Sour Pork so we checked on the net and searched for Chinese Restaurant. We saw one so we decided to hit the road to Jin Si Hwang Restaurant. According to the navigation it took 37 minutes to the restaurant but still we went there because we were craving for chinese food. The 37 minutes took us more than an hour because of the foggy road. We couldn't see the road. I was so worried but my hubby comforted me. He said he would drive slowly and safely. Actually, I could see that he was also worried. He said it was his first time in his life. It was another memorable experience in Jejudo. It seems like the cars weren't moving. Sometimes we had to stop for a second because the fog was blocking us. Finally, we arrived at the restaurant. My hubby told me to eat slowly because we had to wait for the fog to disappear or lessen. Thanks God because after dinner, the road started to clear and we arrived home safely.

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