Monday, March 1, 2010

Slow City in Damyang

March 1st is Independence Day so it's a holiday here in Korea. There's no work so we decided to go out yesterday and take a rest today. A few days ago, we saw on tv about this Slow City (Cittaslow) located in Damyang County Changpyeong Town (subcounty). It isn't hard to find the place because there are signboards going to the New and Improving Attractions of Damyang until you reach your destination.

I wondered why it is called Slow City. I was so excited to see the place and when we arrived, I suddenly got an idea. Here's what you can see at the parking lot. An old hut on the left and -

they are building new houses on the right. They are developing the area with new ones but old style houses. I think it's one of the reasons but their purpose of calling it Slow City is because they don't want a totally change from the past. Even the development of the town is slow, they have a meaningful life and they live happily.

If you keep going, you'll see the Samjicheon Village Stone Wall Lane. They are houses built long time ago made with Stone Wall Lane. The old lane lined with an ancient stone-stacked wall beautifully preserves the spirit of a small typical rural village of Korea. The lane currently registered as a cultural heritage of Korea, is protected as a historic site.

Wandering the area is more fun if you borrow a bike. Bikes are free from 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. And when you get tired and hungry, try the Duck Menu at the Duck Restaurant (Kab Eul Won) located just inside the village. You can experience the korean traditional life with korean traditional food. What a great place to visit!

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