Monday, November 26, 2007


Namhae-gun used to be an isolated place that could be reached only by ship so people made this bridge so that they can enter the small island.

I've been to Namhae once, but we only went to the sports park and didn't wander the place. So, when i hear someone talking about the beauty of Namhae, i just nod and doesn't say anything because i think it's just like other places that i've been to. Nothing different, until when i went back there again two weeks ago and saw the fantastic view of this place.

Now, i can agree to what other people say about Namhae and i'll add it to one of the wonderful places here in Korea that i always recommend to when someone asks some good places to visit.


Nova said...

the place is kinda romantic... i hope to see it too...

Anonymous said...

wow. its breath-taking.