Friday, February 24, 2012

Red Cabbages Farm

They are called red cabbages in Jeju. But I don't think they are red. They look maroon or purple. If you put something on your cooking, the red cabbage soup is very dark. It's my first time to see them. I've been going to the big market like homeplus, e-mart, lotte mart, etc and I've never seen such a cabbage like the red cabbage. Only here in Jeju that I saw one. Besides, I saw them in the farm while taking a walk with my hubby at one of the walking courses here in Jeju. It is on course 15 or 16, if I'm not mistaken. I was so surprised! They are so beautiful.

Look! Doesn't it look like a flower? Since then, the walking course became my favorite course because of the beautiful vegetables planted in the farm. They are lots of vegetables that I never knew before until I came here in Jeju.

Wow~ Jeju seems to be like another country because of its different weather and lots of fruits and vegetables that can't ever see in the mainland.

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Nova said...

that looks the color but don't like the taste though way too bitter for me...