Thursday, November 24, 2011

Lotus Village

We went out for a drive and we saw this Lotus village located in Aewol area. It's near the Dorok Elementary School in Aewol. I didn't bring my camera when we first went there. I like the place so the next time that we decided to go for a drive again, I told hubby to visit the Lotus Village so I could take some pictures.

The weather changed so fast so the Lotus flowers looked a little bit wither unlike the first time that I saw them. Anyway, they don't look so bad and the place is really good.

It's so relaxing and I feel like I was making a filmed while walking in this wood path where there lots of lotus flowers surrounded me. I wanted to stay for a long time but we had to leave the place because my hubby was hungry and needed to have something to eat. I wish I brought something to eat before we went there. It's a perfect place for a picnic, isn't it?

Lotus flower Village is not only a best place to relax but also the best to work out. There are also some machines use to exercise or have a foot massage. Take off your shoes and start to get a foot massage for yourself for free.

If you're a Korean or can understand Korean, then read this to get more information about the Lotus Village. Actually, the words are too hard to understand even when you are a Korean. hehe..

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