Friday, September 16, 2011

Jejudo Horse Pastureland

Although it seems like horses have been bred since long time ago in Jeju Island, it is not certain exactly when horse breeding began due to the lack of related evidence or records. However, horse breeding became a full-scale business during the reign of Wonjong of the Goryeo Dynasty when people from Yuan, mostly nomads, came to Jeju Island to start ranches.

Jeju horses are rather small but physically and mild in temper. They can also easily adapt themselves to different areas and thrive on rough fodder.

Since horses have a strong resistance and survival capability on land, they are used in agriculture and transportation. Jeju horses have made an enormous contribution to the development of agricultural industry and culture in Jeju Island.

There are lots of horses and lots of people who came to visit to see the Jejudo Horses.

The nature and environment is also great and it made perfect with the horses.

Here's the contact number if you want to know more about the Pastureland.

Speaking of horses, Jejudo is famous for its Horse meat. There are many restaurants serving horses menu.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Muin Cafe Sanchek Owner

Is he the Muin Cafe Sanchek Owner? Is he caught in the act? It's my third time to visit the cafe. First, with my hubby next with my in-laws and then with my hubby's cousins. We introduced the cafe to them. They also liked it because it is a quiet place and it has good environment. It's a great place when you want to kill your time or take time to relax. It's great specially if you're with your loveone.

I just wondered at first how could there be coffee in pot whenever we come to visit. But then, while I was having brewed coffee, somebody came and made some coffee in the pot. He also cleaned the area of the cafe.

Here he is. Do you think he's the owner? Hmmmm... I guess so! I should've taken a picture of him when he's making some coffee but I think that was his privacy.

I wish him success!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Jeju 2002 FIFA Worldcup Stadium

It was new when I first came here. That was in June 2002. After 9 years, I came back again here in Jeju Worldcup Stadium located in Seogwipo City.

There was a match when we went there. But we came early so we didn't them played. The stafffs including the sports announcers were preparing for the game to start. I don't know if the game was free but we went inside without paying anything. Btw, I think I saw an ad that the tourists can enter the stadium for free.

The stadium looks old now but the entrance where the worldcup players remembrances were collected and displayed. It's so wonderful to see some stuffs used by the players during the 2002 Worldcup Game.

Look! Isn't it so cool? There are lots of stuffs displayed.

Clothes with signatures of the players.

The players signatures in frame.

The Teams Advanced to the World Cup Finals in 2002 FIFA Worldcup Game.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Share your Photos

As you see, I have lots of pictures. I love taking pictures and I can't delete them on my computer. I don't even want to delete them on my camera but my camera is always full so I have to delete some. I love watching my pictures everytime I open my computer. They always remind me of the beautiful places that I've been. Also, the memorable experiences that I had in all the places that I've visited. I'm glad that I found a site where I can upload my photos easily. Btw, I don't take videos but I found out that I can also upload video so I think it's time to take videos from now on.

After uploading photos, it's time to create albums so it will be easier to find the photos that you're looking for. Specially if you're like me who have thousands of photos. They are photos that I've taken on my travel from Korea to other part of the World. Of course it's not fun If I won't share them to my family, friends and relatives. Thanks to this image hosting that I've just discovered on the net. At least I can share the photos of the beautiful nature that I've taken here in the Land of the Morning Calm and in some Asian countries.

If you're interested, check out the free images and you'll find what you are looking for.