Monday, December 6, 2010

Nothing Special

It's been a long time again. It's just now that I've got time to visit my blog. I'm on vacation now and I'm spending every minute of my time looking around and enjoying the beauty of the world. When I come back I will share more pictures that I saved on my computer. Too bad that I didn't post them before I left. I was too busy preparing for my vacation. I should have put the pictures so I can share them when I could get time.

Anyway, I was worried when I saw on cable tv here about what happened in Korea while I'm on my vacation. I thought there would be war between North Korea and South Korea. I hope it won't happen. And I hope everything will go well. A few years ago they said that the two countries will unite it happens in an opposite way. I dunno what the reason is but I hope they will have a good relationship.