Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Let's go camping

It's my vacation. Yahoooo! I have three days vacation. I mean five days including weekend so me and my hubby are planning to go camping. I just hope that the weather will agree with us. I've never gone camping for a long time so I really miss sleeping in a tent specially now that it's too hot. Going to the recreational forest and reading books is what I love the most when we go camping. The fresh air and lying down all day is what I miss the most. Koreans are very lucky for having a very good nature. There are lots of beautiful forests and mountains. I love trees and mountains although I don't climb them. I love beaches but I don't like going swimming. I just love watching them. I'm so happy and feel relax when I see trees, mountains and beaches. I'm a nature lover that's why I love Korea.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Bride's Dream

My wedding anniversary is coming. I can't forget the time when me and my very special man went to the wedding hall to get married. The time when we were bound together and promised to live forever for better or for worst. It's hard to explain how I felt at that time. I was so happy, excited and nervous. Until now, I still feel the same thing whenever I look at our wedding pictures and watch our wedding video.

But not everything went well. I was disappointed with our wedding car because now a days, the newly wedding couples usually rent limousine like this Chicago Wedding Limousine. You know, I'm really jealous when I see newly-wed couples taking limousine after their special day. If I can just go back in time, I would really rent a limousine. No matter how much it cost me.

Getting married to your special man is just once in a lifetime so make your wedding day a very special to both of you. Plan and do everything that you desire. If you go to another country for a honeymoon, make sure to rent the Chicago Airport Limousine for a perfect mood on your way to your honeymoon. Isn't it romantic? Have you ever dreamt of taking a limousine after your wedding? Isn't it every bride's dream?

I've never taken a limousine so I'm very much interested in this comfortable and reliable Chicago Limousine Service. You're so lucky if you're living in Chicago because you have lots of chance to take their limousines. Then, I think I have to include Chicago in the list that I want to visit.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Superstar K Season 2

If there's an American Idol in the US, there's a Superstar K here in Korea. Last night at 11p.m. at Mnet started the season 2 called Superstar K 2. If the winner Seo In Guk won 100,000,000 korean won (around $85,000) last year, this year it doubled the price plus a brand new car. And of course plus signing a contract to become a singer like Seo In Guk. By the way, some of the participants of the season 1 who were on top became singers, too even if they didn't win the price, they got a big opportunity.

Whose the lucky person this year? Well, over million of people went for audition. The judges went to different cities in Korea and they even went to L.A. It's really fun to see the audition and I can't wait to see the winner. I've got another schedule to watch. Join me every Friday at 11p.m., channel 56 (Mnet). Too bad because you can only see it on cable TV, if you don't a cable, then you'll miss this very wonderful program on TV.

Travel and Go to Casino

My hubby and I are planning to go on a trip by the end of this year but we don't know where to go yet. But one of his suggestions is to visit Hongkong. I said if we go there, then we have to visit Macao, too. He asked me if I wanna gamble there cause he said the place is famous for gambling. Well, that could be possible if we visit there. Who knows we can find our luck there. I also told him that one of my friends went to Las Vegas and played games there. But then he said, we don't have to go to Macao just to gamble because there are slot machines at yahoo. We don't have to waste money and time to go there if we can just do the online slots. Oh well, I think he has a point there. Instead of going to Macao or Las Vegas to play games, just use the transportation and accomodation fee to start a game.

Do you wanna play games? Then I'm sure you'll like this gaming site. It's the best online casinos for usa players. So wherever you are, you can join the game anytime that you're available. You don't have to fly anywhere just to play your favorite games because you can also do it online.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

It's Funny

It's funny because my sister in law got angry with my husband because she couldn't understand what my hubby said. My sister in law wants her daughter to learn English so my hubby spoke to her daughter in English last night. Her daughter was having snacks and we were having some watermelon. She ate snacks too much so my hubby told her to stop eating that snack because it's not good for her health. He said that in English. Everything was fine last night. But today, my sister in law called and asked my hubby what he said to her daughter last night. My hubby couldn't remember so he asked me. I told him the words and she told it to my sister in law. And then she said, she was just curious because she thought my hubby got angry with her daughter. At least she asked about it and she just didn't put anger in her heart. Sometimes conversation is really important. At least now she knows and she will feel better after knowing that there wasn't anything bad about my hubby's words.

Oh well, there's always a barrier with the language. This is Korea, where not many people can speak english. I understand.

Sell your mobile phone

It's true that people don't have any satisfaction in life. We are now living in a high-tech world so there are always new things to discover. We always want to have latest gadgets. I know it's not wise to change things that work well just because you want to have what is new in the market. But if people around us have those things, we feel jealous and think that it's unfair if we can't have one. Oh well, at least there are companies who are willing to help us. We can't just throw or waste things that we don't need or want anymore like iphones. You can sell them!

Have you heard about the Enviro Phone? It is the way where you can help the environment and make money with your old phones. Sell your iphone mobile phones for the best prices. It's easy! Just search for your mobile, select the best deal, post your phone for free and get your cash in days! Sell the old phone and get a new one. Sell your mobile to the #1 mobile recycling phone in the UK. You don't need it? Then sell it!

Kim Tak Gu, the King of Baking

I'm hook with this KBS drama King of Baking, Kim Tak Gu. It's one of the most famous drama now a days and it's on every Wednesday and Thursday at 10p.m. Yoon Shi Yoon as Kim Tak Gu shows how good he is in this drama. He's not only handsome but also a really great actor. I can't help but cry when I see him crying. His role is very emotional. It also happened that my favorite actress, Yu Jin as Shin Yoo Gyung is Kim Tak Gu's lover from childhood.

From the title itself, the drama is about the guy who face lots of hindrances in life. But he has a talent in making some bread because his father is a rich man who runs some bread companies but his mom was just a mistress.

What I learned about this drama is, if you want to overcome the challenges in life, you should live kindly.

Picture Source: wiki d-addicts

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Be safe and insured

My student came late this afternoon. He said he has been to the hospital for a check up. I asked what was wrong with him. He said he and his father had an accident last weekend. Luckily they weren't hurt so bad but I heard his father was hospitalized.

No matter how careful you are, it's really hard to avoid some accidents. They just happen in times that we don't know so we need to be always prepared. We have to make sure that whatever happens, we are safe and insured. With term life insurance, you don't need to worry about your future and your family so if I were you, I will check the life insurance online now and save up to 20%.

Korean Cellphones

My hubby broke his cellphone. His cellphone fell down many times and only yesterday that it gave up. He couldn't use it anymore. It broke into pieces. Last time, he was at work and smoking at the second floor when he fell it down to the first floor. Luckily, it fell down on the grass so it was okay. Last night, somebody called him while he was working. He took it out from his pocket and fell down on the floor so it broke into pieces.

This morning, he went to the cellphone to change it. Again, he got a new cellphone for free. It's a touch phone. Much better than his old one. It's easy to change cellphone here. There are lots of good cellphones for free. You don't need to buy but you have to use the cellphone for two years and that's how the shops can make money. They can make money from your phone bills. So you can change your cellphones every two years if not, you have to pay some penalty for the rest of the month that you haven't used. My hubby has used his cellphone for less than two years but because there are lots of cellphone shops in my neighborhood, the owner changed it for free but my hubby needed to change the company and so his number. The KTF, LG and SK are the famous cellphone companies.

Cellphones here are open lines so whether you use it or not, you have to pay the basic fee which is about $10. I also want to change my cellphone like my hubby's but it will be two years next year. My hubby is willing to pay for the penalty but the shop told me to wait until Thanksgiving Day because new model cellphones will arrive and there's no need to pay for penalty. He said when there's special occasion, many people get cellphones for their kids so they give special events.

Are you ready?

Today, our topic was about occupations. I asked my students what do they want to be when they grow up. Most of them answered that they want to be baseball or soccer players but one of them said that he wants to be a police officer. I asked why, then he said because he wants to have a gun. I thought because he wants to help people who are in danger. That's a very simple reason. Maybe he thinks that you need to become a police officer in order to own a gun.

Sometimes, I also think of getting a gun not to use for violence but to protect myself. You're lucky if you have a gun and you're luckier if you know where you can get those gun parts, accessories and gunsmithing tools that you need with 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Btw, this AR15 Magazine looks great! I can imagine my favorite actor with it. When I was young, I was afraid of getting closer to people who have guns but it changed several years later. Now, I think people who have guns are strong, hunk and brave. They are ready to arrest bad people and ready to fight for their countries. If you're one of them, before you attack, you need to check out these reloading supplies first. Now, are you ready?

Saturday, July 17, 2010


It's students vacation from next week. They finished their exams last week but they were still going to school and today was their last day. For the past few days, they were just having time watching videos in their school. They really had fun but of course there are also lots of homeworks to be done. And next week, although it's already their vacation, the Boys and Girls Scout are going to Japan. It's not unusual here in Korea to spend some field trips to another country. Some are also going for a camp to the Philippines or Canada. Parents are willing to spend much money for their children's education. They are also happy when their kids are very proud on what they have learned or done. During vacation, most of the students are going abroad with their family. The students who are not going are too quiet and feel jealous. And those who are going abroad are too noisy and they talk about it before they leave until they arrived.

Oh, this is awesome!

I saw lots of tv programs on the net that I missed on TV but I never thought of listening to my favorite radio program online. It's because I've never heard of this Internet Radio before. Wow~ it's great! I don't know if it sounds stupid but I really didn't know that there's also a Live Online Radio. What amazed me more is, there are thousands of internet talk radio shows that you can listen to. You can even see the upcoming Live online radio shows. Check the date and time and choose your category. It's easy to find the kind of topic that you want to listen.

I always listen to the radio while I'm cooking. But it sometimes bothers me when there's no good program to listen to, so I spend much time changing the stations. I sometimes think that I spend more time changing the station rather than cooking. But not anymore because I found this Talk Radio. Not only that. I can even listen to the radio while chatting online with my friends. I can save more money because I don't need to turn on the radio because I can just use the computer. Oh, this is awesome! What do you think?

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Education in Korea

I don't have class for an hour. My students had swimming lesson today so they told me yesterday that it's possible that they couldn't come. Even when they said that, I still came early just in case that even one of them could come but nobody came. Ahhh, I hope everyday is like this. I hope my second period class can't come either. If that so, then I will be very happy. At least I can enjoy my day using computer.

Oopsss...some parents called. They asked if their children came. Some of them didn't know about the festival that their kids are having in school. Do you think the parents don't care about their kids in school or kids don't tell anything about their schooling to their parents. Then, whose fault is it? I think it's nobody's fault. I can't blame parents for that because they are busy to make money to send their kids to schools and institutes. Education in Korea is not easy. Kids have to go to different kinds of institutes. Some of them go to more than 5 institutes a day except school. I don't know if they learn all of them because they are usually tired and sometimes not interested in learning. Kids here can't enjoy thier childhood life.


It's true that we are now living in a hi-tech world. Everything makes easy because of the computers. I can't live a day without using a computer. It makes me happy when I meet my family and friends through the net. It makes my work easy and I am updated in everything that is happening in the World without watching news on tv. And when I'm sad, I read the messages on my emails that I've received a few years ago when I want to remember something. I've been using my emails for more than 10 years and I have lots of special mails. Do you think I will need this email archiving, the plug and play, easy to use appliance?

Computers are very important in our lives specially this medical computer. The innovative technology use for healthcare. Well, isn't it easy to detect things through computers? Don't you feel much safer when it is done with computers?

When it regards to computers, All in One PC is one of the Readers' Choice Top 100 Products, Eight PC Magazine Editors' Choice Awards, PC World Best Buy, Windows Magazine Recommended Product. With lots of titles and awards it received, there's no doubt that many people are trusted it. The touch screen, lightweight and vesa mount, who won't dream of not having one?

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Rain, Rain, Go Away

Rain, Rain, Go Away. It has been raining cats and dogs here since last night. Yesterday, hubby and I planned to go out but then it rained a lot. When we woke up this morning, we waited for the rain to stop but it didn't. So even when there was heavy rain, we still went out. We had nowhere to go. Besides, some roads that we passed by had floods so we just had lunch at the new restaurant that we saw on our way.

I hate rain. It scares me when my hubby drives and we can't see our way. Also, we live on the high floor of the building so I'm afraid of the lightning and thunder. And the worst? I don't like being wet because of the rain like what happened today. My skirt, sneakers and shoes were wet. I took off my socks in the restaurant. Of course I was shy but nobody saw me except my hubby. I put them under the table and wore again after meal.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Park Young Ha Committed Suicide

Park Young Ha committed suicide on June 30th in the morning. His mom saw him hanging in his room using the cellphone cable wire. It was a shocking news not only to his family, friends, co-entertainers, and fans but also to the whole country (Korea) even in Japan where he is also famous.

There are many questions why the famous and Hallyu star Park Young Ha commited suicide. It's hard to believe that someone like him can do such things like that. But some say that he has been depressed and had been relying on sleeping pills for a long time. He had difficult times because of his father who is in a terminal stage of stomach cancer. Another reason was his failure in business. He established his own company whose president was his father and it wasn't an easy task for them. They had various loans causing the agency a huge loss. Also, Park Yong Ha’s father was left with a huge debt after mistakenly co-signing someone else’s loan.

He didn't leave any suicidal noter for the family but before he commited suicide, he gave massage to his father and told him many times that he felt so sorry for him. He also left a message on his twitter saying , "I don't know myself, neither."

Park Young Ha is famous for his drama Winter Sonata with Baeg Young Jun and Chui Ji Woo.