Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Celebrate Christmas

Are you using blogspot? Are you also having trouble with it? I'm supposed to post some pictures but I can't see the icon where I can post my photos. I can't even preview my post like what I have used to. Anyway, my post is not about this problem that I'm facing with blogspot. I just wanna share what I saw while I was waiting for hubby in the office. I was with my co-worker when we heard people singing Christmas songs outside. When I looked out of the window, I saw the children wearing Santa Claus costumes singing in front of the Big Supermarket on the first floor of the building. They are children who attend taekwondo (Korean Martial Arts) class. What a surprised to see the children who look brave and strong wearing white uniforms but now they are dancing while singing Christmas songs. They all look great with their Santa uniform specially the ladies who are wearing beautiful hats. Hmmm.... These kids know how to celebrate Christmas.

Most Exciting Adventure

We had an appointment last night. We met someone and talked about business. Then we talked a lot of things including everyone's hobby. We told them that we like travelling and we sometimes go out of the country to travel. The guy said, he also wants to travel with us. That's a great idea! We haven't traveled for many months now and we really miss travelling. I sometimes think of myself staying at one of the Montana Resorts to see the breathtaking site into the Glacier National Park.

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Saturday, December 20, 2008

I'm just here waiting!

Oh yes, it's an update again before the Christmas comes. It's too cold outside so I didn't go out with my hubby. After a long time, I finally stayed at home again all day long watching movies, drama on tv and lying down. This is what I always long for although I was thinking of blogging while watching tv. hehehe...

While blogging, I suddenly thought of my mother in law so I called her. She said she missed my voice because it has been a long time of not hearing it. That's true guys! I couldn't call her because of my busy schedule. I always thought of calling her but I always come home late. I arrived home when she's already sleeping. I know she's asleep because she sleeps early and gets up very early. If me and hubby and night owls, my mother in law is an early bird. I think most Korean in laws are like her. My father in law too, but my father in law only gets up early to exercise and goes back to bed again after breakfast. hehe...

Btw, Christmas is already on Thursday so I'm wishing everyone A Merry Christmas and A Prosperous New Year! I'm not preparing anything for Christmas so if you have left over, just send it to me and I'm just here waiting. hehehehe...

Thursday, December 11, 2008

How do you celebrate Christmas?

Oh yes, am I back? hmmm..I just wanna update my blog. I still have no time to bloghop so bear with me guys. I owe you a lot but I promise to make it up to you when I have time. My schedule is getting tighter everyday but I'm
sure it will be finished before the end of this month. Hew! I miss bloghopping! I want to know how's everyone doing specially now that Christmas is coming. I'm sure most of you are going back home to meet your loveones and some are busy decorating your home sweet home. Ooopppsss.. I think it's time to set my Christmas tree now before Christmas ends. I almost forgot about it.

How do you celebrate Christmas? and how will you celebrate it this year? Well, here in Korea there's nothing special to do. I even asked my students about their plans this Christmas and most of them answered that they would sleep or play computer games. Oh well, some of them even didn't know what Christmas is. Christmas is just like a normal holiday for them that mark red in the calendar like the other holidays. Like them, I also don't have any special plan for Christmas. How about you?

Saturday, November 29, 2008

New fruits in Korea

Oh boy! What happened to me! I couldn't update my blog and I feel sorry for not visiting you for a long time guys.

Btw, while we were having lunch, I saw this program on tv that there are new fruits that grow in Jejudo. One of them is like soursop but I'm not sure about that because they showed that people were eating them unripe. I mean they were still hard when they harvested them and ate. Another fruits are dragon fruits.

I remember when my friend told me that foreigners who got married to Korean farmers are carrying some seeds from their countries. They hid the seeds carefully in their luggage and they grow here in Korea. So, I guess those soursop fruits came from the Philippines and dragon fruits are from Vietnam. I saw lots of dragon fruits when I visited Vietnam. Jejudo is a hot area so tropical fruits like pineapples and bananas grow there and now the soursops and dragon fruits? Wow!~

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Where has the fall/autumn gone?

It's too cold outside that i'm too lazy to go out. It snowed yesterday. The first snow this year. The weather is very strange. It wasn't too cold for the past few days and it suddenly snowed yesterday so now we are freezing here. When I woke up this morning, I saw the whole City in white. It's really surprising because most of the plants and trees are still green. I didn't experience fall season. Although it's cold at night but it's sunny and warm in the afternoon. And the surrounding is not too dirty because of the falling leaves. Unlike the past few years, it was too windy and cold from October.

The snow came earlier than last year. It's hard to say what kind of season we have here now. Is it fall or winter? Where has the fall/autumn gone?

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Echoic Word/ A mimetic word

Korean Echoic Words/ Mimetic Words

1. bubble bubble = bugul bugul
2. arf arf = mong mong
3. choo choo: puff puff = chikchik pukpuk
4. honk honk = ppang ppang
5. peep peep = (duckling) ppiyak ppiyak, (bird) jjek jjek
6. oink oink = kkul kkul
7. quack quack = kkwek kkwek
8. ding dong = ddeng ddeng
9. slam = kwang
10. pitter patter = tadak tadak
11. hee haw = hi hing
12. boo hoo = heuk heuk
13. hurly burly = wakjakikkol, siggeulboggeul
14. munch munch = nyam nyam
15. zzzz = kul kul
16. bang = bbang, ggwang
17. vroom = bureung bureung
18. boom = pong
19. achoo; atishoo = aechui
20. fump = kung, teol sseok
21. whiz = ping
22. thud = kung
23. rip = jjak jjak
24. spin spin = binggeul binggeul, baeng baeng
25. rain sound = hududu
26. splash into the pond= cheom beong
27. tick of the clock = jjaeggak jjaeggak
28. trickle of stream = jol jol
29. beat of the drum = dung dung
30. church bell ring = ddaenggeureong ddaenggeureong

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Two korean calendars

I got 4 missed calls today. Three from my hubby and another one from my sister in law. I called hubby and he said he was calling me because he just wanna make sure if I already told my boss that I'm gonna quit my job. I'm quitting my job because we have to focus on our new business to be opened next month.

After dinner, I received another call from my sister in law asking me if we're coming on my father in law's birthday. I didn't know that this month is my father in law's birthday. I checked the organizer on my cellphone and I saw that my father in law's bday is next month. I also checked the calendar and my hubby also marked the next month calendar for my father in law's birhtday. It's too confusing to use two calendars, the Solar Calendar and Lunar Calendar. Can you blame me for that? Of course, you can! In Korea, it's not excuse if you forgot or made a mistake in marking the calendar for your in law's birthdays. I'm so grateful that I have a sister in law who always reminds for every special occasion like this or else my parents in law will kick my ass!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

You read it right!

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Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween party

Hi guys, are there any plans for this halloween? How many halloween parties will you attend? Have you already chosen your halloween costume?

I came home late today because we had to prepare for the halloween party tomorrow. We covered the windows with black paper and newspaper, decorated the office with scary stuffs and tried on the costumes that we used last year. And tomorrow I have to leave early for work because there are much things to do.

There are lots of costumes in the office and they are all scary costumes. As we tried on, everyone was scared when we looked at each other. There's also in charge of the face painting but it's too bad because i'm not good at art. I'm not good at drawing. I only good at drawing a heart and an apple but they are useless on halloween. hehe...

Let's how the party goes. I'm gonna tell you more about it after the party and i'll try to take some pictures.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Fall Fashion

I can't believe that the new fashion for this year fall season is wearing shorts and tights. Ladies are wearing tights, high heels, very short shorts and jacket. They are very cute wearing that attire. I don't usually like Korean style but this shorts and tights caught my attention. I like it but I don't think I can wear it in this cold season.

Koreans are always aware of their attire. They are very fashionable and like wearing expensive clothes. They change their clothes every season. They also wear make up everytime they go out and it looks strange if you'll see a woman without any make up on her face. My hubby said, if you don't wear make up, people think you don't have enough money to buy your cosmetics so they have to wear it all the time.

It's not also surprising if you'll hear that someone had a surgery. I remember when I asked my students what present they want for their graduation, some replied that they want to get eyelid operation like the former Korean President Roh Moo-Hyun had.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

My superman

Like what I've said on my previous post, I had visitors the whole weekend. My hubby didn't want me to prepare anything. I just bought some fruits, snacks, milk, juice, and bread for breakfast and hubby treated them in the restaurant near here for dinner. We attended a wedding ceremony and had lunch at the wedding hall.

I didn't know what to do when they arrived here yesterday because they were tired from their trip and I was sure they were also hungry. When hubby was in the bathroom, I went in and asked what to prepare for them for dinner. He said he already told them that he would buy daejigalbi so I felt relieved. My hubby is very helpful with this kind of matter. He knows how tired I am at work and I need rest for the weekend. I know it's better to prepare things and cook by myself but my hubby knows how to handle things like this. He's my "superman".

I think I changed a lot. I'm getting stronger and don't care much what others say. Unlike before, I always bother myself a lot when I know that someone is coming. I always prepare much food like when there's an occasion. But now, I don't need compliment and I know whatever good things we do, there's still something bad that others can see you. So now I learned this- Do what you think and feel is more comfortable with you. Don't care what others say if you know what you are doing is right.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Flower street

I'm planning to give more attention here on my blog. I'll try to post more often and do the bloghopping everytime I use my computer. I'm supposed to sleep early because there are visitors coming here this whole weekend. I still don't know what to prepare for them. I had to go to the market but my laziness strike me again. I also need to get up early tomorrow but look~ it's already 2:40 a.m. and i'm still here in front of the computer. I can't hear hubby, so maybe he's now sleeping on the sofa.

I feel so guilty now because I agreed to remove the wall in front of my apartment. They are making a flower street and if we agree, they will remove the wall and change it into a gate. I thought gate is better but I realized that people on the first floor will be disturbed by the noise and they will also feel uncomfortable if people pass by. I live on the highest floor so I won't be bothered by the noise and people passing by but I feel so sorry for the people who live on the first floor. Because I saw many people signed and agreed for the gate, so I also did. But after hubby explained to me, I realized that I was wrong. And now, it bothers me a lot and I don't think that I can sleep tonight.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

On the bus...

On the bus...

1. Someone is blocking the exit door. I really wanted to push her so that she will get off not on time.
2. Hajuma (married woman) got on the bus and asked the driver if the bus is going to ---- (her destination). People who were getting on the bus were stuck at the back because they had to wait for her.
3. I was getting on the bus and hajuma pushed me because she wanted to get on the bus first.
4. I was reading a book and hajuma hit me with her bag without her intention.
5. I offered my seat to halmoni (old woman "grandma"). She said it's okay but she was sitting down at the same time.
6. A teenager was listening to a very loud music of her MP3. I'm just worried of her eardrums. I hope they won't explode! Her earphones are useless because everyone could hear the sound of her music.
7. A kind bus driver waited for haraboji (old man "grandpa") to take his sit before he drives. This is great but if you're in a hurry, how would you feel?
8. Students are noisy and seems like they bought the bus so I always avoid the rush hour.
9. The bus driver doesn't care if you got off the bus or not so I must go out as quick as I can. So, I always have to stand up and tried to go out first.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Strange Caller

I was in the office talking to my co-worker. The phone rang and my co-worker answered the phone. She said the phone was mine. I was surprised because I never gave the phone number at work to anyone. I asked my co-worker who the caller was. She said she's the one that I drove to work. Whaaattt? That was really strange. I said I never drove car to work. My boss was using the computer and heard our conversation so he took the phone from my co-worker. He asked the caller who she was calling. She said to me because she wanted to thank me from driving her to work last Wednesday. I don't know if she got the wrong number but what she was saying was just a nonsense. My boss said I never drove a car and suddenly hung up the phone.

What a strange caller, huh?

Monday, October 20, 2008

What's new?

I'm getting lazy to update and bloghop now a days because I'm hooked with my nintendo. I've got another game card and I enjoy playing it. It sometimes took me late at night and I think my eyes are getting blurred. Ohhh...I'm also hooked with the game go stop. I haven't played this computer game for a long time and now that I started to play it again, when I'm in front of the computer I think of playing it instead of blogging. Now it surprised me that I haven't updated my blog for a week now that's why I'm telling you what's new here. Ooppsss... is there anything new? Hmmm...nothing special! Gotta go folks! I'll visit you soon!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Gucheondong Recreation Forest (Muju)

After Jangsu Recreation Forest, we went straight to Gucheondong Recreation Forest which is next to the Muju Resort. Gucheondong Recreation Forest is similar to the recreation forest in Jangsu. They are big campsites and there are lots of campers. Going to this big campsite made us realized that we are beginners. Beginner campers who don't really know what going camping is like. I thought having a tent where you can sleep at night is enough. I was surprised when hubby also bought a lantern, cookwares, mats, chairs and then after a few times of going camping we found out that we also needed sleeping bags and needed to change our burner into a lighter and smaller one. I didn't know that we use different stuffs for that. I thought I could just carry what stuffs are available at home. I knew that the stuffs that is used for a camp are smaller, lighter and very much comfortable to carry and use. Big things are also light and easy to fold.

When we bought the sleeping bags, we thought we had enough. We already have everything but when we arrived in Jangsu Recreation Forest and Gucheondong Recreation Forest, I realized that we are still lacking lots of things. Expert campers also have a table, benches, swing, grill for barbecue, woods for campfire, shade to cover the front area of the tent, heater (mostly for those who have kids), net use to dry the dishes, and a lot more that we don't have, yet. Goodness! Look at our neighbors' tent in the campsite.

Not to mention that some of the campers have camping cars like this. Waaahhh...

Oh well, let's just enjoy the nature and see what we can do here. Oh yes, they are playing badminton so we have to bring our badminton next time. The kids are playing and fishing in the cool and beautiful but not deep valley.

We slept for a night there and left. Bye Gucheondong, it's time to move to another Recreation Forest.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Caught in the act!

They are students who asked some money to other kids and students. They were caught by the video camera of the building. These pictures are posted at the bulletin board at the entrance of the main door of the lobby and on the elevator so I always see it everyday. Their pictures were posted with the note under telling that if you saw them, please call *---* (the number of the security guard house). Now, they are wanted for doing things illegally. Good for them! They are still young to act like that so it's better to teach them lesson earlier.

Instead of the elevator, they are using the stairs to go up and down the building. They think that the camera is just on the elevator. hehehe... And beside from the doorbell of each apartment, there's another doorbell that visitors use before they can enter the lobby so these students are brave enough to enter the building and do illegally when there are cameras all around. Sorry guys! You entered to the wrong place!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Jangsu Recreation Forest

I told you, i'd be away for 3 days and 2 nights but again the plan was changed. We came home last night and that's better I think because when I woke this morning, (around 10a.m.) it was raining. The plan changed not because of the weather but because of the Recreation forest that we've been to. First we went to Jangsu Recreation Forest. If you know the program, 일박 이일 (2 days and 1 night) starring Lee Seung Gi, Kang Ho Dong, Mc Mong, Kim C, Lee Soo Geun and Eun Ji Won, you may be familiar of the place because they took some film in Jangsu.

Jangsu is famous of its delicious apples so you'll see lots of apples planted in the farm which is just by the road. My hubby wanted to buy some but we still have many apples in the refrigerator that we received last "Chuseok" (Thanksgiving Day)!

There are also these art of apples which is a sign of delicious apples in Jangsu.

And here's the Recreation Forest in Jangsu which is big and was already crowded by people when we arrived there.

We stayed there for a short time and then we decided to leave the place. We were going to the Recreation Forest to get enough rest, enjoy the nature and relax. We thought it wasn't the right place for us because the place was crowded with many kids and the tents were built anywhere. Unlike other Recreation forest that we've been to, there are areas where you can set up your tent but here in Jangsu, people will choose and cover the area as big as they want. And the one who's next to us built two tents. Just wondering if he paid for two. Anyway, we left the place and went to Muju. And that's for my next post. hehe...

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Another holiday on Friday

Only one more day left to work and we'll have another holiday. On Friday, October 3 is National Foundation Day- This day marks the traditional founding of Korea by Tan'gun in 2333 B.C. I know most of the holidays because I always check out and wait for the red marked on the calendar. It's Friday that's why we were planning to go to Jejudo but unluckily we couldn't make a reservation in advance. There was no seat available on the plane or boat when my hubby called last week. We should have made a reservation earlier than that. So instead of Jejudo, we are going somewhere on Friday. We don't know where to go yet but we'll be away for 3 days. We'll leave on Friday morning and come back on Sunday.

We are gonna use the sleeping bags that we bought last weekend. I hope it's not too cold or else we'll come home earlier than our plan.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sleeping bags for the camp

It's getting colder and it seems like fall is just around the corner. It was still hot last Thursday afternoon so I left for work wearing summer clothes but at night when I went out from the office, it was windy and a little bit cold. Now, I've just finished arranging my cabinet. I had to take out my fall clothes and put away the summer clothes. Hew!

Did I say fall? Well, although it's getting colder we'll still continue our adventure. Actually, we've just bought our sleeping bags yesterday to use for our camp.

And here's my hubby checking out the sleeping bag if it will make him warm. He slept for almost an hour and said we are now ready to go out for our fall camp. Oh yes! We don't have to get up at 3 a.m. to boil some water to make us warm like what happened to our camp in Jirisan Recreation Forest. When would it be? I'll give you an update later.

We also bought this burner. My hubby doesn't like the burner that we used here. He said it's big and too complicated to carry so we bought this small and light burner. We also got these two 230g LPG for free. The saleslady was giving us a lantern instead of discount but we already have one so we told her just to give us gas instead.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Knock, knock! Who's there?

It was the schedule for putting some coackroach medicine in our building yesterday. The advertisement was posted in the elevator a week ago. There is hajuma (old woman) who works for this. This schedule is done three or four times a year. I've never seen any cockroach in my apartment so hubby said we don't need that medicine so just stay in bed and don't open the door. I always pretend that nobody's at home specially to a strange person. My hubby knows that I go back to bed when he leaves for work.

Yesterday, I heard the doorbell three times but I didn't bother myself to open the door or even looked at the video monitor. Then my mother in law called on my cellphone (I always sleep with my cellphone beside me). She said, she's outside so she's asking me to open the door. Oh my gosh! I ran to the door and opened it before I realized that I was wearing a night dress and not wearing a brassiere. My mother in law had an appointment near my place so she dropped by here and brought me some kimchi and fruits. I asked her if she waited long. She said she called my hubby and asked if I already left for work. My hubby said I was still sleeping and it was time for me to wake up so he told her to call me on my cp. That was already past 11 a.m. hehehe.... My mother in law didn't stay long because she had to meet her friends for lunch.

From now on, I have to check out when somebody is outside. I have to follow this "knock! knock! who's there" thing. hehehe...

Emergency help

I hate English when I was a student. I was always sleepy when I entered to my English class. I hate grammar, writing, doing reports and any lesson with regards to my English subject. I was always worried with my report and I sometimes submit it late. I didn't like going to the library so I didn't do any research. I remember that I almost failed because I didn't do my research work. I don't like doing complicated thing and I'm not interested in doing a research and writing report.

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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

How was your weekend?

On Mondays, it's common to greet at work on how did everyone's weekend go. And yesterday, when I said my in laws came to visit us, everyone said that I must be very tired. That's what they thought because they know how tired it is to live with the in laws. But when I said that my hubby didn't want me to prepare anything for them and we just went to the restaurant when we had meal, they said my hubby is very thoughtful enough for that.

Actually when my in laws visit here, I don't prepare food for them. If we don't treat them to the restaurant, my hubby just order food. It's not because I don't want to prepare but because my hubby said it's very complicated to prepare lots of things. My in laws also know about that and they don't let me prepare except fruits, coffee and snacks to share when we are at home. By the way, we always go out together when they are here. Even for breakfast they always remind me to just prepare toast and juice for breakfast although most Koreans including my in laws always eat rice every meals.

But I sometimes feel uncomfortable because I think I have to prepare food for them. I just prepared food for them when I had a housewarming party and that was really tough because I prepared alone all day so hubby never let me do that again. hehe... Koreans eat lots of panchan (side dishes) every meal so imagine doing those panchans alone. Oh, goodness!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

A weekend with my in laws

My in laws has just left for home. They came here yesterday and we had a good time together. Although we've just met last Thanksgiving Day, we are still delighted to see each other again. My sister in law prepared a lot of food that we shared for dinner. Different kinds of food that she learned from her mom in law last Thanksgiving Day. My hubby doesn't drink so we left them last night while they were drinking. On our way home, my hubby told me to call my sister in law and tell her to come over to my house with my brother in law and his family the next day (today) for lunch. My hubby didn't let me prepared food. He said it's too tiring to prepare so we just took them to the restaurant near here which is famous for its daejigalbi. The restaurant that we always go to when we are craving for daejigalbi.

When we were separated because everyone has to go home, my mother in law called and asked how much we paid for lunch because we had much. We don't care how much we paid as long as everyone enjoyed the food. So I told her that we didn't pay too much although I paid almost $100 for 7 people for the meat. Luckily, they didn't drink alcohol or beer because my brother in law has to drive.

We were planning to go to Jejudo next month but unfortunately, there's no available seat either in the plane or boat. That's too bad! My hubby thought it was too early to make a reservation so he did it last week just to find out that there was no available seat for us. Oh no!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Don't wait for an apology

My hubby still complains of the weather whenever he comes home. He said, how could it be still hot when Chuseok is already finished. It's true that it's still hot but I was surprised when I saw that it was a little bit dark at around 7p.m. eventhough there wasn't any sign of rain. In summer, it usually gets dark at around 8p.m. so meaning fall is just around the corner although it's still hot. hmmmm...

By the way, I almost fell down on the bus this afternoon. If I couldn't hold the chair and the hair of hajuma, I already fell down. I don't like answering my cellphone when I get on or off the bus because drivers run the bus even when you are still finding your seat or place to stay. I felt sorry to hajuma (old woman) because I ruined her hairstyle but she didn't say anything. I just saw her fixing her hair.

I usually get pissed off when i'm on the bus and somebody hit my hair or head with a bag, shoulder or a hand. Although it's not their intentions but at least they should say sorry but most of them don't know how to say sorry specially if they are older than yours. But because of hajuma this afternoon, I realized that I should be more patient next time.

Korea has this "palli palli style" (in haste) so don't get mad when you were hit, pushed or bumped by someone and don't apologize. Don't wait for an apology because they don't usually say "excuse me" or "sorry" specially in public places.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Korean Thanksgiving Day

I'm not at work because it's holiday today. I've just come back from my parents in law's house because of "Chuseok" (Thanksgiving Day). Chuseok is always a 3-days holiday but too bad because this year, it happened to be on Saturday- Monday. That's why I hate this year calendar.

Most "myonori" (daughter in laws) don't like this occasion because it's too tiring to prepare the Thanksgiving Day Food and wash lots of dirty dishes. But I always wait for this kind of occasion not only because I received presents but also it's the right time to help my in laws and spend a lot of time with them.

Every Thanksgiving Day, we always wear "Hanbok" (Korean traditional dress) even when we are cooking, preparing food or washing the dishes. Everyone wears the traditional clothes including kids specially when we perform a memorial service for the ancestors. I don't know to others but in my in law's house, that's a rule! Nobody complained although it was too hot yesterday and very uncomfortable.

Here's the hanbok that I wore yesterday. (click pictures to enlarge)

And here's my hubby's hanbok. He didn't wear the last picture because it was too hot. (click pictures to enlarge)

A dress for your prom

The most memorable experience in my school year was the prom. The special event that most students waiting. Everyone was preparing for the night and want everyone to be the most beautiful girl in that event. If you're not that beautiful at least you have the most beautiful dress that everyone admired.

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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Keep out!

It's too annoying when you're sleeping and somebody doorbell at home because he/she wants you to open an account for a credit card, try and subscribe to their products, or tells you to fix something at home that doesn't need to be fixed. Tell me that i'm bad but I also hate people in the church who "don't" bring good news. I go to church and I used to entertain people even when we have different beliefs but I gave up after entertaining one because they always come even when you tell them that you're busy or you have to go out for work. They always come specially when they knew that you work and they spend much time telling you something that you're not interested with.

They wait until you open the door or sometimes wait for you until you come home. You will be surprised when the elevator opens and you'll see those people in front of your house waiting for you. They don't care even when you say that you're tired from work and you need to take a rest. They always ask you to give them a short time that always takes long. Hew! Hubby is also tired of them so he posted this on our door.

The sign said, "People who want to advertise something and people who visit from the church- keep out! Please~ Yu-yu (hehe)"

I know you can't understand us unless it happens to you. Be also aware of the people in the street who pretend that they go in the church and they just ask some money. There are many people like that specially in front of the shopping mall. Last time, while I was heading to the bus stop, I met a girl and a boy. First, they asked me if I work and when I said yes, they started to tell me something about their church. They asked where I live and my working place but I never told them anything because they sounded strange. "Gojo!" (Go away!)

I've got a good news

It has been a long time since I last read news in the newspaper or internet. I don't like reading newspaper and I always spend my time blogging when i'm in front of the computer. I always forget to read news when I'm blogging that's why i'm not updated on what is happening in the World. But it doesn't mean that I'm not aware of it, I just don't have time to read news.

I sometimes read news when I'm on the bus or at the bus stop while waiting for the bus to come. That's my available time to check out my cellphone and read. But I don't do it now a days because I feel that my eyesight is getting bad and I'm sometimes feel dizzy because of the moving bus.

Luckily I've got a good news. Just 3 days ago, Rocketron, a service of Asyncast Corporation launched a hands-free mobile news where you can listen news in your cellphone anytime and anywhere. Simply dial the number and you will be updated on the news that you'd like to hear. This is really a good news for busy people and for us who love travelling.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Doll pillows

Here are the dolls that my hubby bought. The picture was taken when we went to Jirisan Recreation Forest. We use them as our pillows when we go camping. I didn't know that he got them. He said he saw them when he was heading home from work so he suddenly thought of our uncomfortable pillows that we used on our first camp so he bought them. He just gave them to me when we went to Bangjangsan Recreation Forest. They are very soft and comfortable. We don't remove them in the trunk of his car so that we can use them when we go out and feel tired from our long trip.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Jirisan Recreation Forest

Jirisan is one of the most famous mountains in Korea. It is often considered one of the three most important mountains in South Korea. The other two are Hallasan and Seoraksan.

It's my fourth time to visit Jirisan. First, when hubby and I went mountain climbing. Second, when we were invited by hubby's friend and his wife to go out and get some fresh air at the valley with streams. Third, when we went to Cheonghakdong Village which is located at the southern foot of Samsanbong Peak on Mt. Jirisan. And the last one was last weekend when we went to Jirisan Recreational Forest. We went to the same mountain but different locations and views.

The campsite that we visited last weekend was in Jirisan. It is the most wonderful campsite that I've ever been so far. The recreation forest is the perfect place to enjoy the abundant tourist resources of Jirisan (Mt.) area.

Although it's still summer, it is very cold in this area even in the afternoon. We always sleep late at night so we walked around carrying a lantern in the evening. We tried to climbed up the mountain but after a steps, we decided to go down because it was too dark and scary. We also went down the valley and tried to cross the stream with lots of big rocks but we went back again. It was fun but dangerous.

At night, It was very dark and we couldn't see anything when all the lights were turned off. We were lying down but we couldn't sleep because it was too cold even when we were both wearing 2 clothes and hugging each other. We got up at 3a.m. and boiled some water to drink to make us warm. Because we couldn't sleep, we decided to have breakfast then drank coffee. It was too scary to cook in the middle of the night when everyone around you were in a deep sleep. After breakfast, we laid down again talking and laughing. We slept well until 9a.m. and decided to walked around the campsite. It was a great adventure!

Here's the view on our way going to the Recreation Forest.

Views that i've taken in the morning when hubby and I walked around before we left the campsite. The first picture shows the road going to the Recreation Forest. (Click pictures to enlarge)

The recreation forest has many valleys with streams.

And hanging bridges.

Here are the rest room, shower room and washing room which are very clean.

Our tent that was set up by the stream.

We arrived at the campsite in the afternoon so we ordered chicken for lunch.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

What to bring on a camp

We went camping last weekend but before i'll make an entry about that, let me post first the "What to Bring on a Camp". I suddenly thought about it because I didn't prepare the things the night before we left and did it in the morning. We've been going out for a camp for many times and I thought my memory will be enough to prepare all the things that we needed but I was wrong again. hehehe....

List of Stuffs to bring on a camp.

1. tent
2. mat
3. lantern (lamp)
4. gas range
5. gas
6. cooking wares
7. blanket (warm or thin depend on the weather but its usually cold at the campsite so I recommend to take the warm blanket)
8. pillow (these travel pillows are uncomfortable to use when you're lying down so we bought dolls to use as pillows)
9. rug (use to clean up the deck, inside the tent before you leave)
10. newspaper (use to dry up or cover the land when it rained specially if you'll set up the tent on the ground; that if there's no available deck)
11. soap and shampoo ( rinse optional)
12. toothbrush and toothpaste
13. towel
14. suncream
15. tissue
16. knife
17. wooden chopsticks
18. book (if you like reading and just want to relax and stay in a tent)
19. cards (optional)
20. dishwashing (soap and scrub)
21. mosquito killer
22. rice
23. water
24. snacks and drinks
25. warm and summer clothes (it's always cold at night at the campsite and summer clothes to use if you want to play in the water like valley or swimming pool)
26. camera

Monday, September 1, 2008

Annoying Callers

If there are annoying people who doorbell and pretending to fix something at home, there are also AnnoyingCallers who call and insist you to buy or subscribe to something that you don't really need. It's really annoying when you receive this kind of unwanted calls specially in your busy schedule or when you are sleeping. What more if you received a phone call telling you to pay more than $600 for an overdue phone bill when you only pay not more than $10 a month? We don't often use our home phone. Hubby and I usually use our cellphones. So, I was shocked when I received that call.

I'm sure most of us received this kind of calls from telemarketers or annoying callers. If you do, then check out this site to find out and share information about phone numbers used by harassing telemarketers or annoying callers. There are lots of phone numbers listed with its website. Your annoying caller might be listed there so find it out and stop the annoying caller that has been troubling you.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Be careful!

Yesterday, there was someone knocking on the door or good to say that she was hitting the door because she was knocking very hard that created a very loud sound. I was preparing lunch and my hubby was watering the grass (artificial grass). Just imagine us what we are wearing in this very hot weather so we hurried and put on clothes.

Hubby was talking to her at the cordless security phone looking at her face on the video monitor. She said she came to check out the gas. We paid a month for the management fee and checking the gas is one of them. But before they will check something they always put a noticed on the elevator so hubby was curious with this hajuma (old woman). He opened the door and told hajuma that it's ok not to check the gas. But hajuma was insisting and wanted to get inside but hubby refused.

My hubby said, she's strange and she's not the one who always checks out for the gas. Hubby called the security guard and told him about this hajuma. The security guard said there was no schedule yet for the gas service.

There were many people like hajuma who doorbelled and told us that they would check or fix something like gas, computer, running water, etc... That surprised us because those things don't need to be fixed.

I already saw this kind of things on tv. People go house to house and say that they would fix something and if you let them in, they just spy what is inside your house. Others steal or ask some money. I always pretend that nobody is at home when somebody doorbelled and see the unfamiliar face on the screen.

Be careful with this kind of people specially if you are living in Korea. Although some of them don't have any bad intention but i'm telling you again, be careful.

Friday, August 29, 2008

I always think of blogging

We like travelling and we usually go out on weekends. When I'm out, I always think of blogging. Yes, like most bloggers here, I also consider myself as an addicted blogger. And I sometimes imagine myself blogging when I'm in the mountain, under the tree and in the tent. I also want to blog when I'm away travelling in another country. I want to post right away what I did even when i'm not at home.

I wish I have my own laptop to use whenever I need it. I've been thinking of getting one since I started to blog because I enjoy blogging and spend much time on the computer. Even when I have backaches, I still use the computer. It's another reason why I want to get a Laptop so that I can use it even when i'm lying down on my bed.

Luckily, I finally found the store where I can get my own laptop. A store selling the different famous brands of Laptops for a very cheap price with high quality features.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Go Stop

When we bought a tent, we found cards in the bag with the mat. They are cards for playing Go Stop, the best known Korean flower card game.

Players capture cards from a central layout by playing a card of the same month (flower). The aim is to collect scoring combinations of kwang (Bright), yul (Animals), tti (Ribbons), pi (Junk) among the cards captured. When a player's captures have a sufficient value, the player have to say "Stop" to claim payment, or can continue the game by saying "Go" in the hope of winning more (3 Go's doubled the amount), but risking that an opponent will win meanwhile. It is this decision to stop or go that gives the game its name.

That's me, my hubby and my mother in law playing the card game when we went on a picnic. I used to play this game on the computer. I also play it with my in laws when we gather together special when there's an occasion like Thanksgiving Day and Solar New Year.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

A gold medal for Korea Baseball Team

A gold medal for Korea Baseball team. Yahooooo...I'm so happy to announce you guys that the Korea Baseball Team won a gold medal at the Olympic games. The game has just finished a few minutes ago and I was clapping and jumping when I saw the last part of the game. Actually, I felt very nervous on the last inning because they almost lose the game. There were three opponents standing on the first, second and third bases and there was only 1 out but in just a hit, they got 2 outs and that's how the game ended. The game gave me a big thrill and I think audiences all over the world, too!

I don't like sports but I sometimes peeped the TV and focused on it at the last inning and the game and players didn't disappoint me because it was really fun to see the Korea team winning. Whoa! Congratulations to all the members of the team who played well specially Lee Seung Yeob who did very well.

Here are the pictures taken from my tv. My tv has a time machine so it can go back in time and I can take the scenes that I want.

And here are the audiences in Beijing and Jamsil Stadium (Seoul)

Once again, congratulations to Korea Baseball Team for winning a gold medal.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Bangjangsan Recreation Forest

It was a holiday last Friday because of Liberation Day. We just stayed home all day long so we've decided to go out on Saturday morning. As what I have said here, our next camp would be next month but because it rained last Friday so we thought it was the perfect weather for a camp.

We arrived at the campsite around 10 a.m. and the place was already crowded. There were many people waiting for others to leave so that they can get a better place. Unluckily, there was no place for us at the deck area to build the tent so we had no choice but to use the wet grass area. We wanted to go home but we were already there, besides the area is cool and great for a picnic, the reason why there were many people from the morning.

Instead of going home, we asked some newspaper at the information office and covered the ground. We had a great time here at the mountainous campsite.

Except from mountain climbing, there are also lots of fun things to do here. There are swimming pools, playground, valley, or just feel and sniff the fresh air at the forest.

Here are the tents from the deck area, grass area and near the swimming pools.

And here's where we can wash the dishes.

We left the campsite early morning because my sister in law called on Saturday night and said she's coming to our house with her friend who got married when we were in Australia. We felt sorry for her so it's time to treat her and also time to meet her husband.