Saturday, November 16, 2013

Let's Pick Baseballs

We found lots of baseball balls in Namhae Sports Park the last time that we went there. We were finding the parking lot when we saw that there are players playing baseball at the park. My hubby who loves baseball told me to watch them playing so after parking his car, we headed to the baseball park. On our way to the park, I saw a ball lying on the grass. A few steps away, I saw another one. Then, another one! And another one! My hubby was so happy with the baseballs so I told him to find balls, instead. He laughed and because of those smiles and happiness that I saw, I was encouraged to search more balls and after a few minutes, I have lots of balls in my bag. The balls that the player made homerun and went out of the park. Here are the balls.

I can find more if we stay there longer and if I have a bigger bag. haha... But my hubby told me that we can't bring them. Some players will go out later and find for the balls so I told him to leave the area so we can have the balls. Am I bad? hahaha... Hey, players! Just give them to us. I'm just so happy to see my hubby's smiles because of your balls. We'll just keep them as a remembrance from you. I'll wish you goodluck and hope someday I can see you in the baseball field and receive autographs from you.

See? My hubby was so happy while driving because of the balls. He said we can't bring those balls but still he was so glad that he has them. He hugged me, he held my hands from time to time while driving and when we are at the stop lights, he looked at the balls and laughed. Some balls are still new.

Look! My dog is also interested with the balls.

Monday, November 11, 2013

New Baseball Stadium in Namhae

The last time that we went to Namhae Sports Park, they were constructing the Baseball Stadium so my hubby who loves sports told me that he would go back there to see the new baseball park and so we did last weekend.

After a few months, here's how the park changed.

It's not only the baseball park has been changed but also lots of development has been made. Here's another new built playground for kids.

It's also my first time to see the giant parasol.

And they are still improving it. It's still under construction. I think this one is a fountain.

Namhae Sports Complex is really wonderful no wonder why I usually see some tourist buses whenever I visit the famous park.

Look how The Sports Park changed since I first saw it a few years ago.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Seomjin-gang in Gurye

We visited Persimmon Village or Damurak Village in Gurye and before we headed home, we dropped by to the Seomjin River which is just across the Village. Unlike the Seomjin River in Hadong, this Seomjin Gang in Gurye has also wonder view of the mountain, the sky and the river. There are even people go fishing which I think the perfect place for a picnic in summer for the whole family.

Look at the view of the river. Isn't it wonderful? My hubby told me to come back here in Spring and set our tent. What a nice idea!

The river became more beautiful with the colorful leaves in the mountain.

I think it's a fun place to play in the water for kids.

The river reminds me of my childhood when there were not many gadgets to use and most kids enjoy playing with the nature like splashing in the water with friends, climbing up trees, playing sports games under the sun, etc.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Persimmons Village in Gurye

My hubby searched on the net and Damurak Village caught his attention and we were not disappointed of what we've seen. I don't know where it got its name but I think the village is more popular with Persimmons Village than Damurak Maeul because of the Persimmon trees planted all over the village. Damurak Village is located in Jeollanamdo Province Gurye-geun Gurye-eup Gyesan-li Yugok.

Before you reach the village, there are lots of street vendors selling persimmons. I was amazed of what I've seen because the side road is full of persimmon trees.

It amazed me more when we reached our destination because the village is surrounded by persimmon trees. We walked for more than an hour and from the entrance of the village until we gave up walking, the trees were all around us. The view of the persimmons are breathtaking. The persimmons are in both side of the street so I don't know which way I look. If on the left or right because everything are persimmons.

There are some people harvesting persimmons.

They are all persimmon trees down there.

Persimmons are fruits in autumn so going to Persimmon Village is also like visiting the falling leaves. It's like two birds in one stone, huh? Persimmons plantation and colorful leaves in one!

The village is not yet famous but I think a few years later, it will be very famous for its persimmons. Look at this mountain! It will be a persimmon plantation soon. They planted lots of persimmons in the mountain. I can't wait to see that again.

It will be one of the best places in Korea specially for a picnic. There's also this place for dabbling in the water for children in the summer.

We are now on the way to the parking lot. We didn't realize how far we've gone. The village is mountainous but it doesn't make you tired because of the wonderful site of the persimmons. We kept walking and didn't realize the time. We can still go far but we were afraid to reach the dark.

There aren't so many houses in the village and there are even big houses. The place is like the walking course in Jeju Island but instead of Tangerines in Jeju, they are Persimmons in Damurak Village.

There are also persimmons factory in the village.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Seomjin River in Hadong

It's now autumn in Korea and it's getting cold everyday. My hubby has been waiting for this season because he can eat his favorite; the seafoods! My hubby loves seafoods but he doesn't want to eat it in the summer. And now that it's fall, we went to Namhae to eat seafoods. We went back to the restaurant that we've been to, to eat Rawfish in Cold Water.

On our way home, we decided to go to Seomjin Kang (Seomjin-gang) or Seomjin River which literally means "toad ferry". It is believed that 1590s during the Hideyoshi's invasions of Korea, a swarm of toads blocked the Japanese army from crossing the Seomjin into Northern Jeolla.

Seomjin-gang drains southeastern Jeollabuk-do as well as eastern Jeollanam-do and western Gyeongsannam-do provinces, and flows into the Korea Strait. The river rises from Palgongsan and flows for 212.3 km. before it reaches its final destination to Gwangyang Bay.

Our navigation brought us to Hadong County. Here's the map of Tourists sites in Hadong-gun.

The river doesn't have much water. It's dry maybe because it didn't rain for a long time. I want to go back there again in the summer.

I think there are many people swimming in the summer because there are tubes near the benches.

Eventhough we couldn't enjoy the river, there's a trekking course that takes 4km to Seobon Park. We are planning to go back there and go trekking. I can't wait!

Here's the trekking course.

There's also a bridge to cross the river.

I think there's also a temple across the river on top of this mountain. I couldn't see it well but my hubby said it seems like a temple specially when we heard a sound of the bell.