Thursday, July 14, 2011

Jeju Mango Farm

It's too surprising to see mango trees in Korea. I thought mangoes don't grow in Korea but they do in Jejudo. We were on our way to Mt. Songaksan when we saw a signboard going to mango tree farm. I was curious and besides I was craving for mangoes so I told hubby to visit the farm and buy some.

There was a kind of storage room near the parking lot and as soon as we got off the car, a woman met us and led us to the room where they sell mangoes. They don't sell retail. They sell 50,000won (around $50 ) per box. I would buy if they sell in retail. Ten pieces are too much for me because my hubby don't eat this kind of mangoes. He likes the yellow or riped ones.

We asked if we could see the mangoe trees and she led us to the farm. Wow~ look at them! The trees are not tall enough but they have lots of mangoes in their branches. They look amazing for me because I grew up in a country where there are lots of mangoes but it's my first time to see this kind of mango trees. And the fruits are also different. They are so big but still hard. They called them apple mangoes here in Jejudo but in my country they are far different from apple mangoes. What I knew is, apple mangoes are small and round.

Too bad because I didn't buy any. If they could just sell a piece or two or three, I surely bought some.

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