Friday, July 29, 2011

Jeju Museum of Art

Near the Mysterious Road is the Jeju Museum of Art so we can't just passed the museum so we decided to get in to see some of the famous arts in Korea. Todays theme is Co-Existence and Co-Prosperity arts by the Exhibition Artists Soyoung-Kang, Jeuk Kang, Hyuk Kwon, Sang-Cheul Boo, So-Kyoung Lee, Jong Gu Lee, and a lot more.

The "Co-existence & Co-prosperity" exhibition presents living life as part of nature and upon the logic of nature, excaped from the dichotomic composition of the industrialized era that divides human beings and nature. The artists, admitting that they are aos a part of nature, present and artistic depiction of the resilient and inherent values of all natural creation, in an effort for the recovery of the relationship between human beings and nature, and to make it as a mutually cooperative and harmonized one, rather than being mutually exclusive and contradictory.

Here's the Museum of Art.

From outside, you will be welcomed by the beauty of the museum.

The cottons and stones are hanging on the ceiling. It's really an art.

The arts of the famous artists are also very entertaining.

They are four pictures made into one. Wonderdul!

The Kinetic Art is the most interesting area specially for kids.

The exhibition is until August 7. The museum is open from 9a.m.-6p.m. The entrance fee is 1,000 won for adults, 500won for adoloscense and 300won for kids.

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