Monday, February 1, 2010

Gokseong Train Village

Located in Gokseong Jeollanamdo Province, Seomjingang (Seomjin River) Train Village is one of the most exciting trip not only for kids but also for olds. I was with my mother in law the first time I went there (yes, this is my second time) and my mother in law said she remembered her old days with the train. The white smoke coming from the steam locomotive, the train sound and the slow movement of the train reminds her old times. It's not surprising then why there were many old people came to experience taking the KORAIL Tour Service. It's the slowest train that I've ever taken. I felt like having a body ache after the 30 minutes one-way journey of about 10 kilometers. We just bought the one-way ticket cost 4,000 won each and hubby followed the train to Gajang Station to pick us up.

When you reached the tourist sites, somebody will announce about the sightseeings. The scenic view is really wonderful!

While waiting for our departure time which was 11:30 a.m. we walked around the beautiful theme park. The theme is so wonderful. You will never get bored.

You can also see lots of farm animals like chickens, goats, ducks, etc.

These cute rabbits caught my attention. Are they couple rabbits? They are so cute!

You can also enjoy your favorite food at the train restaurants.

They shoot lots of films in this area. One of the famous movie is the taegukki.

While I was walking around in this film street, I felt strange. I could imagine life back in time. The area looks like in the old days.

You can also rent rides for only 3,000 won ($3).


Anonymous said...

hey, just to check with you... if we don't know Korean at all, is it possible to visit Seomjingang Train Village?

Unknown said...

of course you can. just purchase a ticket at the counter. I think the prices are listed in front of the counter. get your admission ticket and take the train that is usually park waiting for passengers or just wait until it comes. Anyway, the worker at the counter will tell you the time when it leaves.