Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Seonun Temple

Seonun Jeongsa or Seonun Temple or Monastery is one of the best route that we like when I take a walk with my hubby. It's one of the best walking course in Jeju, I think.

The best thing about the Seonun Temple in Jeju is the golden bell. I think it's one of the symbol that made the temple famous.

What I like the most are the trees with full of fruits. They are the first things that caught my attention. I really want to pick one. I waited for someone in the temple to pass by so I could ask for one. When someone did, I was shy so I just left the temple craving for the fruits. hehe..

The water spring.

It is where they do the Buddhist rituals.

The bathroom that looks very traditional.

The two towers.

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