Saturday, July 2, 2011

Soingook Theme Park

Soingook Theme Park or Miniature Theme Park is another world made of exquisite miniature. There are full of exciting attractions and diverse architecture from all over the world. There are miniatures of over one hundred world famous architectural masterpieces and an array of cultural heritages at Soingook Theme Park. The carefully crafted miniature replicas are displayed with historical characters from the past. This gives the impression of movement and there is a dimensional effect as of Gulliver in "Gulliver's Travels" is looking down at the land of tiny people. What's more, you can enjoy and educational experience, where the diverse cultures and histories of many countries are being visually told in a narrative of progress and human advancement. Together, children and adults can enjoy a sense of adventures around the world. Other facilities includes a character museum, street basketball, remote control cars, a pottery center, Korean restaurant, snack bars, coffee house and souvenir shops. During the last seven years the Land of Miniatures has undergone a process of investment and regeneration for the purpose of attracting new visitors around the world.

Enjoy a day trip to the world in the Land of Miniatures.

The Great Pyramids

Mount Rushmore

Angkor Wat

Great South Seas Spa

Taj Mahal

The Great Wall of China

Eiffel Tower

Moai Giants

The Statue of Liberty and Opera House

Tower Bridge

Tower of Pisa

Seoul Station

Jeju International Airport

There are a lot more like Notre Dame Cathedral, The Parthenon, The Arc de Triomphe, Bulguksa Temple, Osaka Castle, etc.

Soingook Theme Park is an excellent tourist attraction designated by the Jeju Special Self-Governing Province. It's easy to get there by bus or rental car. Way from the Airport (1135 road) Airport-Peace Road-(Direction of Daejeong)-Seokwang Intersection (30 minutes distance). Way from Jeju City (1135 road). Take an express bus for Daejeong. The bus leaves every 20 minutes from Jeju City. It takes about 35 minutes from the bus terminal. It is 15 minutes away from Seogwipo and Jungmun Tourist Zone.

Miniature Theme Park or Soingook Theme Park is located at 725 Seogwang-ri Andeok-myun Seogwipo-City Jeju, 697-923 Korea. Tel. +82-64-794-5400 / Fax: +82-64-794-5401.

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