Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Days of Love in Korea

Here are the days of Love in Korea

January 14: Diary Day

--- The day to give a pretty diary or planner to your sweetie.

February 14: Valentine's Day

---It is the day to confess your love for a man with chocolates.

March 14: White Day

---On this day, the guys get to confess their love for their girls with candy and flower baskets.

April 14: Black Day

---This is the day where those who have not found love mark their status as lonely hearts by eating black food.The dish for the day is chinese noodles topped with a thick black sauce (jajjangmyeon).

May 14: Yellow or Rose day

---Love- losers gather for yellow curry and companionship. Lovers exchange roses and celebrate this day as Rose Day instead.

June 14: Kissing Day

---The day to have a passionate kiss....with their loveones. ..opppssss....keys me...keys me...hehehe...

July 14: Silver day

---This is the day when lovers exchange silver rings.

August 14: Green Day
---Couples are supposed to dress in green and drink cheap liquor that comes in green bottles on this day. A bottle of soju (korean alcohol).

September 14: Music and Photo Day

---This is the day to harmonize your romance with CDs of love and by taking pictures with loveones.

October 14: Wine Day

---The day when lovers drink wine. Hmmm... i think this one is very romantic specially with candles...hehe...

November 14: Movie Day

---The day to see with a romantic movie with your sweetheart.

December 14: Hug day

---The day of giving hugs to endure the cold winter weather.

And another special day in Korea is---

November 11: Peppero Day

---This day is named after the pencil shaped cookie stick covered in chocolate ( like Pretzels) exchanged as an expression of affection.

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