Thursday, May 7, 2009

Parent's Day

Oh yes, another celebration for this month. After Buddha's Birthday comes the Children's Day and now it's Parent's Day again. Unlike other countries, Korea celebrates parents day and not Mother or Father's Day because they are celebrated together. Although Parent's Day is on May 8th but you'll see lots of people selling and buying flowers everywhere on May 7th, the day before Parent's Day. It is also the day when children give presents and flowers to their parents so it usually celebrates every May 7th. In Korea, it's better to do things in advance.

Kids usually buy plastic (imitation) carnation flowers and write letters to their parents and college students and those who already make money buy fresh flowers and give some cash to their parents like what we (hubby and me) always do. If we have time we also dine out together.

What do you think is the best thing to do or give to parent's on Mother and Father's Day? How about you? What do you usually do or give on this day?

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