Monday, November 14, 2011

Gimnyeong Beach

Don't forget to drop by to Gimnyeong Beach when you visit Gimnyeong Maze Park and Manjanggul. The two famous tourist sites are very close to Gimnyeong beach. The beach has a resting area where you can go to the bathroom, have some drinks or snacks, etc. I saw a group tour bus and some cars parked at the resting area when we went to the beach. Even when it's fall, people came to visit the beach.

What's unique about Gimnyeong Beach is the color of the sea. The clear waters are highlighted with cobalt-blue. The water is clear and it has smooth and clean sand.

It's fall here so there's no one swimming at the beach but still there were lots of tourists.

The wind farm is also close here. Can you see the windmill?

A korean man brought his dog at the beach.

The dog must be a beach-lover.

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