Monday, November 26, 2007


Namhae-gun used to be an isolated place that could be reached only by ship so people made this bridge so that they can enter the small island.

I've been to Namhae once, but we only went to the sports park and didn't wander the place. So, when i hear someone talking about the beauty of Namhae, i just nod and doesn't say anything because i think it's just like other places that i've been to. Nothing different, until when i went back there again two weeks ago and saw the fantastic view of this place.

Now, i can agree to what other people say about Namhae and i'll add it to one of the wonderful places here in Korea that i always recommend to when someone asks some good places to visit.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Christmas comes once a year. And one of the spirits of Christmas is giving. Well, have you already gone shopping for Christmas? Or are you also a busy woman who doesn't have time to go shopping like me? Or a lazy woman who doesn't want to go in this freezing weather. Well then, nothing to worry about because there's a shopping online where you can find the items that you are looking for. Trousers, bags, shoes, boots or dress for you, nudie jeans for hubby and cosmetics or beauty bars for your mother and sister in laws. See? Everything is here.

I love jeans and it's too expensive to buy here in Korea. Besides, all the jeans have the same sizes in lenght and they just cut them when you buy. After cutting them, the shape or form has already changed. So when i saw this new arrival low rise cords jeans and the seven for all mankind bootcut jeans, i've got interested to them. And i'm sure nudie jeans will fit well to my hubby. I also like the dress and tank top. Whoa, i wish i could buy them all.

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Gughwa in Gochang

Two weeks ago, we went to Gochang to see the Gukhwa "chrysanthemum" (flowers) that bloom in fall. Gochang County (Gochang-gun) is a county in North Jeolla Province, South Korea. It is a rural area. The temple of Seonunsa and the Dolmen is also located here. (I went to Dolmen in Gochang before i came to the blogging world so i didn't get any picture of them. You may want to check out the Dolmen in Hwasun.)

I was amazed to see this 300,000 pyeong (pyeong=3.3058 square meter) of Gukhwa in Gochang. But what amazed me more was the entrance fee is free even the parking lot. Wow!

We also saw some people selling Chrysanthemum tea. It is a flower-based tisane made from chrysanthemum flowers.

And foreigners from different countries selling native products.

I also saw kids had fun riding this while wandering the place. Of course, this one is not free. hehehe..

Hubby asked me what i wanted to eat so i chose alttang.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

trusted plastic surgeons

Have you heard the news about Donda West? Kanye's mom who died last Saturday? According to the autopsy, she died because of cosmetic surgery.

I hope that Koreans will know about this news. As you know, Korea's greatest natural resource is good looking young women. So during graduation day even to the 6th grade students, parents special presents to their children is plastic surgery. Most of them want to get an eyelid surgery. Most koreans have no eyelids and they think having eyelids make them look prettier.

It's normal for koreans to get surgeries for nose, boobs, face but most of all the eyelids and legs. Some college students get part time job so that they can earn money to use for surgery. They are not afraid of operations. Some of them got an operation for two or three times just because there was trouble in their first time of getting surgery. I can say this because i saw this kind of program on tv for many times.

Getting a surgery is not just going to the doctor and get an operation. It is important to know the good background of the surgeon. His/Her education and experiences. We need doctors that can be trusted on. If you want to have peace of mind in getting a surgery, find the trusted plastic surgeons here.

Friday, November 16, 2007

7 truths about me

I've been tagged by rose. She wants to know the---

7 truths about me. So, here you go, my sis!

1. I have a smart and cute dog.

2. Me and hubby both fell in love at first sight.

3. I hate English so bear with me. hehehe...

4. I love jeans and bags.

5. I can't go out without putting on make-up.

6. I hate waiting so i'm always late in an appointment.

7. I love trying any kind of food eventhough it looks strange and smells disgusting like bondaegi.

Now, it's your turn *Marie*, *Thet*, *Irel*, *Sarah* and *Joshia*.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

bus info

When hubby and I went to the restaurant to have donkas (pork cutlet), i had my camera with me so while we were walking on the way to restaurant, i took a picture of this bus stop.

Buses in Korea never stop in any places. There are locations where you can get on and off the bus. If you're house is far from the bus stop, then you should walk far to the bus stop or you'd better take a taxi if you're in a hurry.

You don't have to say to the driver where you are going. As long as you know where your bus stop name is, then you can reach your place by pressing the button. There is also a machine inside the bus use for the fare. You can use either cash or transportation card. It's more convenient to use transportation card, besides you don't have to pay again when you transfer to another bus if you use the card.

You can see the routes of the bus at the bus stops. As long as you know your bus stop name, you can't miss the place. By the way, buses are recognized with numbers and colors. If you take the bus, just remember the number of it.

Now, there are also this information of the bus that tells where the bus is and how long you should have to wait for the bus. You can also watch tv (although i only saw some advertisement), so you won't get bored while waiting.

On the left are numbers (names) of the buses, the second row (from the left) tells the minute when it arrives, third tells where the bus is and fourth is the station of the bus. The one that is in yellow means that the bus will arrive soon.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Everyone knows that moving in a new house or apartment is not easy. But i can say that it's very interesting specially when we decorate it. Hubby and I became more closer to each other when we moved because we talked a lot of things. From buying appliances to furnitures.

When we moved to our apartment, we always checked some furnitures on the net. We needed much time to consider on what we were going to put in the living and bedrooms. We had to consider everything; the sizes, color and quality. The last one that we bought is the Bedroom Furniture.

When we had a honeymoon in hotel in Seoul, hubby got attracted to the bed and checked what it was. When we went to the furniture shop, we asked what kind of beds do hotels use and recommended us the bed that we are using now.

There are 3 bedrooms in my apartment and we made the other room as a study room but hubby says that it is his office. When i use the computer and hubby sits at his desk, he always says that he's the boss and i'm his secretary. I think our study room is good but when i see this Furniture-Home-Office site, i've got attracted to the furnitures.

Just yesterday when i told hubby that i want to buy a table and chairs to put in the veranda and this Bar stool got my attention.

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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Saemangeumjeonsigwan (Seawall)

The Saemangeum was an estuarine tidal flat on the coast of the Yellow Sea in South Korea. It was dammed by the government of South Korea in April 2006, after a long fight between the government and environmental activists, and is scheduled to be converted into either agricultural or industrial land.

The Saemangeum lay at the mouths of the Dongjin and Mangyeong Rivers, on the coast of Jeollabuk-do. It is just south of the estuary of the Geum River. Neighboring districts include Gunsan City, Buan County, and Gimje City.

I went there with hubby last time and i was amazed of this seawall that is still under construction but visits by many tourists.

Here's the beautiful sea.

There were boats stocked because they couldn't go to the other side of the sea. I think it's another reason why some people specially fishermen are against of it.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

shopping cart software

I had co-workers who always surf the internet during their free time. They always checked what's on sale on the net. Yes, they are addicted in online shopping. I often see some packages delivered in the office and that's from the online shopping that my co-workers ordered. There are clothes, wallet, accessories, Mp3, cosmetics and a lot more. They even sometimes order food to eat like snacks.

Korea is a place where busy people live. Since i came here, i also became one of them. I sometimes don't have time to go shopping and like my co-workers, i also depend on the net.

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Now, it is too cold outside and it's very complicated to go shopping, so shopping online is more convenient.

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Peppero Day

November 11 is Peppero day. Peppero is a stick biscuit covered in chocolate. Koreans celebrate it because November is the 11th month of the year. So, 11/11 is 1111 and symbols of sticks, that's what my students explained to me. Pepperos are like pretzels so when i eat pepperos i think i'm also eating pretzels.

It's Peppero day today, but because it's Sunday and there's no class, my students gave me in advance last Friday.

Here's what i've received from them.

They are so sweet!

I love pepperos specially the ones that filled with soft chocolate inside (the one and yellow ones) and the ones that have almonds (green ones).

Everyone was carrying peppero last Friday so they couldn't concentrate in the class. They were busy eating, giving and recieving pepperos, so was I. hehehe...

Saturday, November 10, 2007

wi fi

Last weekend, hubby searched on the net about the famous restaurants and he found out some restaurants that are located near our neighborhood. After meals at the restaurant we wandered around and did window shopping at the interior shops. Hubby wants to change our cordless security phone with video monitor for the door but i controlled him because it is still working well. I can't see any strange with it. He just said because it's not new. When we moved in this apartment, we thought we don't need to buy anything. We think we already have everything.

But we are wrong specially now that i saw this wi-fi, i just think i need it or can i say i really want it? wi fi broadband is a wireless BT home hub with BT hub phone, it is fast and reliable connection which is up to 8MB download speeds. It is ideal for downloading movies, music and online games. International and mobiles call is cheap during weekends and evening. It has 5GB FREE secure online storage with BT Digital Vault and advance security from Norton.

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dancing in the street

If you visit Korea, you will be surprised to see some people selling something in the street wearing in a costume and dancing.

Here are pumpkin taffy seller. The woman is dancing while her husband is playing the korean instruments.

Here's another one. I dunno what they are selling but everyone is welcome to dance with the very loud korean music.

Here are some foreigners who joined dancing with them.

dyson parts

Korean men are treated like kings. We have to serve them and never do household chores. Luckily, my hubby is different because he helps me a lot in doing the household chores. At first, he didn't know how hard it is to work in the office and when i come home i have to cook and at the same time do the household chores. But then he realized how tired I am when he did some chores like washing the dishes and vacuuming. Now it became his duty to wash the dishes and vacuum the floor on weekends.

Last time our vacuum wasn't working because of the lacked of battery so he did the cleaning with a broom and a rug. He did it for a few days and finally, he complained.

Vacuum is very important at home because it makes the chores easier. We can save lots of efforts and time. For all moms out there specially working moms, if you don't have vacuum yet, check out this site and choose the best vacuum for you. There are vacuums for allergy sufferers, all floor suitability, pet owners, lightweight, and easy to store vacuums. You can find all these at Dyson parts.

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Yahoooo...i got an award from joice.

Wow! This is totally awesome!

Thanks sis, although i can't visit you more often, you still gave my blog a special attention. Love yah! mwaaahhhh....

Thursday, November 8, 2007


I've been to a nursing home several times and i saw how pitiful the grannies are specially when we leave. What i've noticed about them is everyone needs attention and someone to talk to. There was a grandma that i had a talk with who was very proud of her son who is now living in the States.

I know that there are many people not only those living in the orphanage or nursing home who feel sad and lonely but have no one to talk to. There are times that we want to share something but afraid to talk about it with our family or friends. In this case, bettercaring forum will help you talk to the other users or you can even send letter to them. Some of the discussions are fiances, homes and housing, and health and living.

You can also read some daily care news and and receive some care tips from experts. I'm so grateful to know about this site. Check it out and share to others who need an extra care.

Byeonsan beach

Byeonsan beach is one of the three most popular beaches in korea. It is also called the bikini beach. It is also located in Buan. We dropped there when we went to Gyeogpo, and Themepark.

It's fall here, so i didn't expect to see someone swimming in this beautiful beach.

bedroom furnitures

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Wednesday, November 7, 2007


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ecommerce software

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Online casino

During Thanksgiving day or Lunar New Year, koreans play the game go stop. I know how to play this game and i once played it with my inlaws. My hubby said that i can't defeat my father in law because he's a certified gambler. I sometimes think that maybe that's why my father in law has money because of gamble.

I find it interesting when i watch a movie about casino. It thrilled me a lot when they bet much money or when the opponent say the words "all in". I can imagine how it happens in the real game and how does the winner feels when he wins the game.

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Monday, November 5, 2007

Gyeokpo Beach

Because it was too early to go home and the weather was nice, after Buan Themepark we went straight to Gyeokpo Beach. Gyeokpo Beach is located in between Chaeseokgang and Jeokbyeokgang. It is more beautiful and clearer than any other beach in Korea and brings a continuous line of tourists throughout the year.

These sea caves attract the tourists most.

There are also many boats use for fishing.