Saturday, December 1, 2007

Worldcup Stadium

A memorable experience happened when we went to the Worldcup stadium in Daejeon.

When we went inside, there was a man taking some pictures of the stadium and when he went out, he locked the door. He made fun of us! We went around the stadium and looked for an exit but we couldn't find it. We stayed inside for a long time waiting for someone to come in, or at least a worker but nobody came.

We were hopeless and there was no choice but to call 112. Yes! Hubby called the police. hehehe... After a few minutes, the officer came and opened the door. Whenever we think of that experience, we just laughed. Well, that's a memorable experience, isn't it?


Nova said...

What a bad bad man there... Good thing is that at least you enjoyed the whole stadium... if i were you i will shout in the center of that field.. hehehe... and pretend that there will be thousand of people looking at me.. some what like my greatest and biggest achievement... hehehehe.. in short don't make it too obvious that your a paranoid.. hehehe.. but at least you have a great experience... i wish to see as big stadium as that some day...

Anonymous said...

wow... korea.. korea.. sparkling!!!!