Friday, June 10, 2011

Muin Cafe Sanchek

It's my first time to go to an uninhabited cafe. A cafe where there is no owner. Just make your own coffee, wash your cup and leave your payment. It's interesting, isn't it? Yes, you can see Muin Cafe or Uninhabited Cafe in Jejudo. My hubby and I went to Muin Cafe Sanchek yesterday and it was really cool.

You feel very comfortable as soon as you enter the coffee shop. There were two couples inside and they both look very sweet. They were free because there was no one to stare at them.

There were lots of notes, memos, letters, cards posting on the wall. I read some of them. Some are promises or letters to their loveones and others are letters to their parents.

My hubby and I had brewed coffee for only $2. My hubby took a cup, poured some coffee and put some syrup. There's a sink behind those coffee makers. It is where you clean your cups after using them.

Then before we left we insert our payment here. Btw, I recommend to bring small bills because you can't get change. Or if you are kind enough or rich you can just leave your change. hehe..

And here's a message from the owner.

Welcome to Muin Cafe Sanchek.
What is a Muin Cafe? There's no owner and the customer will be the owner so feel free to make your own coffee and pay before you leave.
What is the way on how to use Muin Cafe? First, don't be confused that there's no owner! Just feel comfortable on your seat. Get your mug, choose your drinks and pour into your mug and drink deliciously. Before you leave, wash your mug and leave your payment in the box.
If you feel uncomfortable please call ****.

This one is also interesting.
I'm so grateful with these Best 5 Guests
1. The hajuma (old woman) who brought her friends to the cafe because she said the coffee is delicious.
2. The man who doesn't have small bill just paid and left his change.
3. The pretty lady who knows that the coffee is organic.
4. Customers who take pictures and put in their blogs.
5. The group tour driver who brought the tourists in the shop.

Bad Customers
1. May 18th, the customer who took the massage machine. (Do your shoulders feel comfortable now?)
2. May 14th, the person who took the mask and 2 rabbit dolls.
Sorry, I can't see the rest. It's too small and blurred.

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