Tuesday, August 3, 2010


We went to Jangsu to go camping. Jangsu is in Jeollabukdo Province and is famous for camping sites because of its beautiful nature. The most famous are the Mt. Jangsan County Park, Banghwadong Natural Recreation Forest, Banghwadong Family Vacation Village and Waryong Natural Recreation Forest.

Jangsu is also famous for Apples and Cow's meat (beef). Actually there is Apple and Beef Festival (Hanwoorang Sagwarang Chukje) that will be held next month Sept.9-12 (Fri-Sun) at Jeollabukdo Jangsugun Uiam Gongwon Ilde. You know that you're in Jangsu when you see lots of apple trees or apple signs in the street.

If you know the KBS drama Lady Castle (Agassireul putakhe), they took some film here at the Resting Area. I think it's the only resting area in Jangsu.

At night, hubby and I decided to go downtown. It's very small. There's nothing to see. Even the bus terminal is too small but interesting.

The bus schedule and bus fare are just written in a cardboard paper.

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