Monday, August 1, 2011

Eongtto Falls

My hubby said that his plan is to visit waterfalls. He chose 3 waterfalls but we only visited two of them. One is Cheonjiyeon Falls (I'll post about it later) and the other one is Eongtto Waterfalls.

Eongtto Falls is a hidden, regal waterfall emerges during heavy rains. The waterfall is 50m in height, and has great harmony with the mystic cliffs. As subtropical forest stretches the Eongtto gorge, you can see an evergreen landscape area.

Eongtto Falls is practically no waterfall if this runs is dry, so you can see waterfall when there are heavy rains more than 70mm.

Eongtto is not as famous as Cheonjiyeon Falls. It was quiet and there weren't many people going there.

As what I've mentioned above, the waterfall is dry because it didn't rain for many days. But it's still looks cool.

When we arrived home, we watched a tv program called "Il bag Ih il" (2 days and one night) and it was shown on TV. Their mission is to find the waterfall without water. And there it is. Lee Seung Gi found the waterfall first. He went to Seogwipo and arrived at Eongtto Waterfalls.

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