Saturday, January 31, 2009

My first priority

Wow~ I can't imagine that I haven't updated my blog for 10 days. Is that right? I know that I'm sometimes lazy to update my blog but most of the time I'm too busy at work and when I have time, I just want to spend my time lying down and watching tv.

Last weekend, we went to my in laws house and we stayed there for 4 days to celebrate the Lunar New Year. We received some presents and my inlaws gave us some cash (goodluck money). If most countries received presents and cash on Christmas Day, here in Korea it is on Lunar New Year.

And today was my niece's birthday. After work, we went straight to the venue (Wedding Hall) where we celebrated her birthday. We waited for all the visitors to leave and all the family members went to my sister in law's house except us. My hubby said, he wanted to take a rest so we went home and slept for a short time. Tomorrow, we are thinking again on how to divide our schedule because we have lots of things to do. Most of all, I want to go to church and it's my first priority for tomorrow's schedule.

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