Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Jeju Loveland

When we first came here in Jeju, the owner of our guesthouse told us to visit Loveland specially at night. It's also the one that I love to visit but my hubby said he would never visit the place. When we go somewhere and past the area, I always wanted to drop by and see what's inside but it was out of my hubby's plan. But when we had visitors, my hubby's cousin invited us to go there. I was so happy. We went there at night and I was surprise to see lots of cars at the parking lot. I've found out that it's open until midnight. There are lots of tourists and most of them are couples.

I thought they were just beautiful sculptures. I didn't expect that the sculptures are sex sculptures.

I think this is the most beautiful sculpture inside. It is located near the entrance.

They are faucets and sink. The faucets are kind of men's organ.

They are hills that look like women's breast.

The men's organ. It's so big that you need to go a little bit farther to take a whole picture of it.

Can you what the finger doing?

The three nude musketeers.

There's a small shop where you can buy different kinds of sex symbols. There are lot's of stuffs to choose from like these aprons.

If you press the button, the organ will move.

Different sex positions represented from different countries.


Walk under her. hihihi..

I think they are the cutest one. The simplest of all the sculptures.

The woman is trying to attract the man.

Sex under the water.

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