Monday, December 5, 2011

Jeju Tangerines

If you visit Jejudo, you'll see lots of tangerine trees on the road. Jeju Island is fill with tangerines from Seongsan to Seogwipo City. Most of the houses in the street have tangerine trees, too. Fall is the harvest season so there are lots of tangerines in the market. You can even go to tangerine farm if you want to experience picking and at the same you can buy them for a cheaper price. If you happen to visit Jeju Island, don't ever forget to try the Jeju tangerines. Remember that the best tangerines are a medium-size, rich orange-color and thinly peeled. Today there are hundreds of types of tangerine trees on Jeju Island that vary according to their harvest time, size, and taste.

Tangerine is an important symbol for Jeju. There are lots of Jeju products made with tangerines like coffee, tea, wine, chocolates, etc. Most tourists buy them as a souvenir or presents to their loveones back home.

Here are some of tangerine trees.

I haven't bought any tangerines since I came here in Jeju but we always have at home. We received them as presents that sometimes you can even received from someone that you've just met for the first time. I think most Jeju residents have tangerines at home. These tangerines are sweet and juicy.

Tangerines that have just picked from the tree. I picked them in the school where we always go to play badminton. They are just cute and big so I picked them. They are stolen tangerines. Psssttt...


HQ said...

Hi, would like to check with you if know any of the farms in Jeju are open to visitors for farm stay? And if they can be contactable directed instead of going via WOOF?

Unknown said...

Thanks for the visit and sad to say that we already left the Island. We stayed there for a vacation but I heard that there are lots of farm work there but I'm not sure if they can provide your accommodation. If you want to know some details or contact numbers in working to Jeju please check out this site... Goodluck!