Sunday, August 7, 2011

Seawaves in Jeju Island

There's a typhoon today called Muipa. It's scary because of heavy rain and strong wind. Luckily, it's Sunday and there's no work. My hubby invited me to go out and see the waves. We drove by the sea and sometimes stopped by to watched the seawaves. It's cool. It's another memorable experience here in Jeju Island.

We had fun watching the seawaves but we decided to go home because it was too windy. On our way home, we couldn't see the road well so the cars moved so slow. It was dangerous and thanks God because we arrived home safely.

The typhoon Muipa is still here and according to the news the strongest wind and rain will be at 3p.m. this afternoon. I just hope that it won't make any victims and it will leave peacefully.

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