Thursday, February 19, 2009

Who cares?

I was in a hurry this morning because I left later than my usual time. I've got a cold last night so it was hard for me to get up. I usually look out and check the weather outside before I put on clothes but I didn't care about it today. I was sick so I wore thick clothes and thought that I would be fine even it it was snowing outside. But when I was at the lobby, I was alarmed with the weather. It was raining! Goodness! It was out of my mind that it would rain because it's winter. I also saw the weather forecast last night and it even didn't mention about this rain.

I had nothing to do except to go back home and take an umbrella. I waited for the elevator which was on the 18th floor. Then I missed it again when I was about to go down. It also stopped three times because of the people waiting. Why are these things happened when you're in a hurry?

Well, enough for my complain! I was late again but who cares?

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