Sunday, March 11, 2012

Jusangjeollidae or Columnar Joints

Columnar Joints at Jeju Jungmun Daepo Coast or Jusangjeollidae are rocky cliffs that run for about 2km along the coast line from Jungmun Dong to Daepo Dong in Seogwipo. They were formed by the cooling and solidification of basalt flows from the Nokhajiak volcano from 14,000 to 25,000 years ago.

Jusangjeollidae is a pillar-shaped joint formed by basaltic lava. As high-temperature basaltic lava cools, it shrinks in volume often producing a columnar joint. When viewed from the top, four to six sided polygonal columns of basaltic rocks can be observed. Basaltic columns of 25m in height look like a regular stack or pillars, which can be called the nature's masterpieces.

Columnar jointing arises from contraction of molten lava during cooling, which splits the rocks into polygonal columns. Columns typically have 5-6 sides, with each side being a separate joint. A collection of adjacent columns is often referred to as a "colonnade", and cooling cracks closely spaced in irregular patterns are known as "entablatures".

Jusangjeollidae is also a great place for taking a walk. The site is not only famous for the columnal joints in the sea but it also has a great view which is a perfect place to relax.

This seashell shape outside also caught my attention. I think the two hajumas don't have any plan to stand up.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Oedolgae or Lonely Rock

This solitary basalt formation is called Oedolgae or Lonely Rock. It was formed at a time of volcanic activity as a geyser-like eruption spewed forth from beneath the earth's surface and solidified. It is 20 meters in height and 10 meters in circumference.

Near the close of Goryeo Dynasty (918-1392), General Choe-yeong was in Jeju to suppress the Mongols who had occupied the island from 1218, the Mongol forces made their final and fatal stand on Beomseom (Tiger Island) which is seaward from Oedolgae.

Another name of Oedolgae is General Rock which comes from a legend that General Choe-Yeong disguised the rock to appear like a giant military general and the Mongol's took it as a well established battle lines. The enemy soldiers were so terrified that they all committed suicide. It is also called namju haegeumgang because that Oedolgae stands in Goseok Harbor which surrounded by the screen-like jagged cliffs or Uduam or Seonnyeo Bawi.

The famous TV drama Daejanggeum was filmed here. Daejanggeum (Jewel in the Palace) is a TV Series with a record-high viewership in 2003. It is based on a true story about a girl living 500 years ago in Jeseon Dynasty. Despite numerous adversities in reality. Seon Jang-geum (by Lee Young Ae) made her own way with her excellent medical skill and profound knowledge and ultimately was given by King Jungjong the title of Dae Janggeum which mean The Great Janggeum. Oedolgae is a shooting location for the scene where her mentor, Court Lady Han (by Yang Mi-gyeong), was dying on her back on way to exile on a false charge.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Samseonghyeol or Caves of the Three Clans

Yesterday, we visited Samseonghyeol (Samsunghyeol) or called as the Caves of the Three Clans in English. According to legend, the forefathers of the Go, Yang and Bu clans emerged from these caves to become the original Jeju islanders. They supposedly lived by hunting until they married three princesses of the Byeongnang Kingdom who taught them agriculture.

It is said that they founded the Tamna Kingdom. In 1526, the 21st year of the reign of King Jungjong (1506-1544). Lee Su-Dong, the governor of the island, had an altar, a crimson gate and a wall erected around the caves and began offering spring and autumn memorial services. Today, these services are still held along with a memorial service celebrating the founding of the island.

Samseonghyeol is the legendary birthplace of Jeju island native founders. Samsinin (Three Gods) named Go Eulna, Yang Eulna, Bu Eulna were born the same time at the Samsunghyeol place. They lived for hunting life and engaged three princesses of Byeokrangguk whose brought horses, castles and various kinds of grains.

Particulary, there remain three holes known as the spots where these three founders came out. At the site of about 21,000 square meters of luxuriant forest, there is amseongjeon. Bunhyangso (a place of offering incense), Jeonsacheong, and Sungbodang (a memorial home for Confucianist services to honor distinguished scholars and statesmen) surrounding these three holes.

The holes are forming triangular shape together and do not get wet by rain drops or snow. Trees surrounding them look as if they are bowing the three founders which amazes visitors.

Samsunghyeol is also a great place for taking a walk and meditation specially in summer. The cool breeze of the trees and the singing birds are one of the things that I like the most in Samsunghyeol. It's so relaxing to take a walk or just sit down at the cottages or benches under the trees.

There's a small museum inside where you can see some of the clothes, utensils, and materials used by the clans.

This is where they do the memorial services.

There's a free movie for 14 minutes. I recommend you to watch the movie to understand well about the legend.

These are seen next to the gate.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Make Korean Passport

Me and my hubby went to the Government Office yesterday to make our Korean passports. We already have ones but we needed different passport if we visit the US although it's not sure yet that we are going there but still we need to prepare just in case that we can visit there. They said we need electronic passports if we go to the US. I didn't know that people going to the said country use different passports. The passports that we have now aren't expired yet because our passports guaranteed for 15 years. As you know, when we make passports we need to choose on how long we want our passports to be valied. There are one year, 5 years, 10 years and 15 years. Of course the longer years you choose, the more money you have to pay.

We don't care about the money that we are going to pay, what we care about are the stamps on our passports. We love our passports now because they have lots of stamps from different countries. Stamps of visas from the countries that we've visited so if we change our passports, it seems like we have to start our travel again. It just feel good when we go to the immigration at the airport and the worker give stamps to our passports and there aren't lots of questions to be answered because they can see that we've traveled a lot so it's okay to stay in the country. I mean the stamps say everything, that we came to the country to travel and not for any bad reasons like staying illegally or what.

Anyway, the worker at the government office told us to take another photo for our passports because the photos that we had are the same photos on our present passports. Oooppsss... it's just also now that I found out that they also have the copy of our passports on their computer. Wow~...

Well, because of the denying of our photos we are thinking now if we take pictures and go back to the office and make electronic passports or just give up going to the US. You know how much we love our passports now and we have to think twice about it.

Propose with a Diamond Ring

Before Koreans get married, girls or boys get proposal from their partners. Of course it's not unusual for girls to propose to their loveones. Which is a little strange for me when I first came here. But after living in Korea for more than 10 years, I got used to it. It's just normal to see a woman propose to a man even the celebrity ladies give proposal to men. It's true that even men can receive proposal which is unusual to some other countries. Or is it only happen in Korea? Giving proposal needs lot of preparation like lights, candles, flowers, balloons, cakes, etc. like what I always see on TV. And of course the ring is always present on every proposal events. They are the ladies' weaknesses specially diamonds. So, if you prepare diamond engagement rings for your loveone, your proposal is 95% if not a hundred percent to be accepted. I've never seen someone dumped with a diamond ring. I think diamond rings says all. Who will reject a diamond ring? I'm a woman and I'm sure every women loves jewelries and diamonds are what we always dream to have. I think they are the girls' weaknesses, don't you think so?

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I wish I can also have one. But I think I need to wait for my hubby to propose me. We got married but I never received a proposal from him. He just told me that he loves me and wanted to marry me. I never waited for him to propose me but after seeing the diamond rings, I think I have to give him a sign that even we are already married he still needed to propose and of course with a diamond ring.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Last Day at Work

It's my last day at work. Finally, my boss hired a new worker. I trained her for three days and today was the last day of her training so it was my last day at work. The new worker was worried to work without me but I'm sure she will get used to it. Her job is not that hard but it seems like she's afraid of answering a phone call which I also used to.

My boss told me her to call whenever she is in trouble or whenever there's something that she doesn't know about her job. He told her that I know more than my boss because he trusted me and left everything in me when it comes to office work. My boss also asked me a favor to answer a phone call when its from them. Of course, I do. I'm also glad that my boss trusted me with that job for almost a year eventhough I didn't have any experience.

Before I left my boss shook my hands and he said he was grateful that I have worked with him and he said I did a great job. He also told me to come anytime.

Btw, he asked me for a dinner with my hubby but I rejected it. I said my hubby is busy. He said just let him know anytime so he can treat us for dinner before we leave the Island. Well....

Friday, March 2, 2012

Training a Newly Hired Worker

I was so busy at work today because I'm training a new worker. She's the one who will replace me. Thanks goodness! After more than a month my boss finally hired one. She used to work in a bank and it seems like she will do well because the paper works are a little similar to her former job. It's not hard to train her. She's so interested with her new job so she learns easily. It's also good that she came because I wasn't bored the whole day. She said she wanted to work with me. But that's impossible because my boss won't hire her if I'm not leaving. hehehe...

She likes her job but it seems like she can't work longer. She has a kid so she got a phone call many times from kindergarten telling that her daughter cried a lot in school so the principal wanted her to come. Also, she told me that she's pregnant. Oh, gosh! I'm still glad that she came so I can leave. I don't care if she quits a few days later at least I'm already out. hehehe...

Btw, my boss told me to train her for three days. Hew~

Thursday, March 1, 2012

It's time for a vacation

We already booked for our next vacation but my hubby still checks out the site where he made a reservation for our plane ticket. He said the prices of the plane tickets are getting increased now a days. He thought he made the right decision to book earlier because he got the ticket much cheaper than if he will book now. But that's what he thought because he doesn't know about this travel discounts and savings where we can save much more than we expected even if he will book days before our trip. I can't believe that we can save up to $465 for our book flight and hotel. Although we already booked for our flight and hotel, still I'm so glad that I found the best site for travelers like us. We love traveling and I was amazed with the deals that we could get for our next vacation. I'm working with the travel agencies but I think no one could ever offers much travel discounts or deals than the site that I've just found out.

Can you imagine going on vacation for less than 500 bucks? Or having a cruise vacation for 7 nights for only $349? How about a Hawaii vacation from 730 dollars? Just getting a hundred bucks discount is already a big savings for me. How much more if I could get the packages that I've mentioned above? What a great deals! After our vacation this month, I think it's time to prepare for our next vacation again. Well, I think going to Hawaii or cruise vacation are not bad at all because of the great deals that we could get. As far as I know, it's not that easy to get those kind of vacation if you don't have much money. Now I realize that I was wrong because of the big deals offer online. Now, it makes our trip much easier, comfortable and affordable because of the savings and discounts that we could get online. Wow! I can't wait to tell my hubby about this when I get home. He must be happy for the good news that I could bring for him.

Btw, isn't it also a good news for you? Now you can have your dream vacation. You can travel to your favorite places like Hawaii. What are you waiting for? Let's go! Let's get ready for our next trip! Check out the deals and choose the best one for you! It's time for a vacation buddy!

Sam il jeol

Today is Sam Il Jeol which literally translates Three-One-Movement. Three stands for March and One for 1st so it means March 1st Movement or known as Independence Movement Day. It is called Samil-jeol in Korean. It's a national holiday. It commemorates the Declaration of Independence proclaimed on March 1, 1919.

On this day, lots of taegukki or Korean flags are hanging on the trees specially on the roads and buildings. There are also flags in some houses and apartments. Others buy and some get from the government office for free.

Wow~ look at this Korean flag tree. I don't know how Koreans celebrate the Independence Movement Day except the flags hanging on trees or buildings. So, if you see flags hanging, you know it's Sam il jeol.

Picture source here.