Sunday, October 12, 2008

Gucheondong Recreation Forest (Muju)

After Jangsu Recreation Forest, we went straight to Gucheondong Recreation Forest which is next to the Muju Resort. Gucheondong Recreation Forest is similar to the recreation forest in Jangsu. They are big campsites and there are lots of campers. Going to this big campsite made us realized that we are beginners. Beginner campers who don't really know what going camping is like. I thought having a tent where you can sleep at night is enough. I was surprised when hubby also bought a lantern, cookwares, mats, chairs and then after a few times of going camping we found out that we also needed sleeping bags and needed to change our burner into a lighter and smaller one. I didn't know that we use different stuffs for that. I thought I could just carry what stuffs are available at home. I knew that the stuffs that is used for a camp are smaller, lighter and very much comfortable to carry and use. Big things are also light and easy to fold.

When we bought the sleeping bags, we thought we had enough. We already have everything but when we arrived in Jangsu Recreation Forest and Gucheondong Recreation Forest, I realized that we are still lacking lots of things. Expert campers also have a table, benches, swing, grill for barbecue, woods for campfire, shade to cover the front area of the tent, heater (mostly for those who have kids), net use to dry the dishes, and a lot more that we don't have, yet. Goodness! Look at our neighbors' tent in the campsite.

Not to mention that some of the campers have camping cars like this. Waaahhh...

Oh well, let's just enjoy the nature and see what we can do here. Oh yes, they are playing badminton so we have to bring our badminton next time. The kids are playing and fishing in the cool and beautiful but not deep valley.

We slept for a night there and left. Bye Gucheondong, it's time to move to another Recreation Forest.


Anonymous said...

Oh ..u are so lucky girl...i love korea and i someday i wanna go there..i loved your pictures ^^
we can exchange links?

Hailey's Beats and Bits said...

i thought one of the cars is yours! ganda.