Monday, October 17, 2011

Gwagji Beach

Located in Aewol-eup Gwagji-ri, Gwagji Beach is famous specially for foreigners. It is 30 minutes drive from the City so it's the best place to relax. The beach is famous from its good taste of mineral water coming up from under the sea so people long time ago were very thankful for it. But now, the water don't use for drinking. In summer, the water is so cool that every tourists can enjoy swimming.

The beach is also a great place to watch the sunset.

The beach is most famous for its Open-air Public Bath or for Korean, it's called the "Gwamul Nocheontang".

Like open-air public bath, the ladies room is also separated from men's room.

The entrance for the ladies room.

For men's room.

Here's what inside the ladies section. It's more beautiful in the summer because there seems like a waterfall inside.

You can just also relax inside the public bath without taking a bath.

Outside the public bath are figures of black pigs which are famous in Jeju. By the way, you should try black pigs samgyopsal or barbecue if you visit Jeju-do.

Here's another symbol of Gwagji Beach where tourists love to take pictures.

Here's the beach.

And here's where you can see lots of seaweeds.

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