Monday, January 24, 2011

Sokcho Beach

We finally visited Gangwon-do Province. My hubby was right when he said that we needed many days to visit Kangwondo. It took us 5 days and 4 nights driving around the East Coast. Our first destination was Sokcho. Lying north of the 38th parallel, the city belonged to North Korea from 1945 until the end of the Korean War, when the dividing line between the two Korean states was officially altered.

Even if it's winter, we decided to visit Kangwondo while we have time. First, we went to Sokcho Beach. It's my first time to see a beach in winter. It was too cold but enjoyed the beauty of the sea. It's true that the beaches in Kangwondo are awesome.

It's really hard to leave the place even when it's cold. We left the place when we got hunger so we went to Abai Village to have Sundae. Sundae is famous in that village. If you see this Korea-Sokcho-Sinsuro Bridge, then you are close to Abai Village. The Sundae (soondae) are lined-up by the bridge.

Abai Village is also used as scenery for the TV drama "Autumn in My Heart".

This place is where Jun-seo and Eun-seo spent their happy childhood years and when Eun Seo rode on the back of her long missed brother (Jun-seo). This is also where Jun-seo said for the first time "I Love You, Eun-seo". And it is where Jun Seo and Eun Seo spent their last remaining and where Eun Seo died while being carried on his back.

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