Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Children's Day

After Buddha's Birthday, the Children's Day comes. If we didn't get a rest day on Buddha's Day because it was Saturday, now it's time to enjoy this day because Children's Day is another holiday. A few years ago, Children's Day wasn't a holiday. It used to be the Parent's Day which is celebrated every 8th day of the month. Now Parent's Day which is on Friday isn't a holiday anymore because it changed to Children's Day. So instead of Children giving time to their parents, it's time for parents to give time to their children.

Most schools and private institutes are having parties for children before this day. Some children are expecting too much on this day because they receive presents from their parents and relatives. Most of them also go on a picnic or visit some famous attractions with their family.

How about in your country? When do you celebrate Children's Day and what do you or children usually do on this day?

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