Friday, January 29, 2010

Korean cultures Part 2

11. Is it funny? Different cultures have different ways to express embarrassment. Sometimes and embarrassed Korean will laugh. But that doesn't mean that they like what happened.

12. Where's your hometown? This always asked when you meet someone. Koreans are happy if you have the same hometown with them. What is more if you entered in the same school. My hubby found out that the man downstairs is my hubby's senior. They went in the same school but different years. The man went to school 10 years earlier than my hubby but they have good relationship now.

13. It's what they called Noraebang (Karaoke bar). Koreans like singing so when there's gathering together, going to noraebang is a must. At noraebang, you are forced to sing even when you just sing like a frog. They don't care as long as you sing korean songs. They will just surprised to hear you singing korean song and not the kind of voice that you have.

14. There's a 1st batch, 2nd batch and 3rd batch. When you go out with co-workers or friends to go dine out, expect to have the the 3rd batch. First batch is having meal outside with soju (alcohol) or mekju (beer), then 2nd batch is going to Noraebang (#13) and third is going to Night Club. You can leave after 2nd batch. You are not force to join the last one.

15. Its not unusual to see two men dancing together. It's not unusual to see two girls or two boys holding hands together. And so do two men dancing together.

16. Housewarming party. Once you moved to a house, you are expected to throw a housewarming party. I did it three times. Once for my co-workers, another for family and relatives and third for my friends.

17. That sign is backwards. It's opposite. The sign in Korea is read "Clothes 60%-40% off". They said most people look with the first number so the first number is the biggest to attract more customers.

18. What are those long needles for? When you're sick some will advice to try the Acapuncture. It is a branch of Oriental Medicine that involves using long needles. The doctor inserts the needles into the various parts of the patient's body. I never tried it, though! I'm scared!

19. Go to the hospital and get a shot for your cold. You go to the hospital because you have a cold. At the hospital, they will give you a shot. But after that, you'll feel strong and healthy again.

20. Go to work or school even when you're sick. Koreans don't always miss school or work. My boss had an operation on weekend and he came to work on Monday. We even didn't know that he had an operation if he didn't walk strangely. Students go to school too as long as they can stand.

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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Korean Culture

Before you come or visit a foreign country, you have to learn first about its culture. So here are some of the Korean Culture if you're planning to visit Korea, you're getting married to Korean, or have decided to work in Korea.

1. Don't use red pen when you write a name. I always have red pen at work. It's very easy to remember what I wrote with the red pen and I use it to correct things. I even wrote names with the red pen. But my students were surprised, they said we can only use red ink if we write the name of dead people.

2. Assigned sitting at the Movie Theaters and Express Buses. If you watch a movie of go to another city, there is a seat number in the ticket but you can choose the seat that you want by telling at the counter and it will be given to you if it's available.

3. There's only one bowl. When you order food in the restaurant, it will come in one bowl. Koreans eat soup together. One bowl for everyone!

4. The music is too loud. The music at the supermarket, department stores, and even someone who's just listening to his MP3 on the bus has very loud music. I don't know why they are using earphones when other people can hear the music.

5. There are lots of the same businesses. There are lots of stores, restaurants, karaoke bar, and other the same businesses in one area.

6. It's hard to find your size. Most jeans have the same lengths. If the waistline fits on you, then they just cut it to fit your length size. It's also hard to find your size if you have big body.

7. Lots of side dishes. If you go to the restaurants, you'll often see several different side dishes served. These side dishes don't cost anything extra. Korean have different kinds of side dishes when they eat even at home. Lots to prepare and lots of dirty dishes.

8. Take off your shoes. You're not allowed to wear your shoes inside the house. Even if you go to the restaurants you have to take them off. Koreans wear shoes that can put on and take off easily.

9. Dial 114 or 119. It's opposite! Instead of 411 for information and 911 for emergency, you dial 114 or 119.

10. Never call by his/her first name. Koreans are much more formal so never call the names specially those who have higher position than you. You can call Teacher Kim, President Kim, or any titles they have.

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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Gamami Beach

I don't like swimming but I like going to the beaches. The sea and waves make me feel relax and comfortable. I think the waves carry all my stress in the middle of the sea. It all washes away the stress so I feel fresh and comfortable. It's winter but I invited my hubby to go to the sea. Not to swim because he knows that I don't go to the beach to swim. Besides, it's winter so no one will go to the beach to swim in this kind of season. As you can see, there isn't anyone except us.

I remember this place. I think I've been here once. The name of the beach is familiar to me. I've been here a few years ago. Anyway, here's Gamami Beach which is located in Hongnong-eup, Yeonggwang county, Jeollanam-do.

The beach lies at the Yellow Sea no wonder why the water looks like slightly yellowish.

Look what I saw. Is it a dead jellyfish? I don't know what it is. Do you?

Monday, January 18, 2010

Boseong Green Tea Plantation

I went back to Boseong Green Tea Plantation last month. It's the biggest green tea producing center in Korea. It is located in Boseong-gun, South of Jeollanamdo Province. It's beautiful landscape attracts people who visit there. I don't usually like visiting the same places. Once I've seen an attraction, I don't wanna visit there anymore but going to Boseong Green Tea Plantation makes me feel like going there even for several times. I feel relax and comfortable when I see the beautiful cedar trees at the entrance of the plantation and along at the adjacent road of the tea fields. And the tea bushes rising in regular curves are great.

But I don't know why there are tombs at the center of the plantation.

These lovers caught my attention. A lady who got a piggy back ride from a guy. They looked so happy. Green tea plantation is a memorable place for them.

I didn't notice this lake when I first went there. It added beauty to the plantation.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Recreation Forest in Hwasun

Besides from the fresh air and good environment, here's what we can enjoy at Anyang-san Recreation Forest.

On the way to the forest are beautiful white mountains covered with snow.

The road is beautiful but narrow and dangerous because you have to climb up and down the mountain. But you'll enjoy every sights going to the forest.

Here's the forest. Isn't it more beautiful with snow? We walked around. There's 20, 30 and 50 walks it depends on where you want to reach. But it took us almost two hours to go back to our cabin because of the snow. We walked slowly and carefully.

In the forest, there are mushrooms plantation. I didn't know that they were mushrooms if I didn't see the signboard. I thought they were cut down to use as fire or coal. Pardon me. It's my first time to see mushrooms plantation.

Inside the forest is this resting area. We didn't see anyone walking. I don't know if it's because it was too early to get up and take a walk or because of the cold weather and snow.

And here's the dancing bridge next to the mushrooms plantation.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Anyang-san Recreation Forest Accommodation

We didn't have any plan last New Year's Day but my hubby said that we had to do something special on that day. We didn't know where to go. But before that day, we thought of going camping. It's winter but we wanted to experience how to sleep in the tent in winter. We have sleeping bags and we planned to bring some thick blankets. But we changed our plan because of the snow. It snowed a lot before that day.

My hubby googled about the Recreation Forest and Anyang-san Recreation Forest in Hwasun appeared so he called there and asked for the accomodation. It's not expensive so he made a reservation and started to pack our things.

Here's the cabin where we stayed for 2 days and 1 night. There are lots of cabins built logs produced from Anyang-san (Mt. Anyang). We didn't expect many people there but when we walk around at night, we saw lots of people having barbecue outside. My hubby and I just made barbecue inside using fry pan and stove because it was too cold.

There are grills to use for barbecue and wooden couch outside but we didn't use them. I played snow ball fight with my hubby so I used the snow from the bed.

Here's what's inside the cabin. There's a small refrigerator, closet, rice cooker, tv and my hubby never forget to bring his xbox to play during the night.

Here's the kitchen and on the right is the bathroom.

Outside is a playground. There are swings and slides and even basketball court and soccer if you like sports.

Next, i'm gonna show you the Recreation Forest.

Edited: Here's what i'm talking about. The Hwasun Recreation Forest.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Korean Basketball League

During our vacation (that was last week), we went to Jeonju to watch Basketball game. It's my first time to watch Korean Basketball League. I don't like sports but my hubby does. But I don't think he likes basketball because I can't see him watching it on tv. One time, we talked about going to the Basketball Stadium so we did.

We arrived there early so here's what we saw. The rehearsal and the players stretching before they will face the battle.

They show on tv so here are the reporters and writers.

Before the opening, the dancers/cheerers show their talents. They are so sexy and cute.

During the game, that I always take a photo of them so the security guard came to me and asked me not to take a picture during the game. hehehe...

I had so much fun watching the game specially the audiences. The stadium was full.

There were also lots of events like games, raffles, dances, free stuffs, and here's what I like the most. The proposal time!

I enjoyed the game so much. It's really far different when you watch on tv and in person. Even when you don't like sports, you will feel like joining the cheering for the players. I don't have favorite players but I cheered for KCC Jeonju. KCC Jeonju Fighting!

By the way, the game started at night so we decided to have Shabu Shabu before we entered the basketball stadium.

Sunday, January 3, 2010


My hubby invited me to go out and we went to Soswaewon. I couldn't understand why there are many people go there including foreigners when there's nothing much to see. But then I realized how important the place is after reading and learning something about it.

Damyang Soswaewon (Soswae Garden) in Jeollanamdo Damyang-geun Nam-myeon was built by Yang San-Bo (1503-1557). It is a typical garden of the middle Jeseon Dynasty. This garden harmonizes with nature in characteristic traditional Korean style.

Yang San-Bo gave success in official posts after the death of his teacher, Jo Gwang-jo. Yang made this garden to live secluded in nature. Clean water in the valley flow below the wall and fall through the small cataract into the lake. On the side of the valley stand Jewol Pavilion (a house for the host) and Gwangpung Pavilion (a house for guests). A map of Soswae Garden remains. It was carved on wood in the 31st year of King Yeongjo (1755), and shows the original design of the garden. This place can be said to be the cultivating house of scholar spirit in that many Confucian scholars discussed academic subjects and wrote their works here. The present Soswae Garden was renovated by Yang Taek-ji, Yang San-bo's descendent in the fifth generation.