Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Flower Road

They made a flower road next to my apartment. It's a long road going that takes 40 minutes when you take a walk. It also serves as a short cut going to university and church. Here's what it looks like from my apartment.

And here's another view that I've taken when we took a walk. It was sunset when I took the pictures so they are blurred. But thanks for the lights. My hubby and I usually take a walk here specially at night when we aren't sleepy and want to exercise and get some fresh air. On weekends, there are many people specially oldies. Others are wearing mask and cap to avoid the sunlight. Last time, hubby and I decided to take a walk late at night. I was surprised to see my neighbors who were also taking a walk at around midnight. I think the couple couldn't sleep either.

After taking a walk, we decided to have dinner at the food court at the supermarket which is very close to my apartment.

My Dream Vacation

Students are so excited on their coming summer vacation. Some of them say that they are traveling to another country. One said that she's going to Japan with her family, others said that they are going to China, America and Europe. I'm jealous but I have to keep it because I can't go anywhere on this vacation because I'm planning to travel to some countries a few months later. Hubby and I have been planning for this trip since last month. Actually, we already bought some things that we need for our trip. We don't know where to go yet but I always want a vacation at Royal Caribbean. I'm sure I will have a wonderful time at the cruise with lots of great adventure and innovation.

We always miss the days that we traveled to some countries so we always want to experience that again. The time that we went out and saw famous places, ate when we were hungry and took a rest and slept when we felt tired. We really had a great time but there's no better vacation than staying in one of the Princess Cruises where you can do everything in the middle of the ocean.

Imagine yourself surfing in the middle of the ocean, float above the ocean, and climb the rock wall. You can even do your favorites like swim at the swimming pool, eat at the creative and delicious restaurants, go to the night clubs, casinos and a lot more. For me, it's the perfect vacation ever! Don't you think so?

And how about sailing to the four corners of the World with the luxurious, regal style, magnificent and famous for transatlantic tours, the Cunard Cruises? Isn't it fantastic?

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Korea Team for the Round of 16

Go Go Korea Team for the round of 16. Korea defeated Nigeria last night. The game was 3:30 a.m. and people of Korea cheered for the team. The score was 2-2 but Korea won because of their position. One win, one lose and one tie so they won even when they have the same score. We waited for the game to start. My hubby invited me to go out and take a walk so we can't sleep. While walking we saw the building that there weren't many lights on but when the clock struck 3, the lights on the other building started to turn on. There were many people woke up to see the match.

Nigeria Team made the first goal so we were worried, sleepy, and hopeless but then Korea team made a goal so we weren't sleepy anymore. It was a breath-taking game so couldn't realize that it was already morning when it finished. We were so happy and we go to bed and felt tired to wake up for work.

My hubby made his promise to buy pizza if Korea wins the game. He ordered two pans of pizza in the office and we celebrated the victory of Korean Team. Haja Haja Fighting! Dae han min guk!

The Best Driver

When we go on a trip or even when we just visit my in laws who live far away from us, my hubby always brings our car to the shop to check if everything is alright. He just wants to make sure of our safetiness before we hit the road for a long drive. They check everything from tires to engine. Last time, the mechanic changed the aircon, he said the air that comes out from the aircon is not good for our health.

I don't know how to drive so I don't know anything about vehicles. I didn't know that there's something like air intakes for cars which help the hot dirty air into cool clean breeze to the engines. Wow, this is cool! I know that my hubby is a good driver because he's very careful when he drives and I'm sure he will be the best driver after choosing the perfect air intakes and air filters for his car. I think it's time to let him know about it.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Korea, the Mountainous Country

Korea is a mountainous country. Wherever you go, you'll see lots of mountains. Here's what I took last weekend when we went to my hubby's aunt.

So it's not surprising to see and pass more than two tunnels either long or short when you have a long trip.

I think you can guess where we went after seeing this landscapes or green tea. Yeap, we went to Boseong, where green tea is famous. Hubby's aunt also has a small green tea plantation. I saw that she was drying green tea leaves, then she rolled with her hands and board so the leaves would pressed then dried again. Oh, it's not easy.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Korea is not Disappointed

Last Thursday was the World Cup match between Korea and Argentina. Korea didn't expect much on this game because everyone knows how good Argentina players are. But Koreans gave their support for Korean Team. Thousands of people gathered together in some places to cheer for the athletes.

My hubby and I had to work until 10p.m. at that time but then we left the office before 8 because the game started at 8:30. Usually, it only takes us 10-15 minutes from work to our home but at that time it took us more than 30 minutes because of the traffic. We were in a hurry because my hubby ordered chicken in the afternoon and told them to deliver it at 8:20. We arrived home at 8:15 but there was no chicken coming. At 9, my hubby called the restaurant and the owner said sorry because there was a lot of order. The chicken came after a few minutes. Argentina already made goals at that time so my hubby told me to just enjoy the chicken.

Korea Team lost with the score of 4-1 but Koreans don't lose their hope for their coming match next week.

A Wise Decision

I always check the mailbox everytime I go out. Yesterday, I found a catalog of new arrival cars. I showed my hubby and he asked me if I want him to change his car. I thought twice if we really need a new car. Of course I'm lying if I say that I don't want but then I realized that it's not a wise decision to change our car when it works really well. Besides my hubby loves his car very much that's why he drives gently and carefully. So instead of buying a new car, I think it's a good idea to just change some parts of it like the tailgate handles, seat covers, and tail lights. And I think it will look great with LED light bars, bug shields, and Dee Zee Rocker Panels. What do you think of this? Doesn't it look great?

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Follow the Traffic Lights

After work, we were happy heading home when suddenly the police officers told us to pull over. We stopped and they told us that we passed the red light. We've been passing that way for more than a year and nobody caught us except last night. We thought it was okay to pass there even when the light was red because nobody pass there.

The police officer asked my hubby's license, gave a sticker and told us to pay $60 dollars. He said the bill will come of this days. Ouch!

Do you always follow the traffic lights? Do you wait for the light to change when nobody is passing at the lane?

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Safety First

I told my hubby that I want to learn taekwondo. But he said I'm a shy type person and act so girly so it's impossible for me to learn taekwondo. I know that I can't do it but I just want to make sure that I'm always safe wherever I go. I just can't forget the experiences that I had at the bus stops. First, when I was waiting for the bus and three men pushed me and took my wallet. Another thing happened when I was on my way home waiting for the bus and some touched and squeezed my butts. I want to get revenge but I'm just a lady who can't do anything on those kind of situations. I'm not strong enough to do something to relieve me.

But now, although I'm weak, there are things that I can do to protect myself. I'm not stupid to let them do bad things. So I need pepper spray, one of the best inventions because we can avoid the crime. Also, stun guns are great to use for our protections.

Well, let's not only think about crime. Just about safetiness so wear womens work clothing for everyday protection.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Party and the Worldcup

We attended Uncle's Sixtieth Birthday Celebration. Because of the World Cup game, the celebration was held earlier (an hour advance) which was really good for everyone. We live nearby so we were the earliest birds. We came 5 minutes earlier. And because nobody was there, so I hurried, took out my camera in my bag and took pictures.

I was taking pictures when Uncle (the celebrant) came and a few minutes later the visitors (hubby's relatives) kept coming until the room occupied. It was a Korean-Style Dish. The food came one by one. When everyone's done with what the waitresses served, then they give the next dish. Everyone was really full but the food kept coming and everything is delicious so no one wants to miss any dish. Besides, it was expensive so you will be forced to eat everything.

We were almost done when hubby's cousin called. She said she was coming with her husband. So they set another table. Uncle (relative's dad) said to the waitress to just serve all the food. They table was almost full and the visitors haven't come yet so I told hubby to take a picture of the food.

It's only for two people and there are still more that they haven't served. It's just the seafoods, there is more meat like beef (galbi) and chicken (samgyetang) and then comes the rice and side dishes and soup. Then fruits for dessert and drinks.

While waiting for them, the young couples like us (hihi) decided to watch the World Cup Game in my house. It's because the hotel (venue) is near and we have a big screen TV. My hubby bought some dried octopus and beer for them and I served fruits.

My living room was crowded last night. They shouted, laughed, stood up, cheered, etc. They were very happy specially when the korean made goals. Thanks to Park Ji Sung because the whole Korea was alive last night. And my visitors weren't disappointed. Eveyone left my house with smile on their faces because Korea Team beat the Greece Team.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Korean Men are Sky, Women are Ground

You can't believe it but my hubby cooked this morning. I woke up earlier than before and he said I could sleep more. But I couldn't sleep anymore because of the noise that I heard in the kitchen. I got up and saw him cooking. He said he would cook for our lunch. Yes, that was because we always get up late in the morning. We get up before noon. I just let him. He was cooking while I was watching TV. Of course that wasn't good but it was his pleasure. And I saw that he was in the mood for cooking.

There's a saying in Korea that Men are Sky and Women are Ground. And also Men are the King in the house. They are always the leader in the house. Parents don't let their sons to see doing household chores. Of course I can't let my hubby doing any household chores specially doing things in the kitchen if we are living with my parents in law. But we have our own apartment so we can do everything we want. If my hubby wants to cook or do the household chores, then I just let him. It's my pleasure. Anyway, I didn't command him to do housework, so I guess it was also his pleasure to do it. What do you think?

Travel Around the World

My hubby and I have the same dream. It is to travel around the world. I know it's impossible to visit the whole world but at least to visit some of the famous places in some countries. We've been to many countries and visited some famous attractions and we are planning to visit more countries by the end of this year. My hubby asked me about the countries that I want to visit. I suggested some and he told me about his opinion. He also told me the countries that he would like to visit and I didn't disagree with him because those are also included in my list.

We already bought the things that we need like sneakers and backpacks. We are now ready to leave. If we could just leave our business, then we already flew. Some of my friends who live or immigrate to another countries are inviting me in their towns. I was glad that there are people like them. I'm so grateful and I've mentioned about that to my hubby. He's also glad but he said it's not easy to stay in their houses because everyone will feel uncomfortable. So instead of living with them, I think it's better to stay in the hotel like San Francisco hotels if we happened to visit America.

Accommodation is what you have to spend the most because it's too expensive to stay in the hotels. But Barcelona hotels are different. They are cheap and comfortable. I'm sure we can save much with our expenses because of the cheap and nice hotels where we can stay. So, I think it's not impossible to visit Dubai, too and stay in one of the Dubai hotels. I also have many friends living and working there that I haven't met for a long time. I really miss them and I hope to see them soon.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Sixtieth Birthday

It's my hubby's uncle's sixtieth birthday this coming weekend and we're gonna attend his birthday. The party will be held in one of the hotels close to my apartment so we don't need to bring a car. Hubby's uncle chose two hotels. Whether the one near to my flat or the one where hubby's another uncle celebrated his birthday which is very close to the mountain. The hotel has a very nice view but the food wasn't that good. The hotel that is close to my apartment doesn't have a good view but I heard that the food is great. And the price is three times the price of the other hotel.

My hubby's uncle's siblings suggested him to chose the cheaper hotel but the celebrant chose the more expensive one. And because of that, my mother in law decided to raise the amount of her birthday gift.

Birthday gifts here are not presents that are wrapped in the box. Koreans prefer to receive money during the celebration. So whatever occasion it is, either if it is a wedding, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Parent's Day, birthday, etc, just prepare and envelope and give cash.

Luxurious Truck

When I hear the word truck, the first thing that comes to my mind is an old vehicle that most people use for a business like selling fruits and vegetables. You can't blame me because it's just what I can see to most fruit and vegetables vendors who are using their trucks so they can move from one place to another to run their business. I have bad impressions with the trucks, that's why. Just because I haven't seen someone beautiful, fashionable or rich who is driving or riding a truck, have you?

But to my surprise, I saw lots of beautiful and luxurious trucks that you can be proud of to everyone. I can even attend a party riding that truck if I were the owner. I've never seen something like this before. If you have one, then why don't you make your truck a unique one. Buy the parts that you want to make your truck more beautiful and new. Change or put some accessories to your truck to make it look nicer like the truck bumper, body kits, car covers, nerf bar steps, iron cross and a lot more. There are over 500,000 accessories that you can buy to make your truck a luxurious one. You think it's impossible? You check it out, change your truck and have fun driving with your family.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Korean Weather

Last weekend, we went for a walk. It's great to take a walk when there are flowers everywhere. It was evening so there weren't many people. I told hubby that I wanted to pick some flowers. He was against before but this time he allowed me so I picked some and brought home. I put them in a glass and put vitamin C. I heard that flowers won't wither easily if you put some medicine in the water. I think so because I always do that whenever I put some flowers in a flower vase and the flowers don't wither easily. It's almost a week and they still look fresh.

It was just last week when I picked those flowers. It was just spring and now the weather is too hot. Today, the temperature reached 28 degrees centigrade and in some part of the country, it was over 30 degrees. At least we experienced spring even in just a very short time.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Election in Korea

It's not red in the calendar but it's a holiday because it's Election Day. My hubby and I have just come home. We went out to vote. We went to school and then we found out that there's one voting area in the park of my apartment. Maybe, that's why I saw a police car going here and there when we left.

Voting in Korea is so easy. First you give your korean card and they will give you your number if you don't know it. Then proceed to the next table and tell your number. They will find your name and just sign up and they will give you four pieces of paper. They are the paper use for voting. Go into the booth and there's a stamp inside. Just put the stamp on the person that you want to vote and insert to the box. Then proceed to the next table and they will give you another four pieces of paper. Another paper where the numbers or name of the Parties are listed. Just choose the number or Parties, put stamp again and insert in the box. That's it! It doesn't matter if you can't read. The candidates have their numbers. Just remember their numbers and put stamp on it.

Btw, after casting our vote, we had lunch at Outback. Yeap! There's also Outback in Korea. Yummy!