Friday, August 31, 2007

My broken pc

Oh my goodness! It has been a long time, hasn't it? I broke my pc again and my hubby said he's gonna fix it next month. Thanks guys for visiting my site although i couldn't visit you. For those who wanted to ex-link, i'll add you as soon as my pc fixed.

By the way, i have many pictures to show you as soon as i come back to blogging world.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007


Jumong is a historical drama which aired on South Korea's MBC television network as a 45th Anniversary Special Drama. Originally set to be 60 but MBC decided to extend it to 81 episodes due to its popularity. I just saw some parts of it so i don't know much about this drama.

Hubby and I usually go out on weekends so we've decided to go to Samhanji Park in Naju where they shoot the drama Jumong. Tourists will never lose their way because of this sign boards that we see on the way to the park.

Near the parking lot are stores selling food and stuffs for kids related to the drama like swords, etc...

Here's the entrance door where we have to pay $3 dollars for the admission fee. Well, that's ok. It is worth seeing.

There are many walls and gates that they made for the drama. Here are some of the walls.

They also put some pictures of casts to the location where they shoot including some informations of the role they did in the drama.

And here are the korean traditional houses they made for the drama.

I don't know where they use this, but i love this picture because it shows the nice view of the theme park.

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Mudeung San (Mt. Mudeung)

I love mountains but never tried to climb up because of hubby. He doesn't like hiking. He just love watching the nice view while driving.

I don't remember how many times i've been to mudeung san but i love this mountain. I like the fresh air and the curve road on the way to the mountain.

We'll see this bridge going to the park after passing the curve road.

Here's the park where we couldn't stay longer because of our dog.

We didn't know that dogs are not allowed in this park until somebody told us while we were taking a rest.

If we couldn't stay in the park, we are not allowed to enter the mountain either. We found out that there was a $500 dollar fine for those who caught up carrying a dog. So sad! I also remember that there is a stream but when we tried to go there, well, we saw again the sign for the pets. Ouch! So, we just stayed under the trees and relax. Anyway, the air is cool!

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Dabang Agassi

Dabang (tea-room or coffee shop) Agassi (An unmarried or young woman). Dabang Agassi are the type of prostitute here in Korea who delivers coffee.

When you see someone riding in a back ride of a motorcycle with a very loud sound of music, that is dabang agassi carrying coffee. They always wear very short skirt or shorts that are too short matching with a sleeveless shirt.

The motorcycle they ride runs too fast and never follows the traffic signs. I think most drivers tick off when they get close to them because they just suddenly appear or pass without following the traffic lights.

I remember one Sunday morning when somebody doorbelled at home. My hubby looked at the screen and talked but the girl didn't say anything. Hubby asked again and she said nothing. Hubby opened the door and the girl suddenly said that the coffee came. Hubby said that he never ordered coffee. The girl suddenly left and we found out that the man next door ordered. hehehe...