Sunday, February 21, 2010

Jeonju Worldcup Stadium

Whenever we go to another City and passed Jeonju, the Jeonju Worldcup Stadium always catches out attention. We can see it even when you are just on the expressway. It's so beautiful specially at night. Last time, hubby and I decided to visit the eye-catching stadium.

The stadium is very close to the toll gate. As soon as you paid and passed the tollgate, you can already see it. Here's view on the way to the worldcup stadium.

Even when it was too cold, we tried to get in but we couldn't find any open door at the entrance. They were all closed. We saw one and went in but that was a Sauna at Jeonju Worldcup Stadium. We thought there was a match to see because of many cars parked at the parking lot but we couldn't see any. Were they all Sauna customers? We can't say.

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