Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sleeping bags for the camp

It's getting colder and it seems like fall is just around the corner. It was still hot last Thursday afternoon so I left for work wearing summer clothes but at night when I went out from the office, it was windy and a little bit cold. Now, I've just finished arranging my cabinet. I had to take out my fall clothes and put away the summer clothes. Hew!

Did I say fall? Well, although it's getting colder we'll still continue our adventure. Actually, we've just bought our sleeping bags yesterday to use for our camp.

And here's my hubby checking out the sleeping bag if it will make him warm. He slept for almost an hour and said we are now ready to go out for our fall camp. Oh yes! We don't have to get up at 3 a.m. to boil some water to make us warm like what happened to our camp in Jirisan Recreation Forest. When would it be? I'll give you an update later.

We also bought this burner. My hubby doesn't like the burner that we used here. He said it's big and too complicated to carry so we bought this small and light burner. We also got these two 230g LPG for free. The saleslady was giving us a lantern instead of discount but we already have one so we told her just to give us gas instead.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Knock, knock! Who's there?

It was the schedule for putting some coackroach medicine in our building yesterday. The advertisement was posted in the elevator a week ago. There is hajuma (old woman) who works for this. This schedule is done three or four times a year. I've never seen any cockroach in my apartment so hubby said we don't need that medicine so just stay in bed and don't open the door. I always pretend that nobody's at home specially to a strange person. My hubby knows that I go back to bed when he leaves for work.

Yesterday, I heard the doorbell three times but I didn't bother myself to open the door or even looked at the video monitor. Then my mother in law called on my cellphone (I always sleep with my cellphone beside me). She said, she's outside so she's asking me to open the door. Oh my gosh! I ran to the door and opened it before I realized that I was wearing a night dress and not wearing a brassiere. My mother in law had an appointment near my place so she dropped by here and brought me some kimchi and fruits. I asked her if she waited long. She said she called my hubby and asked if I already left for work. My hubby said I was still sleeping and it was time for me to wake up so he told her to call me on my cp. That was already past 11 a.m. hehehe.... My mother in law didn't stay long because she had to meet her friends for lunch.

From now on, I have to check out when somebody is outside. I have to follow this "knock! knock! who's there" thing. hehehe...

Emergency help

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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

How was your weekend?

On Mondays, it's common to greet at work on how did everyone's weekend go. And yesterday, when I said my in laws came to visit us, everyone said that I must be very tired. That's what they thought because they know how tired it is to live with the in laws. But when I said that my hubby didn't want me to prepare anything for them and we just went to the restaurant when we had meal, they said my hubby is very thoughtful enough for that.

Actually when my in laws visit here, I don't prepare food for them. If we don't treat them to the restaurant, my hubby just order food. It's not because I don't want to prepare but because my hubby said it's very complicated to prepare lots of things. My in laws also know about that and they don't let me prepare except fruits, coffee and snacks to share when we are at home. By the way, we always go out together when they are here. Even for breakfast they always remind me to just prepare toast and juice for breakfast although most Koreans including my in laws always eat rice every meals.

But I sometimes feel uncomfortable because I think I have to prepare food for them. I just prepared food for them when I had a housewarming party and that was really tough because I prepared alone all day so hubby never let me do that again. hehe... Koreans eat lots of panchan (side dishes) every meal so imagine doing those panchans alone. Oh, goodness!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

A weekend with my in laws

My in laws has just left for home. They came here yesterday and we had a good time together. Although we've just met last Thanksgiving Day, we are still delighted to see each other again. My sister in law prepared a lot of food that we shared for dinner. Different kinds of food that she learned from her mom in law last Thanksgiving Day. My hubby doesn't drink so we left them last night while they were drinking. On our way home, my hubby told me to call my sister in law and tell her to come over to my house with my brother in law and his family the next day (today) for lunch. My hubby didn't let me prepared food. He said it's too tiring to prepare so we just took them to the restaurant near here which is famous for its daejigalbi. The restaurant that we always go to when we are craving for daejigalbi.

When we were separated because everyone has to go home, my mother in law called and asked how much we paid for lunch because we had much. We don't care how much we paid as long as everyone enjoyed the food. So I told her that we didn't pay too much although I paid almost $100 for 7 people for the meat. Luckily, they didn't drink alcohol or beer because my brother in law has to drive.

We were planning to go to Jejudo next month but unfortunately, there's no available seat either in the plane or boat. That's too bad! My hubby thought it was too early to make a reservation so he did it last week just to find out that there was no available seat for us. Oh no!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Don't wait for an apology

My hubby still complains of the weather whenever he comes home. He said, how could it be still hot when Chuseok is already finished. It's true that it's still hot but I was surprised when I saw that it was a little bit dark at around 7p.m. eventhough there wasn't any sign of rain. In summer, it usually gets dark at around 8p.m. so meaning fall is just around the corner although it's still hot. hmmmm...

By the way, I almost fell down on the bus this afternoon. If I couldn't hold the chair and the hair of hajuma, I already fell down. I don't like answering my cellphone when I get on or off the bus because drivers run the bus even when you are still finding your seat or place to stay. I felt sorry to hajuma (old woman) because I ruined her hairstyle but she didn't say anything. I just saw her fixing her hair.

I usually get pissed off when i'm on the bus and somebody hit my hair or head with a bag, shoulder or a hand. Although it's not their intentions but at least they should say sorry but most of them don't know how to say sorry specially if they are older than yours. But because of hajuma this afternoon, I realized that I should be more patient next time.

Korea has this "palli palli style" (in haste) so don't get mad when you were hit, pushed or bumped by someone and don't apologize. Don't wait for an apology because they don't usually say "excuse me" or "sorry" specially in public places.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Korean Thanksgiving Day

I'm not at work because it's holiday today. I've just come back from my parents in law's house because of "Chuseok" (Thanksgiving Day). Chuseok is always a 3-days holiday but too bad because this year, it happened to be on Saturday- Monday. That's why I hate this year calendar.

Most "myonori" (daughter in laws) don't like this occasion because it's too tiring to prepare the Thanksgiving Day Food and wash lots of dirty dishes. But I always wait for this kind of occasion not only because I received presents but also it's the right time to help my in laws and spend a lot of time with them.

Every Thanksgiving Day, we always wear "Hanbok" (Korean traditional dress) even when we are cooking, preparing food or washing the dishes. Everyone wears the traditional clothes including kids specially when we perform a memorial service for the ancestors. I don't know to others but in my in law's house, that's a rule! Nobody complained although it was too hot yesterday and very uncomfortable.

Here's the hanbok that I wore yesterday. (click pictures to enlarge)

And here's my hubby's hanbok. He didn't wear the last picture because it was too hot. (click pictures to enlarge)

A dress for your prom

The most memorable experience in my school year was the prom. The special event that most students waiting. Everyone was preparing for the night and want everyone to be the most beautiful girl in that event. If you're not that beautiful at least you have the most beautiful dress that everyone admired.

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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Keep out!

It's too annoying when you're sleeping and somebody doorbell at home because he/she wants you to open an account for a credit card, try and subscribe to their products, or tells you to fix something at home that doesn't need to be fixed. Tell me that i'm bad but I also hate people in the church who "don't" bring good news. I go to church and I used to entertain people even when we have different beliefs but I gave up after entertaining one because they always come even when you tell them that you're busy or you have to go out for work. They always come specially when they knew that you work and they spend much time telling you something that you're not interested with.

They wait until you open the door or sometimes wait for you until you come home. You will be surprised when the elevator opens and you'll see those people in front of your house waiting for you. They don't care even when you say that you're tired from work and you need to take a rest. They always ask you to give them a short time that always takes long. Hew! Hubby is also tired of them so he posted this on our door.

The sign said, "People who want to advertise something and people who visit from the church- keep out! Please~ Yu-yu (hehe)"

I know you can't understand us unless it happens to you. Be also aware of the people in the street who pretend that they go in the church and they just ask some money. There are many people like that specially in front of the shopping mall. Last time, while I was heading to the bus stop, I met a girl and a boy. First, they asked me if I work and when I said yes, they started to tell me something about their church. They asked where I live and my working place but I never told them anything because they sounded strange. "Gojo!" (Go away!)

I've got a good news

It has been a long time since I last read news in the newspaper or internet. I don't like reading newspaper and I always spend my time blogging when i'm in front of the computer. I always forget to read news when I'm blogging that's why i'm not updated on what is happening in the World. But it doesn't mean that I'm not aware of it, I just don't have time to read news.

I sometimes read news when I'm on the bus or at the bus stop while waiting for the bus to come. That's my available time to check out my cellphone and read. But I don't do it now a days because I feel that my eyesight is getting bad and I'm sometimes feel dizzy because of the moving bus.

Luckily I've got a good news. Just 3 days ago, Rocketron, a service of Asyncast Corporation launched a hands-free mobile news where you can listen news in your cellphone anytime and anywhere. Simply dial the number and you will be updated on the news that you'd like to hear. This is really a good news for busy people and for us who love travelling.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Doll pillows

Here are the dolls that my hubby bought. The picture was taken when we went to Jirisan Recreation Forest. We use them as our pillows when we go camping. I didn't know that he got them. He said he saw them when he was heading home from work so he suddenly thought of our uncomfortable pillows that we used on our first camp so he bought them. He just gave them to me when we went to Bangjangsan Recreation Forest. They are very soft and comfortable. We don't remove them in the trunk of his car so that we can use them when we go out and feel tired from our long trip.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Jirisan Recreation Forest

Jirisan is one of the most famous mountains in Korea. It is often considered one of the three most important mountains in South Korea. The other two are Hallasan and Seoraksan.

It's my fourth time to visit Jirisan. First, when hubby and I went mountain climbing. Second, when we were invited by hubby's friend and his wife to go out and get some fresh air at the valley with streams. Third, when we went to Cheonghakdong Village which is located at the southern foot of Samsanbong Peak on Mt. Jirisan. And the last one was last weekend when we went to Jirisan Recreational Forest. We went to the same mountain but different locations and views.

The campsite that we visited last weekend was in Jirisan. It is the most wonderful campsite that I've ever been so far. The recreation forest is the perfect place to enjoy the abundant tourist resources of Jirisan (Mt.) area.

Although it's still summer, it is very cold in this area even in the afternoon. We always sleep late at night so we walked around carrying a lantern in the evening. We tried to climbed up the mountain but after a steps, we decided to go down because it was too dark and scary. We also went down the valley and tried to cross the stream with lots of big rocks but we went back again. It was fun but dangerous.

At night, It was very dark and we couldn't see anything when all the lights were turned off. We were lying down but we couldn't sleep because it was too cold even when we were both wearing 2 clothes and hugging each other. We got up at 3a.m. and boiled some water to drink to make us warm. Because we couldn't sleep, we decided to have breakfast then drank coffee. It was too scary to cook in the middle of the night when everyone around you were in a deep sleep. After breakfast, we laid down again talking and laughing. We slept well until 9a.m. and decided to walked around the campsite. It was a great adventure!

Here's the view on our way going to the Recreation Forest.

Views that i've taken in the morning when hubby and I walked around before we left the campsite. The first picture shows the road going to the Recreation Forest. (Click pictures to enlarge)

The recreation forest has many valleys with streams.

And hanging bridges.

Here are the rest room, shower room and washing room which are very clean.

Our tent that was set up by the stream.

We arrived at the campsite in the afternoon so we ordered chicken for lunch.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

What to bring on a camp

We went camping last weekend but before i'll make an entry about that, let me post first the "What to Bring on a Camp". I suddenly thought about it because I didn't prepare the things the night before we left and did it in the morning. We've been going out for a camp for many times and I thought my memory will be enough to prepare all the things that we needed but I was wrong again. hehehe....

List of Stuffs to bring on a camp.

1. tent
2. mat
3. lantern (lamp)
4. gas range
5. gas
6. cooking wares
7. blanket (warm or thin depend on the weather but its usually cold at the campsite so I recommend to take the warm blanket)
8. pillow (these travel pillows are uncomfortable to use when you're lying down so we bought dolls to use as pillows)
9. rug (use to clean up the deck, inside the tent before you leave)
10. newspaper (use to dry up or cover the land when it rained specially if you'll set up the tent on the ground; that if there's no available deck)
11. soap and shampoo ( rinse optional)
12. toothbrush and toothpaste
13. towel
14. suncream
15. tissue
16. knife
17. wooden chopsticks
18. book (if you like reading and just want to relax and stay in a tent)
19. cards (optional)
20. dishwashing (soap and scrub)
21. mosquito killer
22. rice
23. water
24. snacks and drinks
25. warm and summer clothes (it's always cold at night at the campsite and summer clothes to use if you want to play in the water like valley or swimming pool)
26. camera

Monday, September 1, 2008

Annoying Callers

If there are annoying people who doorbell and pretending to fix something at home, there are also AnnoyingCallers who call and insist you to buy or subscribe to something that you don't really need. It's really annoying when you receive this kind of unwanted calls specially in your busy schedule or when you are sleeping. What more if you received a phone call telling you to pay more than $600 for an overdue phone bill when you only pay not more than $10 a month? We don't often use our home phone. Hubby and I usually use our cellphones. So, I was shocked when I received that call.

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