Saturday, March 14, 2009

Candy Day

Every 14th of the month has a special meaning to Koreans. They are the Days of Love that lovers even singles do such things every 14th of each month. After celebrating Korean Valentines Day, it's about time to give candies for ladies. Today is March 14th and in Korea it is called the candy day where men have to give candies to women. Actually, I almost forgot about it. But today someone gave me some candies and she said it is Candy Day tomorrow. Oh great! It's my turn now! It's my turn to receive candies from my loveone. Would he really give me some candies? I'm not a candy lover although I have a sweet tooth. I love chocolates not candies so it's really unfair to give chocolates to men on Valentines Day and ladies would receive candies on Candy Day (March 14th). I asked my hubby if he would give me some candies. He just smiled so I said, I prefer to receive chocolates rather than candies. muhaha...

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