Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Jeju Loveland

When we first came here in Jeju, the owner of our guesthouse told us to visit Loveland specially at night. It's also the one that I love to visit but my hubby said he would never visit the place. When we go somewhere and past the area, I always wanted to drop by and see what's inside but it was out of my hubby's plan. But when we had visitors, my hubby's cousin invited us to go there. I was so happy. We went there at night and I was surprise to see lots of cars at the parking lot. I've found out that it's open until midnight. There are lots of tourists and most of them are couples.

I thought they were just beautiful sculptures. I didn't expect that the sculptures are sex sculptures.

I think this is the most beautiful sculpture inside. It is located near the entrance.

They are faucets and sink. The faucets are kind of men's organ.

They are hills that look like women's breast.

The men's organ. It's so big that you need to go a little bit farther to take a whole picture of it.

Can you what the finger doing?

The three nude musketeers.

There's a small shop where you can buy different kinds of sex symbols. There are lot's of stuffs to choose from like these aprons.

If you press the button, the organ will move.

Different sex positions represented from different countries.


Walk under her. hihihi..

I think they are the cutest one. The simplest of all the sculptures.

The woman is trying to attract the man.

Sex under the water.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

She needs cash

My boss has just left when my co-worker came and asked if he was in his office. I told her that he has just left. She asked if he would come back but I didn't have any idea. She said she needed something from him. Even if I didn't ask her, I knew what it was. She needed to get some cash advance. I wish I knew about this cash advance loans earlier so I could tell her. Even if I didn't lend her money, at least I could help her in times of need because she can get instant loan online. I think she gets cash advance from my boss at least once a month. Sometimes she feels shy but she can't do anything for that. She doesn't know anyone who can help her when it comes to money matters.

I'm glad that I found this cash advance loans so I can tell her something about it. She can borrow some money anytime she wants without feeling ashame because she can do it online. No matter how bad her credit is, she can still get some cash advance if she needs it immediately. It's the one that can be trusted on because it's willing to help people like her. I can't wait to tell something about it tomorrow.

Jeongbang Waterfall

Like Cheonjiyeon Waterfall, Jeongbang Waterfall is another famous waterfall in Jeju Island. Jeongbang Waterfall, falling from the cliff is 23m high and 10m wide. It has unique scenery not only in Korea but also in the oriental area. It is called "Jeongbang Summer Waterfall" due to its picturesque scene when viewed from a boat and is one of 10 Scenic Wonders of Jeju Island. Jeongbang Waterfall is famous for the legend of "Seobul" who came to Jeju Island in search for an elixir of eternal life for Chin, the powerful Emperor of China 2000 years ago. After he failed to find the elixir, he carved his name "Seobul" on the cliff of the waterfall and returned to China.

Here's the top view.

My hubby didn't want to go down because we could see from about half of the stairs but hajuma heard us and she said that we would regret it if we won't go down. She was right! It's much beautiful when you look it closer.

No wonder why there were lots of people came to see the beauty of the waterfall.

The waterfall is unique because it's by the sea.

Near the entrance, there are stores selling tangerines (famous fruits in Jeju), tangerine chocolates (3 boxes for only $10), coconuts, mangoes, etc.

The admission fee is only $2 and it's free for Jeju residence.

Sexy and Pretty Russians

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Well, after seeing the pictures of the beautiful ladies, you will also longing to see the nudism video. And to let you know, you can always check the site because there are new videos everyday. New pictures are also added everyday so you be tired of watching the same face or the same style. If you want, you can subscribe through email so you can get new information everyday. You check it out and let me know what you think about it. Whether if you are a man or a woman, you should check it out and tell me your opinion.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Noah Yacht Tour

One thing that you need to experience when you visit Jejudo is the yacht tour. It's one of my dream to have a yacht tour and it finally came true. I was so excited and wondered what was inside the yacht. It's not cheap to take a yacht but it's different on what I expected. I think I just expected too much. The yacht looks good specially inside. It has complete rooms like a house.

It has a small sink and refrigerator.

A kind of living room with fruits, drinks and snacks on the table. It's free. It's included on the fee. And a piano and guitar that I think used when someone proposed to her loveone.

The room is enough for a group tour.

A bedroom with a big bed and two decks. My slept well here but I couldn't. I went out because I felt dizzy. It's too dizzy to stay inside because of the waves.

The view outside.

The photographs of the actors and actresses who took the yacht were hanging on the entrance. Some of them are Lee Gyong Gyu and Hyeon Young.

Besides from the lifevest, you should also take this shoes before you take the yacht. The shoes are good because you won't slip even when the yacht is wet.

There's also time for fishing where the yacht stops and people can fish. I tried but I couldn't catch any. I realized that it's not easy to fish but it was a good experience.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Iho Tewoo Beach

We went to Iho Tewoo Beach last Sunday. Iho Tewoo literally translated as "do not pass me by". We were just wondering what it looks like because we always see the sign when we go to Jeju City. It's near the city no wonder why there are many people swimming in the beach. Some are also enjoying playing sand beach balls.

It's summer so it's not surprising to see many people swimming or just visiting some beaches to relax. I don't think it's a good beach to swim or to relax. But the parasols look good. There were so many people and the water is not so clean. But if you're in the city, it's better to visit it.

The beach became more famous because of the great spots where you can pitch tents. So people can enjoy not only camping but also swimming. The best thing about it, is it is open even at night. Here are some Night Regulations:

1. The beach is open at night to the public from July 16 - August 21. Night hours commence at 10p.m. Swimming is only permitted at designated areas.

2. Swimming is probihited whilst consuming food or drink including any alcohol.

3. You should follow tha advice and instructions from the beach's lifeguards.

4. All trash should be disposed of in the appointed trash cans. You should also refrain from any disorderly behavior.

Iho Tewoo is just 10 minutes away from the airport so even you when you just stay at the parking lot, you can enjoy watching the planes coming like what we did.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

International Marriage

I met someone and he said he's a President for International Marriage or Multicultural Couples. They are the couples whose husbands are koreans and wives are foreigners usually from the Philippines, Cambodia, Nepal, China, Thailand, and Vietnam. He said among the 10 couples, 3 of them get divorce. I said the reason is because there is no love between the couples so they get separated. But he said there are bad foreign wives who just like to get married Korean so they can come here in Korea. He also said that those who live well are those whose husbands send money to their family back home.

Before he will meet the couples (korean man and a foreign girl), he will make an appointment to Korean to send money to the family of his wife which is 300,000won or about $250. Those who make the promise are living well with their foreign wives and those who can't send money are mostly divorce.

What do you think of this kind of relationship? I just feel bad about this kind of situation. I feel bad because it's true that most foreigners specially living in poor countries just wanna escape their countries so they are looking for foreign husbands. I also feel bad to Koreans who use their money so they can get married young foreign ladies.

Too bad that foreigners expect too much when they come here in Korea. They think all Koreans are rich. They didn't know that Koreans who are looking for foreign wives are those who can't get married to Korea. Most of them are farmers, fishermen, etc. that's why many of them get divorce.

There are many who are living well but most of them are those who have courted before they got married. I mean there's love between the couple. But still there are also couples who end up with separation because of language and culture barriers.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Seawaves in Jeju Island

There's a typhoon today called Muipa. It's scary because of heavy rain and strong wind. Luckily, it's Sunday and there's no work. My hubby invited me to go out and see the waves. We drove by the sea and sometimes stopped by to watched the seawaves. It's cool. It's another memorable experience here in Jeju Island.

We had fun watching the seawaves but we decided to go home because it was too windy. On our way home, we couldn't see the road well so the cars moved so slow. It was dangerous and thanks God because we arrived home safely.

The typhoon Muipa is still here and according to the news the strongest wind and rain will be at 3p.m. this afternoon. I just hope that it won't make any victims and it will leave peacefully.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Cheonjiyeon Waterfall

Cheonjiyeon Waterfall is 22 meters in height 12 meters in width and cascades down the cliff facing into a 20meter-deep pond. This pond is the natural habitat of an eel which was designated as Natural Monument#258.

The waters of Cheonjiyeon Waterfall meander along a well-defined stream bed until they flow into Seogwipo City harbor. Both sides of the valley constitutes a protected area designated as natural monument #379 and contain a variety of rare flora native to a subtropical environment including rubus hongnoensis AKAI aspidistra elatior Bi and others. This is also a natural habitat of Eleocarpus sylvestris VAR elliptieus (Fhund) HARA.

The luxuriant growth of broadleaf evergreens and flowering trees and shrubs give each of the four seasons a particular charm and flavor.

Cheonjiyeon is a U-shaped valley made of lava and through sedimentation and uplift has subtropical evergreen forest within its gorge of 22 meters-high waterfall, it has total 447 kinds of plants including 406 species, 1 subspecies, 32 variable species, 5 varieties and 2 agricultural species belonging to 324 genuses of 123 families.

Cheonjiyeon is a river at the border between Seohong-dong and Seogwi-dong. An old literature called "Jiyeongrok" (1694) said, "It has been said that, when a ritual for rain is held at this fall of Cheonjiyeon during the dry season, it works immediately because a mysterious dragon lives in the pond". In addition a secret royal inspector named Cheongeum Kim Sang Heon came to Jeju Island in 1601 and praised the fall highly for its beauty. He said that Cheonjiyeon Fall and Bakyeon Fall would be the most beautiful falls in Korea.