Saturday, November 29, 2008

New fruits in Korea

Oh boy! What happened to me! I couldn't update my blog and I feel sorry for not visiting you for a long time guys.

Btw, while we were having lunch, I saw this program on tv that there are new fruits that grow in Jejudo. One of them is like soursop but I'm not sure about that because they showed that people were eating them unripe. I mean they were still hard when they harvested them and ate. Another fruits are dragon fruits.

I remember when my friend told me that foreigners who got married to Korean farmers are carrying some seeds from their countries. They hid the seeds carefully in their luggage and they grow here in Korea. So, I guess those soursop fruits came from the Philippines and dragon fruits are from Vietnam. I saw lots of dragon fruits when I visited Vietnam. Jejudo is a hot area so tropical fruits like pineapples and bananas grow there and now the soursops and dragon fruits? Wow!~

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Where has the fall/autumn gone?

It's too cold outside that i'm too lazy to go out. It snowed yesterday. The first snow this year. The weather is very strange. It wasn't too cold for the past few days and it suddenly snowed yesterday so now we are freezing here. When I woke up this morning, I saw the whole City in white. It's really surprising because most of the plants and trees are still green. I didn't experience fall season. Although it's cold at night but it's sunny and warm in the afternoon. And the surrounding is not too dirty because of the falling leaves. Unlike the past few years, it was too windy and cold from October.

The snow came earlier than last year. It's hard to say what kind of season we have here now. Is it fall or winter? Where has the fall/autumn gone?

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Echoic Word/ A mimetic word

Korean Echoic Words/ Mimetic Words

1. bubble bubble = bugul bugul
2. arf arf = mong mong
3. choo choo: puff puff = chikchik pukpuk
4. honk honk = ppang ppang
5. peep peep = (duckling) ppiyak ppiyak, (bird) jjek jjek
6. oink oink = kkul kkul
7. quack quack = kkwek kkwek
8. ding dong = ddeng ddeng
9. slam = kwang
10. pitter patter = tadak tadak
11. hee haw = hi hing
12. boo hoo = heuk heuk
13. hurly burly = wakjakikkol, siggeulboggeul
14. munch munch = nyam nyam
15. zzzz = kul kul
16. bang = bbang, ggwang
17. vroom = bureung bureung
18. boom = pong
19. achoo; atishoo = aechui
20. fump = kung, teol sseok
21. whiz = ping
22. thud = kung
23. rip = jjak jjak
24. spin spin = binggeul binggeul, baeng baeng
25. rain sound = hududu
26. splash into the pond= cheom beong
27. tick of the clock = jjaeggak jjaeggak
28. trickle of stream = jol jol
29. beat of the drum = dung dung
30. church bell ring = ddaenggeureong ddaenggeureong

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Two korean calendars

I got 4 missed calls today. Three from my hubby and another one from my sister in law. I called hubby and he said he was calling me because he just wanna make sure if I already told my boss that I'm gonna quit my job. I'm quitting my job because we have to focus on our new business to be opened next month.

After dinner, I received another call from my sister in law asking me if we're coming on my father in law's birthday. I didn't know that this month is my father in law's birthday. I checked the organizer on my cellphone and I saw that my father in law's bday is next month. I also checked the calendar and my hubby also marked the next month calendar for my father in law's birhtday. It's too confusing to use two calendars, the Solar Calendar and Lunar Calendar. Can you blame me for that? Of course, you can! In Korea, it's not excuse if you forgot or made a mistake in marking the calendar for your in law's birthdays. I'm so grateful that I have a sister in law who always reminds for every special occasion like this or else my parents in law will kick my ass!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

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