Sunday, May 30, 2010

Gochang Road

One of my favorite place is Gochang in Jeollabokdo. What I like the most is the road going to Gochang.

It's a mountain where you have to climb up and down to reach Gochang so it has a zigzag road. It's really great to release stress even when you just look out of the car. The air is fresh and cool even in summer. It's a little bit dangerous but it's fun.

Limited-time Special Discount

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Monday, May 24, 2010

Life in Korea

My hubby met his former co-worker and he said that he wanted to commit suicide because his business is not working well. He said he just got loan from the bank to open a business and now that it's not working well, he wanted to end his life. My co worker also mentioned to my hubby last week that he wanted to kill himself. It's not because of business but because he thinks it's not fun to live. He said he's always bored. My hubby advice him to go out and travel and have some fun. '

I was surprised when my hubby told me about this. How come that people think of committing suicide specially when they just think that living is not fun anymore? There are lots of things to do. Make your own hobby and enjoy life. I know it's not easy for Koreans to enjoy life because they are people who always prepare for the future. They can't enjoy their present lives because they always think of their future. The future of their family specially kids. They always want to send their kids to many institutes and some of them choose the expensive ones because they know they're the right places where their kids can learn.

Parents have lots of interest for their kids but I don't think some of the kids know that. I understand when my co worker said that living is not fun because he has kids to raise and send to schools and expensive institutes.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

My Fashion Style

My former co-worker called. I haven't met her for a long time and we're planning to meet next weekend. When I think of her, I always remember her fashion. The way she dresses up. She's the kind of woman who loves shopping. Of course most women do but this former co-worker of mine knows the best trends in the season. So whenever we meet, I always expect that shopping will always appear in our topic. I like her specially her fashion style but what I've noticed is, she cares much about her clothes but not footwear. There are times that her shoes don't match her dress. I think she'll need my help with regards to the shoe fashion. And I'm willing to share her this Fashion Footwear. I'm sure she will love it as I do. There are lots of beautiful footwears that I like.

I'm sure my former co-worker will start to care about shoes after seeing the shoe trends of Niaomi.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Buddha's Birthday

Every Eight Day of the Fourth Month by the Lunar Calendar, Koreans celebrate the Buddha's Birtday. This year, it was yesterday May 21st, Friday. So it was holiday yesterday. On this day, solemn rituals are held at Buddhist temples, and the day's festival is climaxed by a lantern parade. Before this day, you'll see the temples including the small ones, have many lanterns hanging on the near roads going to the temples.

I haven't seen or been to temples on this day so I don't know what people do on this day but today I invited hubby to visit the near temple located on the mountain but it was raining. On our way to the temple, we decided to visit my hubby's relative. We stayed in their house for a long time then we decided to dine out together so instead of going to the temple, we just spent time with my hubby's relatives. We couldn't visit the temple because of the rain but it was a lot of fun.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Gochang Barley Plantation

Gochang Barley Plantation or Wheat Plantation is located in North Jeolla Province or (Jeollanamdo) South Korea. The weather is getting better everyday so last week my hubby search on the net about the good attractions to visit on weekend. He came with the site of Gochang Barley Plantation and we visited today.

Gochang Barley Plantation is in Hakwon Farm in Gochang. Hakwon Farm is a famous place for filming korean movies.

The weather was too hot but even in the mid day, there were many people coming from different part of the country to see the beauty of the farm full of barley plants.

When you're far from it, the wheats look like short grasses on the plain. But if you come closer, it is tall as high as waist of a middle height man.

Besides from the barley plantation, there are also lots of things to see like the bamboo where it is said that ttokaebi or a kind of korean ghost appeared.

There's also a horse-drawn carriage if you don't wanna take a walk in the sun. Hubby and I didn't take a walk. We drove the car around and just stop when we see good and cool places to stay.

On our way home, we had jang-o gui (roasted eels) for lunch. Gochang is famous for bokbunja (raspberries) and jang-o (eels) so if you happened to visit Gochang, don't forget to try jang-o gui or roasted eel.

Drive Safely

It has been a long time since we last go out and unlike before we usually comes home at night or spend time outside until dark. Today, we are afraid to spend time outside when hubby is driving. It seems like we already had a phobia of driving in the dark since we almost had an accident. I will never forget the time when we went out to watch basketball game which is three hours away from our hometown. It was too far and the game ended at night so my hubby had to drive in the evening.

There weren't many cars at that time but when we were passing the tunnel, a big truck suddenly came and almost hit us. What I remember was the sound of the fast truck coming and the lights and its noisy honk that seems like it was giving us sign to give way. I was too afraid and just closed my eyes and I thought it was already our end. But thanks God because he helped us. My hubby went into the right way before the truck came. I was too nervous but felt relieved. I don't know why the truck moved so fast when there was a car in front of it. I guessed he couldn't see the lights of our car when it was a little bit far away from us and when he came close, it was hard from him to stop the truck.

Well, I think we need to get hid lights for our car before it will be too late. You should do too! Don't depend on what you think. Sometimes your mind deceives you. You think that everything is okay but it's not enough. You can only know that you need a brighter lights in your car if you check out the HID lights.

If you love your family, drive safely. And you know that you're safe with the HID kits because they are three times brighter than halogen with brilliant, brighter and cleaner colors.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Parent's Day

Like what I've said, it was Parent's Day yesterday so we visited our in laws. My sister in law and her family was there so we took a long time in my in law's house. My mother in law prepared lots of food with her friend. She cooked different kinds of duck recipe. I don't know why she chose duck this time. But it was delicious.

As usual, whenever we visit my mother in law, I always come home with lots of different kinds of side dishes and fruits. Also some spices use for cooking. My hubby always complains about it. I sometimes do because even when you said that you have that kind of thing in your house, she will still insist you to bring it. It's also hard to put all things in the refrigerator. It takes long time specially when there is no enough space. My mother in law said that it's her pleasure to give us or share with us everything that she has. She said that's a mom's heart.

It is Parent's Day in Korea but in some countries it's Mother's Day! I can say that my mother in law is one of the Best Mom and Mom in Law in the World! Happy Mother's Day!

I Love Sydney

I love Sydney. Who doesn't dream of going or visiting these one of the most beautiful countries in the World? I've been to Sydney a few years ago and I love everything about it. The Sydney Tower, Sydney Aquarium, Queen Victoria Building, and a lot more. Of course Opera House is one of my favorites and the Botanic Garden which is just close to it. I also love the people who are always willing to help you whenever you ask for directions. They are so friendly. I always remember the time when I was there with my hubby. Although we both traveled the country, we still always talk about the happiest moment that we spent in the beautiful land called Sydney. Oh, actually we are thinking of going back there again specially now that we found some Cheap Sydney Hotels. Accommodation is what we always worry about when traveling to another country. Because it is where we have to spend much for our expenses. But not now!

Hubby and I like traveling. We've already been to some countries. And this year, we are planning to travel to some other countries again. It is true that once you started to travel, you will always love to go out and see the other part of the World. There are lots of things to enjoy. The sightseeings, the food, make new friends, etc. Besides you can also refresh your mind and can get lots of exercise. It's really wonderful! By the end of this year, India and Nepal are included in our plan to visit. That's why I'm also checking these Cheap Delhi Hotels and I can't wait to stay in one of those hotels.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Celebrating Parent's Day in Korea

After the celebration for Children, now it's time to celebrate Parent's Day in Korea. Three days after Children's Day comes Parent's Day. Parent's Day is on March 8th but it is celebrated the night before that day. I didn't know that on my first few years of staying here until one time, my co-worker asked me if I already bought some flowers for my mother in law. I said not yet because I was planning to buy it the next day which was Parent's Day. But she said it is always celebrated the night before Parent's Day because most people are busy during the day so it's possible that they couldn't celebrate it on the exact day. Oh, I see! That's why I always see lots of carnations for sale at the flower shops and I see most people buying them. I thought they were buying them and give the day during the celebration. Since then, I also bought flowers in advance. The night before Parent's Day and give it to my mother in law.

But today, I didn't buy flowers for her because I couldn't visit there today. I called my mother in law and said that we are going there tomorrow. She said she would prepare lunch for us. I don't buy presents for my mother in law but I'm giving cash. In Korea, it's better to give cash than buying presents. It sounds strange to some other countries but there's nothing wrong here. Parents prefer to receive cash than gifts.

Well, it's not wrong, it's just different!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Children's Day in Korea

Every 5th day of May, Koreans celebrate Children's Day. It is red in the calendar so it's a holiday. Children expect a lot on this day. Most of them go out and have some fun with their parents. They also receive special presents from them.

It's not only parents prepare something for them. Teachers in schools and private institutes also prepare and do something special for them. I also prepare something for my students tomorrow. It's not much but I'm sure they can appreciate whatever they receive. I bought these pencils and erasers yesterday.

I think they are cute. Don't you think so? I will also make some sandwiches on Tuesday.

Because it's a holiday, schools and institutes hold parties before this day, May 4th. They let the students enjoy their special day. This year, they will hold their school Sports Day.
Do you also celebrate Children's Day in your country? How do you celebrate it?

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Incheon International Airport

I miss traveling so I always miss going to the Incheon International Airport. When I go there, I like walking around and see the beauty of the Korean International Airport. It's large and beautiful. There are lots of fun things to see. Everytime I go there, I always see different kinds of events. So, I always want to go there much earlier than my flight so that I can visit the area or the airport.

You know that you're near the airport when you see this bridge. Yes, it is a bridge that is made in the sea. Wonderful, isn't?

Here's one of the events, where you can experience one of the Korean Traditional Culture. You can play the Pogurak.

Pogurak is a dance game where dancers separate into different sides and toss balls into a hole. Dancers would separate into different sides, and sing and dance. While singing and dancing, they would toss balls into a hole. Those who toss the ball into the hole receive flowers as prize and those who miss have ink drawn on their face. Pogurak was introduced during the era of King Munjong of the Goryeo Dynasty. Pogurak was one of the most popular games played during the Goryeo and Joseon Dynasties.

There are also playgrounds inside the airport so you don't have to worry if you have a kid with you and need to wait for your boarding time. Your kids can have fun playing here.

Like many other airports, there are also escalators to use when you are tired walking or carrying heavy loads.