Sunday, February 21, 2010

Jeonju Worldcup Stadium

Whenever we go to another City and passed Jeonju, the Jeonju Worldcup Stadium always catches out attention. We can see it even when you are just on the expressway. It's so beautiful specially at night. Last time, hubby and I decided to visit the eye-catching stadium.

The stadium is very close to the toll gate. As soon as you paid and passed the tollgate, you can already see it. Here's view on the way to the worldcup stadium.

Even when it was too cold, we tried to get in but we couldn't find any open door at the entrance. They were all closed. We saw one and went in but that was a Sauna at Jeonju Worldcup Stadium. We thought there was a match to see because of many cars parked at the parking lot but we couldn't see any. Were they all Sauna customers? We can't say.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Which is better?

I had a terrible headache a few days ago. I was at work and didn't know what to do. I couldn't go out to buy some medicine because I had to work until almost midnight. When I finished my work, I saw that the drug stores were all closed. It was so painful so I lay down and tried to go to bed early but I couldn't sleep well. I waited 'till morning and waited for the drug store to be opened. If I just knew earlier about this fioricet blue list, that wouldn't happened.

I heard a lot about this two medicines, Fioricet vs Tramadol–Which is Better? What do you think? Whatever it is, I think it's better to have both cause they can both heal you.

If you are still confuse and don't know what is the right medicine for you, click this Important information from about fioricet to know more. Don't be silly like me who's not ready for anything. You should have medicines at home for emergency purpose. Don't bother yourself going to the pharmacist specially on your busy schedule if you can just stay home or in the office and get them online.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Korean Culture Part4

31. Perfect attendance. I don't know why they don't miss school when it snows a lot or even when they are sick. They are always present.

32. Green arrows on the traffic lights. It's green but it doesn't mean that you can turn left. You have to wait for the green arrows. Although you can turn left in some intersections, but those are the ones that reads biboho. It means you can turn left when there's no car coming.

33. Two New Years' Day. The first New Year is on Jan. 1st but it's not celebrated by most koreans. Lunar New Year (Chinese New Year) is more important for Koreans and it lasts for three days. They follow the Lunar Calendar. Koreans often visit their hometowns and see their families.

34. Election day is a holiday. It's election day so there's no work and school. They are giving time to vote so it's a national holiday.

35. They don't drink tap water. Koreans don't drink tap water. They always boil the drinking water with tea, dates, dried corns, wheat, etc.

36. Order the same meal in a restaurant. It's not surprising to see Korean in one table eating the same meal. It doesn't only happen in barbecue or raw fish restaurants. You'll see each of them have bowls or pots in front of them eating the same meals.

37. Students go to many institutes. Some students have to study until late at night. There are different kinds of institutes or academies they attend. There are piano/ violin institutes, math/ english institutes, taekwondo, baduk (korean chess), art class, etc. Others even have tutorials at home.

38. Wear slippers at work. Korean office workers wear slippers at work no matter what kind of dress (attire) they wear. Men and Women do this. It's more comfortable, anyway.

39. There's a bullet train. The bullet train or Korean Train Express (KTX) travels over 350km/hr. It's too fast and comfortable but much expensive than the normal train.

40. Apartments are better than houses. There are lots of apartment buildings. Living in an apartment is better than a house. Apartments are in different sizes. From one room apartment (studio apartment) to many rooms.

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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Damyang Metasequoia Road

Damyang Metasequoia Road is located in Damyang County (Damyang-gun), Jeollanam-do. The road is lined with the Metasequoia (Dawn Redwood) Trees. The road was named as one of the most beautiful roads in South Korea in 2006 and it is frequently seen in some famous Korean dramas, movies and entertainment programs. No matter what kind of weather or season you visit the famous road, you'll be amazed with the beauty of the road and the fresh air from the trees and farm.

Here's what they look like in fall. There are still many people even in a cold weather. And here's Metasequoia Road in Summer.

There are also rides that you can enjoy with your loveone. It's a very romantic place for couples even for the whole family.

There are also street vendors where you can buy different kinds of delicious korean food like ttokpoki, odeng, barbecue, etc.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Valentine's Day is New Year's Day

Valentine's Day is New Year's Day. Would you believe that? It just happened that Seollal or Chinese New Year is on February 14th, Valentine's Day. I've been staying here in Korea for almost 10 years and it's my first time to celebrate Valentine's Day as a Chinese New Year. So, instead of going out with my hubby to have a date, I have to stay in my parent in laws' house to help with the cooking, preparing food and washing the dishes. And what is worst about it is, the 3 days vacation is on Saturday, Sunday and Monday again. Why are vacations always happen on weekends? Enough for my complains, the calendar won't help me anyway.

We are going to my in law's house after work on Friday evening. My hubby wanted to go there on Saturday evening but after watching the drama last night, we realized that we needed to go there earlier so that we could help them a lot. Unlike what we always did before. We always arrived there when there's a little thing to do so I always go with the dishes and couldn't help a lot in cooking. I felt so sorry for my sister in law who always did the side dishes. I never heard her complained but even when she doesn't, I have to do my job as a myeonori (daughter in law).

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Korean Culture Part 3

21. Give cash when you attend a wedding. There's a counter at the entrance of the wedding hall. They received and give envelopes for the visitors. You are expected to give money and not gifts when you attend a wedding.

22. It's his one year birthday party. In Korea, a baby's first birthday party is a big event. It is called "Dol". Some guests give gold rings to the celebrant. The most interesting on this celebration is when the celebrant picks one of the objects that are put in front of him/her like money, string, pencil, microphone, etc. Each object represents the future of the baby. If he grabs money, the kid will become rich; pencil means he will study hard; string means he will have a long life; and microphone means he will become a singer.

23. Ready to get on and off the bus. Buses are a common mode of transportation in Korea. The route of the buses are seen inside the bus. You can also check the time of the bus arrival at the bus stop. So you know if you'll be late or not. Buses also have stations where it tells you where it stops and what the next bus stop is.

24. I got married to Mr. Kim but I'm not Mrs. Kim. In Korea, the women keep their family name. Unlike in many countries, after getting married, you should follow the man's family name.

25. Often go out with co-workers. I have a co-worker who wrote all our birthdays. Every month, there's a birthday party so we have to dine out together at least once two or three times a month not to mention the suprised dine-out from our boss like when the company is working well, the employees are having a hard time or if there's a job well done.

26. They are not fighting, they are just talking. You'll hear noisy people outside. They seem like fighting each other but if you listen to their conversation carefully, they are just talking and not fighting.

27. Chocolates for Men on Valentine's Day. Koreans celebrate Valentine's Day differently. Instead of men give chocolates to women, ladies have to give chocolates to guys. For youngs, they give chocolates to their friends. Boys give chocolates to boys or girls to girls, etc.

28. Candies for Women. If women give chocolates to men on Valentine's Day, now it's men's turn to give candies to women. It is called White Day or Candy Day which is celebrated on March 14. Again, young ones give to anyone.

29. Special plastic bag for your trash. In korea, you can't just throw away your trash. There's a special garbage bag to throw out the trash. These bags are available in different sizes. They are 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100 liters.

30. Cook your order. At some restaurants, the food is cooked at the customers' tables. There are grills on the table where you can cook your order specially samgyopsal, daejigalbi, seogalbi, etc.

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Monday, February 1, 2010

Gokseong Train Village

Located in Gokseong Jeollanamdo Province, Seomjingang (Seomjin River) Train Village is one of the most exciting trip not only for kids but also for olds. I was with my mother in law the first time I went there (yes, this is my second time) and my mother in law said she remembered her old days with the train. The white smoke coming from the steam locomotive, the train sound and the slow movement of the train reminds her old times. It's not surprising then why there were many old people came to experience taking the KORAIL Tour Service. It's the slowest train that I've ever taken. I felt like having a body ache after the 30 minutes one-way journey of about 10 kilometers. We just bought the one-way ticket cost 4,000 won each and hubby followed the train to Gajang Station to pick us up.

When you reached the tourist sites, somebody will announce about the sightseeings. The scenic view is really wonderful!

While waiting for our departure time which was 11:30 a.m. we walked around the beautiful theme park. The theme is so wonderful. You will never get bored.

You can also see lots of farm animals like chickens, goats, ducks, etc.

These cute rabbits caught my attention. Are they couple rabbits? They are so cute!

You can also enjoy your favorite food at the train restaurants.

They shoot lots of films in this area. One of the famous movie is the taegukki.

While I was walking around in this film street, I felt strange. I could imagine life back in time. The area looks like in the old days.

You can also rent rides for only 3,000 won ($3).