Saturday, March 29, 2008

events in the airport

Again, here's another interesting thing that we found inside the Incheon airport. There is this event where they teach you how to make some stuffs like these cases and necklaces. Click pictures to enlarge.

They provide all the materials you need and teach you how to make one. Then they give you for free the one that you made. I was curious so i watched them making but didn't try for myself. Hubby told me to try to make one but we had to go when it was my turn. Ajassi (old guy) told me that i can just get one with those samples that they made but i don't like that pencil case. I want the necklace but ajassi is not in charge of those necklaces. Hubby said, maybe the woman will give me a necklace if i'll tell her but i was shy to do it so we just left.

When we arrived in Thailand, we saw this necklaces so hubby bought two for me. I like them but i will like them more if i'm the one who make. Click picture to enlarge.

While i'm posting this, i told hubby that i want to learn how to make some accessories made from beads. But i think i need an instructions on how to make them. But hubby told me to just take a rest. Maybe he thought about the cross stitch that i made. I really wanted to make one before and it took me two years before i finished one. It's just a cushion and i made it when i was in the mood that's why it took me that long. hehehe...

Friday, March 28, 2008

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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Art and Internet cafe at Incheon

Inside the Incheon International Airport, we see this awesome art.

It says that the world's best airport meets the world class artist Nam June Paik. Those are old and small tv's. Nam June Paik is a world's famous video artist. He worked with a variety of media and is considered to be the first video artist. An artist who has had a greater influence in imagining and realizing the artistic potential of video and television.

Also, the airport has an internet cafe. It is where i spent the the rest of hour before our flight. We used the internet for free. I dunno how did hubby do it but he printed something in our computer and presented it at the airport internet cafe and gave us an hour for free.

Luckily, there was also a free event where they teach people who are willing to learn on how to make some stuffs like necklaces, etc...I'm gonna tell you something about it on my next post.

By the way, if you want to know more about my tour, then check it here. I already posted the accommodations like hotel and guest house where we stayed and i've just finished posting about the Khaosan Road. I really want to post my travel here but because of my blog title, i decided to post it on my personal blog.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Incheon International Airport

We've just got back from our vacation. We arrived here last Sunday and as usual i have to work hard again the next day. Thank you guys for always visiting me here even when i'm away. We left early and arrived at Incheon International Airport few hours before our flight so we spent our time walking around the airport so i have many pictures to share you in this World's Best Airport.

I think the airport looks like a plane. Inside are these gardens with benches. I didn't know and saw this before. If we didn't check the subway train (yes, there's a subway train, too) then i can't know about this fantastic view of this airport which is just located on the high floor of the airport subway station.

Isn't it nice to wander the place? Although we waited for few hours, we didn't get bored because there are many fun things to do inside the airport. There is also an internet cafe, free events like teaching on how to make necklaces, cases, and a lot more. I'm gonna tell about it on my next post with pictures of course.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

We are flying to Thailand

Hi guys! I thought i've just posted here on my blog just 2 days ago but when i saw the date it's already 5 days passed since i last posted here...Gosh, time flies! It's good because winter is almost over here. It's already March and spring which is my favorite season is almost here. I can't wait to see the flowers blooming. The weather is getting nicer everyday, too! Thanks! I just hate winter because i hate being cold all day and i can't go out in winter. There is no place to visit. hehehehe...

By the way, we are going to Thailand tomorrow. We'll gonna stay there for a week and i hope the weather is nice when i come back. I just hope that winter is over at that time. hehehehe...Even when i'm away, i'll try to visit here from time to time and i hope i can post something, too!

Monday, March 3, 2008


It has been a while again since i last posted here and i think i have to give more attention on this blog of mine that's why i'm here.

My sister in law delivered a cute and adorable baby girl and we visited her during her stay in the hospital. And we usually visit her at home on the weekends when she was out of the hospital. I dunno much what people do when someone delivers the baby but when i visited my hubby's friend's wife or relatives, we always bring some baby clothes or diapers. When we visited my sister in law we also brought some diapers when she was in the hospital and beef bones when she left for home. Check out here, to know what is that beef bones for.

I heard from my mom in law that my sister in law received some money from her inlaws, relatives and friends who visited her while she was in the hospital. I didn't know that they also give money when somebody delivered a baby. That's great! At least Koreans don't only make money when they get married but also when they deliver a baby. hehehehe...

Here are the flowers that my sister also received besides from the diaper, baby clothes, and money.

Agassi chukhaheyo!