Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Requirements to get a visa to Korea

If you're a foreigner living in Korea and want to invite your family, here are the requirements that you need to get a visa.

1. The person that you are inviting need a passport, the copy of his/her passport (front page) and a passport picture.
2. A copy of your passport (front page). You and your husband if you're married to Korean.
3. An invitation letter written in an A4 paper. You don't need special document or paper for that. Just write on a piece of paper the reason why you're inviting him/her and then your sign at the bottom page.
4. A copy of your NSO marriage contract if you're a foreigner married to Korean.
5. A marriage certificate from the government office in Korea.

Send the copies of #2,3,4, and 5 to your family to present at the Korean embassy including your family's requirement (#1). Goodluck!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

The season changed

It's getting colder here everyday. Winter is coming again but of course fall will come first or I think it's already here. The leaves of the trees in my areas haven't changed in color yet but in some places like mountains have already changed in colors. I don't like cold weather but I waited for this season to come. Just because I wanna finish this year soon. My hubby and I have lots of plans next year and I'm longing for the year to come. Plans that were supposed to be done last year but because of economic crisis and money exchange rate, the plan changed. And now we can't just leave and go back to our plan easily because there are lots of things that we need to settle first. Next year is probably the right time. Let's see!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

I want a change

My hubby said that I have to get go to bed early because I have to get up early tomorrow. We are planning to climb up a mountain in the morning but I'm not sure if I can get up that early because it's weekend. I sleep as much as I want during the weekends specially on Sundays. But I really want to climb up the moutain tomorrow but how can I force myself to sleep early? I'm a night owl and 2a.m. is the earliest time for bed. I watch every programs on tv and I sometimes get tired of watching or hearing the sound of the TV. And sometimes, I get a headache because of watching too much TV. I have to change my lifestyle but I don't know how to start. I really want a change!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Welcome USA

Last Thanksgiving Day, we visited my hubby's friend's house. He kept saying that he wanted to play a card game. My hubby refused I didn't know why until we came home. My hubby said the game might not be fair. He thought that his friend and his wife would play together so he can't win. Oh, I got it! I couldn't think about that. It's true that in some games it's hard to avoid those cases specially when it regards to money. It's better to play the online casino because no one can't see the other cards. But you also have to make sure to play the best and most popular online games like those who give higher deposit bonuses, high payouts and rewards program. Who said that USA players are not accepted? Of course USA players are always welcome!

Friday, October 9, 2009

I'm a different?

I thought I'm different to others who always want something bigger after getting what they want. I thought I'm already satisfied of what I have now. A few years ago, we bought a new car and we were very happy for that. Then we also moved to our own 3 bedrooms apartment. We were satisfied for a few years. Just last month when my hubby said that he wanted to change his car. My hubby is very careful when he drives and he didn't want his car to have scratches so it still looks new. This evening, we also talked about moving to a new and bigger apartment. He said 3 bedrooms is enough but he wants more bathroom and bigger living room. And he said new apartments have better interior. I agree with him and I can't deny that I also feel the same way. We are planning to sell our apartment and move to a bigger one after 3 years of living here and that's next year. We have to pay tax if we sell it before 3 years.

No matter what

It's not surprising here if there are many eyeglasses shops because most everyone need a pair of eyeglasses including kids. No matter how many shops they open, I'll still stay with my My favorite high fashion eyeglasses shop. Can you imagine getting $ 8 Rx eyeglasses? Why spend expensive eyeglasses if you can get what you want with the very low price? Well, it's about time to learn on How You Can Start Spending Smart.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Korean Thanksgiving Day

Like what I've said on my previous post, this week Chuseok is on weekend. There's always 3 days holidays on this occasion but this year it's on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. It's until today. Some people didn't bother themselves to visit their family who live in very far places because the holiday is too short. That's alright though because it means less traffic and less pollution. But there was still heavy traffic but there aren't many cars and accidents as what happened on the previous occasions.

Like what we always do every Chuseok, we visited my in law's and stayed in their house for 2 nights and 2 days. We arrived there late at night and we left yesterday afternoon but we arrived home at night. We cooked lots of food like different kinds of "namul" (vegetables and sprouts) and "jeon" (fried food), steamed fish and soup that is always prepare every occasion like Chuseok or seollal. People usually make "seongpyeon" (half-moon shaped rice cake) specially those in the provinces but my mother in law just bought some in the supermarket which made my father in law angry because she bought much. We also usually prepare daejigalbi (sweet and sour pork) but this year we had sokogi (beef) and ogyeopsal (thick samgyeopsal or friend pork) instead.