Friday, September 16, 2011

Jejudo Horse Pastureland

Although it seems like horses have been bred since long time ago in Jeju Island, it is not certain exactly when horse breeding began due to the lack of related evidence or records. However, horse breeding became a full-scale business during the reign of Wonjong of the Goryeo Dynasty when people from Yuan, mostly nomads, came to Jeju Island to start ranches.

Jeju horses are rather small but physically and mild in temper. They can also easily adapt themselves to different areas and thrive on rough fodder.

Since horses have a strong resistance and survival capability on land, they are used in agriculture and transportation. Jeju horses have made an enormous contribution to the development of agricultural industry and culture in Jeju Island.

There are lots of horses and lots of people who came to visit to see the Jejudo Horses.

The nature and environment is also great and it made perfect with the horses.

Here's the contact number if you want to know more about the Pastureland.

Speaking of horses, Jejudo is famous for its Horse meat. There are many restaurants serving horses menu.

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