Saturday, August 30, 2008

Be careful!

Yesterday, there was someone knocking on the door or good to say that she was hitting the door because she was knocking very hard that created a very loud sound. I was preparing lunch and my hubby was watering the grass (artificial grass). Just imagine us what we are wearing in this very hot weather so we hurried and put on clothes.

Hubby was talking to her at the cordless security phone looking at her face on the video monitor. She said she came to check out the gas. We paid a month for the management fee and checking the gas is one of them. But before they will check something they always put a noticed on the elevator so hubby was curious with this hajuma (old woman). He opened the door and told hajuma that it's ok not to check the gas. But hajuma was insisting and wanted to get inside but hubby refused.

My hubby said, she's strange and she's not the one who always checks out for the gas. Hubby called the security guard and told him about this hajuma. The security guard said there was no schedule yet for the gas service.

There were many people like hajuma who doorbelled and told us that they would check or fix something like gas, computer, running water, etc... That surprised us because those things don't need to be fixed.

I already saw this kind of things on tv. People go house to house and say that they would fix something and if you let them in, they just spy what is inside your house. Others steal or ask some money. I always pretend that nobody is at home when somebody doorbelled and see the unfamiliar face on the screen.

Be careful with this kind of people specially if you are living in Korea. Although some of them don't have any bad intention but i'm telling you again, be careful.

Friday, August 29, 2008

I always think of blogging

We like travelling and we usually go out on weekends. When I'm out, I always think of blogging. Yes, like most bloggers here, I also consider myself as an addicted blogger. And I sometimes imagine myself blogging when I'm in the mountain, under the tree and in the tent. I also want to blog when I'm away travelling in another country. I want to post right away what I did even when i'm not at home.

I wish I have my own laptop to use whenever I need it. I've been thinking of getting one since I started to blog because I enjoy blogging and spend much time on the computer. Even when I have backaches, I still use the computer. It's another reason why I want to get a Laptop so that I can use it even when i'm lying down on my bed.

Luckily, I finally found the store where I can get my own laptop. A store selling the different famous brands of Laptops for a very cheap price with high quality features.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Go Stop

When we bought a tent, we found cards in the bag with the mat. They are cards for playing Go Stop, the best known Korean flower card game.

Players capture cards from a central layout by playing a card of the same month (flower). The aim is to collect scoring combinations of kwang (Bright), yul (Animals), tti (Ribbons), pi (Junk) among the cards captured. When a player's captures have a sufficient value, the player have to say "Stop" to claim payment, or can continue the game by saying "Go" in the hope of winning more (3 Go's doubled the amount), but risking that an opponent will win meanwhile. It is this decision to stop or go that gives the game its name.

That's me, my hubby and my mother in law playing the card game when we went on a picnic. I used to play this game on the computer. I also play it with my in laws when we gather together special when there's an occasion like Thanksgiving Day and Solar New Year.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

A gold medal for Korea Baseball Team

A gold medal for Korea Baseball team. Yahooooo...I'm so happy to announce you guys that the Korea Baseball Team won a gold medal at the Olympic games. The game has just finished a few minutes ago and I was clapping and jumping when I saw the last part of the game. Actually, I felt very nervous on the last inning because they almost lose the game. There were three opponents standing on the first, second and third bases and there was only 1 out but in just a hit, they got 2 outs and that's how the game ended. The game gave me a big thrill and I think audiences all over the world, too!

I don't like sports but I sometimes peeped the TV and focused on it at the last inning and the game and players didn't disappoint me because it was really fun to see the Korea team winning. Whoa! Congratulations to all the members of the team who played well specially Lee Seung Yeob who did very well.

Here are the pictures taken from my tv. My tv has a time machine so it can go back in time and I can take the scenes that I want.

And here are the audiences in Beijing and Jamsil Stadium (Seoul)

Once again, congratulations to Korea Baseball Team for winning a gold medal.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Bangjangsan Recreation Forest

It was a holiday last Friday because of Liberation Day. We just stayed home all day long so we've decided to go out on Saturday morning. As what I have said here, our next camp would be next month but because it rained last Friday so we thought it was the perfect weather for a camp.

We arrived at the campsite around 10 a.m. and the place was already crowded. There were many people waiting for others to leave so that they can get a better place. Unluckily, there was no place for us at the deck area to build the tent so we had no choice but to use the wet grass area. We wanted to go home but we were already there, besides the area is cool and great for a picnic, the reason why there were many people from the morning.

Instead of going home, we asked some newspaper at the information office and covered the ground. We had a great time here at the mountainous campsite.

Except from mountain climbing, there are also lots of fun things to do here. There are swimming pools, playground, valley, or just feel and sniff the fresh air at the forest.

Here are the tents from the deck area, grass area and near the swimming pools.

And here's where we can wash the dishes.

We left the campsite early morning because my sister in law called on Saturday night and said she's coming to our house with her friend who got married when we were in Australia. We felt sorry for her so it's time to treat her and also time to meet her husband.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Camping to Nagan Recreational Forest

Last weekend, we went camping to Nagan Recreational Forest.There wasn't too many tents built when we arrived there but at night the camping site was crowded. It's still summer here so it's hot to stay in the tent in the afternoon but it's too cool at night until morning.

The bathroom and shower room is free. It's my first time to take a shower in a public bathroom where there are nude people taking a shower with you. waaaahhhh...

And here's where we can wash the dishes. I was washing the dishes with another hajuma camper when a big butterfly came and scared us. I went back to the tent with the greasy dishes. I just washed them again when I came back home. hehehe...

The valley didn't have enough water but there's a small swimming pool for kids. Too bad because i'm not a kid anymore. muhaha...

Here's the camping site with our tent (on the right). We first built our tent on the first picture but it was too crowded and noisy so we moved to the other area (2nd pic). After having samgyopsal for dinner, we went for a drive.

My hubby said it's not the right time to go camping in summer because it's too hot in the afternoon so our next camp will be next month.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

let's go camping

I've mentioned here that we are planning to buy a tent to use for camping. My hubby invited me to check out the tents at the store near our place. The tents are on sale so we decided to buy one including some stuffs to use for camping like lantern, cookware, 2 chairs, mat, and the one that is use to protect the fire from the wind (i dunno the name) hehehe...


Here's the tent that we check out again when we came home.


What do you think? We didn't buy fishing rods and i guess hubby is not interested in going fishing anymore. Maybe we'll do that next time. We are planning to cook samgyopsal. instead of fish. We don't know where to go, yet. My hubby called some campsites to make a reservation but they don't accept reservations. Just first come, first serve. hmmmmm.... That means i have to get up early in the morning.

We already bought a tent and some stuffs to use for camping. It only means that it's time to explore Korea again.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

It's been a while

Sorry guys for not updating my blog for a long time. I just don't know what to blog about because we haven't gone out to see some sightseeings now a days. Since we started to travel outside the country, we are now lazy to go out and see some attractions here in Korea. We still go out of course but not as often as before.

Hubby and I are planning to buy a tent and fishing rod for a change. We are now interested in going fishing then eat the fish on the tent. That is if we can catch some or one will be enough because we are beginners. Then we'll sleep in a tent all night. I wish there were no snakes or wild animals to bother us, or else I would die earlier. But it sounds like much fun, isn't it? I'm so excited! We may start to do it next month. My hubby said that it's too hot until this month so we'll sweat a lot and we can't take a shower if we sleep in a tent. That makes sense.