Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Sea near Muan Airport

I didn't have time to post earlier so here's the continuation of my visit to Muan Airport. From the airport, if you go straight on the way to Mokpo, there's a sea where people can go and enjoy fishing. It's very close to the airport. It's also one of the attractions where people can go to relax or go fishing. If the airport has just became successful, the sea is also a good place for the tourists.

Just watching the people fishing is much fun. I found out that the fishermen use some small shrimps as a bait. They throw them away where they put the hook and the fish will come. I thought they only use worms to put on their hook when they go fishing. I didn't know that they have to spend more for their hobby.

What a lovely day with this wonderful sea.

There are also boats for fishing which made the surroundings more beautiful.

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Unknown said...

Get closer to your subjects - that's my advice on seeing three pictures. o well and be happy.