Thursday, October 4, 2007


We finally went back to Mt. Mudeung without my dog so that we can enter to the valley.

It was summer so it wasn't surprising anymore to see many people and children swimming. But we just stayed by the stream watching them and eating. Oh well, i also slept on the rock because it was cool and the sound of the trees and stream made me feel sleepy. We stayed there the whole day without moving because it was hard to find a good place because of the crowd.

When i went to the bathroom, i saw some ajassi and haraboji drinking sul (korean alcohol) while playing go stop just near the bathroom. Well, it seems like they are having much fun and the smell of the bathroom didn't bother them.

Here's another park that i took a shot when i went to the other bathroom.

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Anonymous said...

bago na blog mo ah? nasa korea ka now? link ko to ha.. ^___^ link mo din me.. nyahahahah!